How to Podcast – the basics for your first podcast


How to Podcast – the basics for your first podcast

In our fast-paced world, new information is lurking around every corner – every second there are new posts on social media, the news on TV or online have new stories ready for us several times a day and we can hardly keep up.

In addition, the endless scrolling, sitting on the laptop or watching TV is not really relaxing either…

The secret to the success of podcasts lies precisely in this problem! We can consume the content while taking a walk, cooking, sitting on the train on the way to work – or just relaxing on the sofa. Podcasts are easy to fit into your daily routine, and since they’re just for your ears, they give your eyes a welcome break from all the screens.

It’s no wonder that more and more solopreneurs, influencers, artists and companies – basically everyone – are turning to podcasts. And you want to give your target group a screen break and launch your first podcast – great!

In this post, we’ll go over the podcast basics – what do you need to get started and what do you need to pay attention to?

The 5 basics of a podcast

#1 – Schedule your podcast

The first step is to think carefully about what you want to talk about. What are your topics, what is your goal with the podcast and what would you like to call it?

Useful questions to start with

Would you like to use the podcast to increase brand awareness?

· Do you want your podcast to increase sales of your products/services?

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· Are you a creative person who would like to talk to other creative people?

· Or maybe you are also passionate about writing and would like to gain a new audience by setting your stories to music?

You see, podcasts are for (almost) everyone, and as the number keeps growing, setting your intention for the podcast is very important.

Once you have a very clear idea of ??what your podcast is about and what goals you want to achieve, you can start naming it. For example, if you have a well-known brand or your name is well known, then it certainly makes sense to name your podcast after it.

If you are still completely new, but your podcast has a clear and distinctive theme, then play with that in the name – there are many possibilities!

#2 – Your podcast format

A distinction is usually made between these formats:

· The Solo Show

· Two hosts podcasts

· The interview format

When it comes to choosing your format, there is no right or wrong – it’s more about your personality. Some are born interviewers, others speak better when they can hold a monologue.

The length of your episodes should also be considered here!

Do you want to record long episodes that go really deep into a topic, or do short, crisp episodes of under 30 minutes feel better? You should first clarify this question for yourself.

And of course, as a solo show, you can also throw in an interview, but the same applies here – consistency is king. Your listeners want to know what to expect, and an ever-changing format might seem daunting.

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#3 – The right equipment

It doesn’t have to be the best of everything, even with a smaller budget you can launch a podcast. But of course there is standard equipment that you need to start:

· Laptop or computer

· Microphone

· Internet access

· Recording and editing software

There are different offers and prices for all categories – for more information and tailor-made advice, please contact us!

#4 – Podcast Production

So far so good. You have a topic, a name, you know your format and you have the equipment – now the first episode has to be recorded.

But right after the recording, the podcast is still not ready to launch!

You can now edit your recording with the software of your choice. You should make sure that the cut is coherent and long pauses, “ehms” or “uhms” are removed.

This can take a lot of time at first – we at Podiv can help you with that too.

And when your work is complete, would you like to add music to your episode as well? Or add an intro and outro anyway?

#5 – Finally launch your podcast

The first episode is ready and we can almost start – what are the last steps to consider?

· Design your podcast cover

· Choose a podcast hosting service

· Share your new podcast with a huge community on Apple Podcasts, Spotify etc.

You can use Canva to design your podcast cover – the free version is enough for a simple design. If your budget is a bit bigger, hire a graphic designer or illustrator to create your unique cover.

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Of course you can also host your podcast yourself, but a certain expertise is helpful and it is very time-consuming.

To find your ideal host, look at the pros and cons, compare prices and features.

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