How to Promote / Market a Website?

How to Promote / Market a Website?

How to Promote / Market a Website?

Some Easy Strategies to Promote a Website

Here we will discuss about how to promote a website on search engine. Promotion of website in search engine is very interning though challenging process. For that purpose you must need to know at least some basics. However many people think that it’s a very easy and simple process, and then I ask myself a quick question, why they are still not in the top rankings? 😀

I always mention one thing, that getting result is all about hard work and patience. It’s a simple policy to follow.

It is impossible to explain all aspects of SEO in one article, but I will try my level best to cover the basics only, and how to identify SEO mistakes. This discussion will help you understand the keen reasons that why your website is not making any progress or your optimization is slow.

Without basic SEO knowledge it is pointless to talk about the promotion of website. Search engine algorithms are constantly improving and ranking factors are also growing. Competitors are increasing like mushrooms, and promotions are spreading like virus. In such battling situation it is very hard to promote your website for free even a step up. But it all will happen if you are not aware of basics about promoting a website. So, there is always a hope. 🙂

While promoting websites I will roughly presenting my ideas and experience, which will definitely work in general way.

Marketing Strategy to promote a Website or

Top Ways to promote a website in Search Engine

  1. Internal Optimization

This factor is for user not for search engine, and search engine do not like those websites who are not user friendly, a non user friendly website can never get ranking in any search engine. In my opinion importance of this factor is 30% out of 100%. We can say On-Page SEO optimization is linked to search engine but indirectly.

Your web presentation is your On Page, to make it better we do optimization, and collectively we call that On Page Optimization.

Now we know the drill in very simple words, all we have to do is to make our presentation better than before.

In order to improve internal factors of your website, there are some basics I can mention to you:

> Site Speed

> Attractive Layout

> User Friendly Structure

> Crawler Friendly

> Use Essential SEO Tags

> Content Management

> Avoid Grammar Mistakes

Above mentioned basics are the key factors to improve your On-Page SEO, as we are talking about basic strategies for website promotion and today my circle of focus is providing you only basics. Details will make you feel sleepy 😛 Detailed article is also available what are the top SEO ranking Factors? You can dive in if you want.

  1. Website Behavior

In the end of 2014, Google and other secondary search engines properly started to judge website behavior in order to deal with rankings, as this part also does not belong to search engine directly same as the above case. In the manner of SEO, importance of this factor is 10% out of 100.

It is very simple to improve the behavioral factors of the website by simply following some basics such as:

> Satisfy User Needs

> Create Interesting Sections

> Add New Content Constantly

> Improve Graphics

By the way, if you are following the lead, you will be able to cover this factor in On-Page Optimization; however website behavior is an individual factor of importance.

  1. External Optimization

The opposite of Internal Optimization or On-Page SEO is called external optimization or Off-Page SEO. It is the most important factor for the promotion of a website. This part has nothing to do with user, it completely belongs to search engine. I must say it is the determining factor in the rankings.

This factor includes inbound links with other websites, and most important thing is quality not quantity. It is not a big deal to get bunch of backlinks but poor quality. Search engine always consider the quality of your backlink. In my opinion 1 good quality inbound link is much better than 100 bad quality backlinks.

One Personal Tip: Websites, who sell links or offer for free to everyone at anytime, avoid such links, because quality and quantity can never be on the same page. Such backlinks will only harm your ranking position.

Some basic factors which should be taken care while performing Off-Page SEO:

> Work Niche to Niche

> Avoid Irrelevant Links

> Check Donor’s Website Repute

> Ignore Quantity

> Focus on Quality

While promoting website you should divide your strategies among these 3 basic SEO factors like, your requirement is 100%, then give 60% to Off-Page SEO, 30% to On-Page SEO and 10% to behavioral SEO.

3 Off the Record Mistakes

  1. i) One very common and lazy mistake is to use SEO back-linking generator softwares, for those who still use such technique I must say to them, “wake up guys” its 2016. In 2009 to 2010 it was easy to deceive Google or any other search engine, but not today. All inbound and outbound links must be natural and humanly placed.

On the other hand, how you can expect a bot or machine to think like human mind? It is only possible in fictions, and Google hate Sci-fi movies 😀

  1. ii) Work without follow-up is a waste of time, most of the time some of our SEO experts got inbound links, and then stop working. What happened then?

Links became dead or frozen, due to zero follow-up on Off-Page strategies. SEO is not a onetime thing to perform, due to huge completion in search engine ranking, all your inbound links must be checked often. In simple words you can say that “Continuity is the key to success in SEO”.

iii) Breaking the chain of continuity in your SEO routine will make you suspicious. Any unnatural process is not considerable for Google and other search engines as well. I definitely need an example here to make my point clear, let’s say, you worked really hard and good too for 1 month, and after that month you left your work for next 2 months, then after 2 months you start your work again and you worked hard for 2 weeks and then you again left your work for 1 month, this is breaking the chain of continuity, which will make your website suspicious in search engine, and all your hard and positive efforts will be for nothing.

I hope that you find this discuss about how to promote your website online for free informative. Please let me know if I skipped anything, or something should be in more details. If that so, we can discuss that in our comment section, I would love to have your questions. 🙂

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