How to properly dress babies in winter


How to properly dress babies in winter

When the cold season comes, it is important to keep a special eye on the little ones among us. Babies are very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature, sub-zero temperatures, icy winds and cool air. This is obvious as a winter baby has just been months in the womb and is not yet used to the cold of the winter months. Babies are also not yet able to regulate their own temperature and are dependent on their parents and how we dress the baby in winter.

How do I properly dress my baby in winter?
Let’s take a look together at which baby equipment you can use to get your baby warmly dressed and healthy through the cold December and January in Germany . If you don’t dress your baby appropriately in winter, there is a risk of hypothermia and, in the worst case, even frostbite.

Dress babies properly with the right winter clothes
It is of course of great importance to regularly check the child’s temperature. But the following topics also play an important role:

But how do you prepare if you want to take your newborn for a walk in winter?
How warm should you dress the baby?
The most important thing here is to take care of your baby’s hands and feet. A newborn in winter usually cannot control its temperature or clothing and is completely on your own.

Whether you’re going for a walk or spending the day around the apartment or house, hands and feet are an important aspect. Keep them protected and warm.

Outside, this can come in the form of mittens and a fur sack. There are countless indoor slippers that are perfect for winter. The baby’s head should also be protected appropriately, as this gives off the most body heat. So the ideal winter wardrobe is likely to look exactly as you would expect.

Walks through the winter landscape
If your baby is a bit older and would like to go outside in winter, a snowsuit is perfect. However, this should only be used if your child can already walk or if you want to wear it over your jacket.

But what do you wear under the suit?

The flexibility of the child is particularly important here. It should still be able to move freely. You may therefore prefer to use a bodysuit rather than a two-piece suit. Again, you should keep the onion principle in mind.

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Tip: The suit should not be too heavy or stiff to guarantee mobility. Also make sure that the snow suit is wind- and above all water-repellent to prevent colds.

Skin care in winter
In winter, it is equally important to take care of the child’s skin care. The skin is very sensitive. For example, before you go for a walk, you should definitely give the baby some greasy cold protection cream, milking fat or Vaseline on the skin of the baby’s face. If the sun is shining, this cream should also contain sunscreen.

How can you tell if the baby is dressed too warm or too cold?
First of all, let’s look at how you can tell if your baby is overdressed or overdressed. Since babies are already very sensitive to small temperature fluctuations, a healthy and regular temperature under the clothes should be guaranteed. You don’t want to expose your child to any danger. It also happens that worried mothers and fathers dress the little one too much and thus cause sweating.

What is the best way to control body temperature?
Tip: The best way to gauge your baby’s temperature is to check it regularly. Infants and young children generally have poor circulation in the extremities of the body. So it can be misleading if you only want to determine the temperature with your hands.

The neck is ideal for this. If your child is sweating on the neck, you can assume that they are wearing too much clothing.

However, if the skin around the neck is dry, warm, and constant, the child is likely to be comfortable. Check the child’s neck regularly to see any changes.

The color of the facial skin is also a crucial factor. Should this suddenly lighten up or become very red, this can be a sign of the onset of hypothermia.

The optimal winter equipment for the baby
stroller in winter
Have you ever heard of the onion principle? This method works best in keeping the baby warm and reacting quickly to temperature changes. Especially in the stroller, the baby hardly moves and produces little body heat. The onion principle states that you should dress your baby in layers .

Siblings with prams in winter

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Warm clothing made of cotton or flannel is best for winter clothing underneath the outer layers, such as the jacket, as it retains heat well. A romper suit or a long-sleeved shirt with pants and warm socks are also very suitable as a layer over the body.

You can also dress the child in a sweater and a well-lined jacket. For particularly cold or windy days, we recommend a footmuff, sleeping bag or even a snow suit.

The onion look also has the advantage that you can quickly adjust your clothing if the temperature should change.

You should also be particularly careful with the stroller itself. Make sure that the child is well protected from below and that no fresh air is drawn into the stroller from below. A thick mattress or lambskin is suitable for this, on which the baby can lie.

The stroller itself should ideally be at room temperature when the baby is placed in it.

Carrying aid in winter
Of course, body heat is the best heat. There are studies that show that this kind of warmth and physical closeness is not only helpful for the child’s development, but it also helps to develop a bond with the parents.

So if you want to carry your baby in winter and don’t walk long distances, a sling or baby carrier might be just the thing. In direct comparison, baby carriers are more popular with parents than slings.

No matter what your personal preference, combined with a hat and a babywearing jacket made of softshell or fleece, you are winter-proof.

Most body heat is lost through the head, so a hat is necessary for the baby and also protects the head and ears from cold winds.

Tip: Make sure that the winter-proof babywearing jacket also has an adjustable head opening for the baby, so that rain or snow cannot get in . Even if you use a jacket with a baby insert as an outer layer, you should not go without mittens or a snowsuit if it is really icy outside. The warm isolated body temperature alone is not enough. Not even if you are actually dressed warmly.

It often makes sense to bring the sling to room temperature in winter before putting the baby in it.

Driving with baby in winter
In the baby seat or MaxiCosi, it behaves similarly to the stroller. In most cases, a baby seat is used to transport the baby safely in the car. Make absolutely sure that you remove the top layer from the little one, because it quickly gets too warm in the car and the baby doesn’t overheat. In addition, winter jackets should be avoided in the child car seat . The video of the following ADAC test demonstrates how dangerous they can be.

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Snow suits and footmuffs are usually not suitable for a car ride. Pants and a jacket under a fleece blanket are more suitable. For safety reasons, the blanket always belongs over the belt.

Take your time
Getting dressed can often be stressful. Therefore, take the time to dress your child calmly. It is better to dress the little one a little too much and then regularly check the temperature on the neck than to wear too little clothing. So take as much time as is necessary. This also prevents stress in the baby.

a mother in winter with her baby

Good preparation is the be-all and end-all. This task is simply easier to do calmly and relaxed, and you avoid transferring your own nervousness to the child.

In general, the younger a baby is, the less it should be turned back and forth. For example, use a nursing pillow to give the little one support when getting dressed.

Checklist – equipment in winter
Here you will find everything you should definitely have with you on a winter walk with baby:

Appropriate winter clothing (hat, heavy jacket, snow suit, gloves, long-sleeved bodysuit, etc.)
Footmuff, lambskin, blankets in the stroller
Skin care for sensitive baby skin
Hand warmers on particularly cold days
Enough water and possibly healthy snacks
General tips for the winter
So winter is a delicate time for babies. Always make sure it is warm, but not too warm either. You can always measure the temperature on the child’s neck. If you are in a warm room, a light cotton shirt and cotton socks are usually sufficient to complement the body. Of course, the baby should not sit directly on the floor, even in an apartment or house. Make sure it sits on a play mat or woolen blanket.

If you keep all these tips in mind, it should be a healthy and fun winter for you and your baby.

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