How To Style Your Dressing Table?

How to Make Your Small Dressing Table Look Bigger? There is a lot of makeup, jewellery, and other things that need to be kept or exhibited, and it may soon start to seem chaotic if it is not organised properly. Dressing tables can be difficult to get just right. Even if your dressing table is on the smaller side, you can still use our expert advice regarding how to style your dressing table, to keep it looking stylish and organised.

Self-care is the catchphrase of the moment, and there is no better way to enjoy a moment of mindfulness than by establishing a quiet area in your bedroom for brushing your hair, applying cosmetics, or performing that critical nighttime skincare regimen. Proceed to the dressing table, please.

Even if not all of us have the space for a separate dressing room, it is not difficult to find place for a compact dressing table. This is particularly true if the dressing table is lovely to look at and can be accessorised with elegant accessories that are also functional.

How to Arrange Furniture in a Bedroom?

You will want as much natural light as possible in this area since you will most likely be seated at your dressing table to do your hair or makeup. We suggest positioning your brand-new dressing table in such a way that it is able to get as much natural light as possible from the surrounding windows. Alternately, if you can’t position it such that it faces a window, you might try positioning it across the room from a window and utilising a huge mirror to direct the light onto your face instead.

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What Are Vanity Mirror/ Dressing Table Accessories?

Because a dressing table is meant to be the user’s own private sanctuary for self-care, it should only include objects that the user finds both practical and aesthetically pleasing. The only item that is required to be shown is a mirror since without it, you won’t be able to admire your stunning reflection.

Aside from that, it is totally up to you what else you want to put on display. The obvious possibilities for a dressing table include skincare products, cosmetics, jewellery, hair accessories, and perfume; however, you could also jazz up your dressing table with a nice table lamp, a vase of flowers, a fragrant candle, or a houseplant – let your creativity run wild!


1.Create a focal point

Something substantial should be hung on the wall opposite your dressing table in order to create visual harmony. It is not necessary to hang a huge mirror if your dresser is located under a window; nevertheless, if it is not, you should consider doing so since it will make your bedroom seem larger. You also have the option of hanging a single piece of artwork or a group of smaller photos in your dressing room; this will give the space a more sophisticated appearance and create depth.


2.Include anything of a substantial height.

You have to put something tall that can stand next to the artwork or mirror that is hanging on the wall. If your bedroom already has a bedside light, you should consider a tall houseplant or a tall pillar candle as an alternative to adding a second lamp. A second lamp would work nicely. This gives your dresser more personality and helps strike a balance with the main point in the room.

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3.The triumphant use of drawer dividers

If you only have room for a compact dressing table, you should look for one that has a lot of drawers so that you can still keep your belongings organised. When it comes to maintaining order in one’s belongings, drawer dividers are a godsend. You may even manufacture your own, or you can get some out for a reasonable price. Is it just us, or is there something profoundly fulfilling about organising everything and having everything put out so beautifully?



Lighting is crucial, as it always has been. Consider purchasing a mirror in the Hollywood style so that you can examine the finer points of your makeup. You might also choose to create ambiance by suspending a pendant lamp over your dressing table. This will allow you to free up more room on the table for decorative objects. In any case, you need to ensure that the illumination at your workstation is enough so that you can see what you are doing.


5.Combine and contrast many attractive containers.

Once you have all of the fundamentals covered, you can begin to add some lovely containers to provide visual interest and to provide more storage space, which is always a must. Just make sure you don’t go overboard and make the top appear too crowded!


6.Utilize platters

Placing everything in their proper places on a tray is the most effective method for maintaining order on a dressing table or vanity. If you keep your jewellery and cosmetics on separate trays, rather than letting things get entangled in drawers, you’ll always be able to locate what you’re looking for quickly and easily. If the space available on your dressing table is limited, go for one that has a lot of drawers and invest in some drawer dividers.

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And that wraps things up about how to style your dressing table! If you keep everything straightforward and make certain you have enough of space for storage, you really can’t go wrong. Happy Organising:)