How to Travel on a Budget

Today we will discuss some tips on How to Travel on a Budget / Cheap. How about visiting places you can’t afford? In most cases, the impossibility to travel comes from not knowing how to make adventure accessible and not planning well.


In this article you will find a number of useful tips for those who have long weekend, but still can not afford to go on the road. Of course, I will not tell you how to check into the Burj Al Arab for free, but if you also like other vacation options, and the romance of real adventure is no less attractive than a night in the most multi-star hotel in the world, then this material is for you. Go!


Think about your budget in advance . Familiarize yourself with the prices in the area where you are going to go and agree with yourself on the approximate limit for food per day, for the cost of housing per day. In a separate text file, you can create a table for attractions, arranging them depending on the priority in the first column.

In the second column, put the prices, and in the third column, the preferential terms that are relevant to you (for example, “on Wednesday students get free admission”). Now you can navigate what day and where to go, so as not to spend extra money.

Housing . Read about the endless possibilities of couchsurfing. And also pay attention to portals such as Airbnb. By the way, Airbnb is ideal if you like to live in a “homely atmosphere”, but without close contact with strangers / hosts.

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Currency . There are a number of places where you need to exchange currency last. For example, airports. The most unfavorable rate, as a rule, is in exchange offices located in places where tourists arrive after entering the country. And it begins: “oh, there is nothing to pay for a taxi. Well, I’ll change it right away for a couple of days ahead, it’s better not to run around the city in search of banks. ” No, not better.

Excursions . They can be organized completely free of charge. Couchsurfing and Interpulse to help you. Interpulse is most often used for learning foreign languages ​​or various kinds of online communication. But no one forbids turning to local residents from a particular country with a request to join the company or show the city.

Pay attention to low- cost airlines . Some airlines sell plane tickets at very competitive prices. If you are planning a short flight and do not intend to take a lot of things on a trip, then this option will probably suit you.

Keep an eye out for offers from various bus carriers . Flixbus often provides low cost tickets for those traveling within Europe.

Finally, if you are a brave and courageous traveler, then why not make adventure your job. For example, sign a contract with an airline for several years and travel around the world far and wide. Amazing conditions for cooperation are offered by a number of Persian Gulf airlines.

Traveling is often not as difficult as it seems. Do you have any advice for those who are still in no hurry to pack their bags?

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