How you design your living room


How you design your living room

Choose a coffee table – according to these criteria
Coffee tables come in a wide variety of designs: from round models to square and rectangular ones. Manufacturers are also becoming more and more creative when it comes to materials. There are not only classic coffee tables made of wood, but also those made of glass or other high-quality materials. However, it is not only the look that plays a role in the choice.

If you want to buy a coffee table , it has to meet certain requirements. Among other things, the dimensions play an important role. Because a coffee table that is too small or too big can quickly appear uncomfortable or even inappropriate.

Coffee table: Not too high and not too low
How high a coffee table should be depends on the surrounding furniture – more precisely on the seating furniture. So you can conveniently put down your book, your remote control or your drink without having to contort yourself. A comfortable grip height is therefore essential.

In addition, the height of a coffee table contributes to the atmosphere in your living room. While a low model conveys a lounge character, higher coffee tables are usually more functional and practical. So if you want to eat or work on it, a higher piece of furniture is recommended.

How big is the ideal coffee table?
The size of the coffee table depends on the size of the room. Because a piece of furniture that is too large can quickly make the room appear cramped and untidy. Too small creates a rather lost impression.

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But the size of the table is not only important in terms of appearance. It is also based on what should fit on the piece of furniture. If it is only a remote control and a magazine, a small model is quite sufficient. But if you have a preference for decoration or want to store other items, the table surface should be larger. Eating in front of the TV is also very popular.

What shape should my coffee table have?
Not only size and height are decisive. The shape doesn’t just have to do with what you personally like. As already mentioned, the piece of furniture for the living room comes in different shapes and designs.

Basically, the table shape should be adapted to the seating furniture. It also influences the atmosphere in the living room. Rectangular coffee tables are suitable for large living areas or elongated sofas, as both pieces of furniture complement each other well. A square model should be used for U-shaped seating areas. If you only have little space and therefore a small sofa, it is best to get a round coffee table. Round shapes make rooms look bigger and don’t take up so much space. In addition, freedom of movement is maintained.

Do you have a long couch and a relatively large living room, but just don’t get into square coffee tables? That’s not bad, after all there are also oval coffee tables. These are considered a practical alternative for all those who want a large table but do not want to do without curves.

The right material for the coffee table
Opinions also differ with regard to the material. From metal to wood to glass or high gloss, you are spoiled for choice. Here you can decide how you like it. Are you more interested in sterile looks and clear designs? Or do you like it more playful or rustic-romantic? There are hardly any limits to your choice of material and colour.

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Nevertheless, you should consider a few aspects. Because if you choose a glass coffee table, for example, the effort to clean it is much higher than with a solid wood table. Even those who have pets or small children are better off in the long run with any material on which not every fingerprint can be seen immediately.

Conclusion: This is the right coffee table
The choice of your coffee table should always be based on the surrounding furniture – especially the seating furniture. Both the height and the size and shape depend on it. Of course, your own preferences should also be included in the purchase decision. But be aware: only a coffee table that fits harmoniously into the overall picture of your living room will give you pleasure for a long time.

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