How to Identify the Quality of a Website?

How to Identify the Quality of a Website?

How to Identify the Quality of a Website?

In this article we will discuss about how to check the quality of a website. Any marketer or content promoter should be able to differentiate between a good and poor quality website, because it is good to pick the mistakes, so you do not make such in your work, no matter what the mistakes are minor or major, even a single spelling mistake is a error which is not good for the reputation of your websites, always double check your work before publishing it. Mistakes can be corrected, but it is luminous not to make any πŸ™‚

If you find any mistake in my work, please do not mention that openly, you can have my personal email address to notify me πŸ™‚

See? I am being friendly, so you are, but search engine will be only act friendly if you will satisfy the user, and a low quality website is nothing but irritation for the user and burden on search engine capacity.

So today our topic of discussion is how to check the quality of a website, I will try my best to be precise but detailed as well.

  1. Website Look/Design

First look could be last, when you open a website, how should be the look? This part will attract you very rapidly, if index page is only saying “Hello World” then your abrupt reaction will be “Bye Website” πŸ˜€ That is obvious, because why will you stay on such a webpage which has nothing to do with quality expect the rusty greetings.

In the opposite if a website has a attractive design and proper schemes, first impact will be a positive picture in your mind, that “website looks good”, although looks are not everything in SEO, but it doesn’t mean that you have to torture yourself πŸ˜›

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Now come to a conclusion within more simple words, that the look of a website should be attractive, proper use of color schemes, appropriate use of placements and having a well designed logo is a plus point, actually I have already covered all this above saying, “First look could be last”

If I will only write that and move ahead, that could also be my last writing πŸ˜€

  1. Content Quality

Buy a really high price theme for your website; hire some good developers to create your website, made all the latest modifications to improve the looks, and do anything that can be done in the manner of website appearance to user, find that good enough? Now use poor quality or duplicate content for your highly modified website, what good you will get? I know you get my point, although let me increase the words of my article πŸ˜›

All I am trying to say, that a website quality cannot be improved by having bad or copyrighted content, no matter what your website look like, no matter what your topic is, no matter how much time you are paying to your website, your website will remain in the list of bad quality websites if your are publishing thin content or low quality content.

Here is the thing, look matters, but less than the content, because your look is a one sided thing, any search engine or Google has nothing to do with your looks, looks are for user satisfaction, but content is too sided thing, content is also for user to understand “what you are saying”, and for Google “what you are asking”.

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Saying is for user, and asking is for search engine, a good quality website should must have high quality content, and for the content quality use my equation of saying and asking. πŸ™‚ Here Is a question arise that how to check content quality of a website. We will discuss it in our next article.

  1. Outbound Linking

Standard of a website is not hard to judge, as we discussed two primary factors above for the quality of a website, let’s move to some inner sections.

The use of a website or blog only to share information is just a big lie πŸ™‚ even teachers do not teach for free πŸ˜€ I gave this example only to make my point clear that there are other things that can be done by having a website.

Website look? Checked

Content Quality? Checked

What else do we need to identify the quality of a website?

In the manner of SEO, a website which have penalty of outbound links is not a quality website, although a good quality outbound link (niche to niche) is considerable, which we called a natural link but only to be in limits, some websites are having outbound links more than their own links, such websites should be avoided for work or interact with. A website having a lot of outbound links will be treated as spammy in Google SEO rankings. Detail Google SEO Ranking Factors.

  1. Activity Check

The fame of a celebrity is always being considered by the number of fans, now replace words; celebrity with “website” and fans with “users” and read the first line again.

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I know you understand my point above, the activity of user on a website decides the quality of webpage, if a website is having positive comments on publications by their readers, having a smooth amount of emails on daily basis, and updates are also good, then definitely it is a good quality website. What else do you need to know? πŸ™‚

If anything opposite is happening then you what it means, and what steps should be taken to improve the website quality. User engagement and activity is the most positive sign in the manner of website quality.

  1. Broken Links

Before clicking on a web link or URL, how sure you are about results? Definitely you know that this link will take you on a different page or website, but what happens after clicking, that you found a page which do not exist. πŸ˜€

This is very funny that you found something which do not exist, even Senator Morra on NZT cannot do such a thing πŸ˜›

Simply we call this 404 Error or a broken link, not existent or deleted pages but their links are still in your website and redirecting user to “Page Not Found” is the highly negative sign of bad quality website, although it can be taken care of, but the impression on user and search engine bots will definitely cost you minor penalties. Read detail discussion about 404.

Well I think, it’s enough on this topic, otherwise I will make you sleepy.

Your comments and questions will be appreciated more than you πŸ˜›

P.S: Do not take that personally, these are only words not intensions πŸ™‚

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