How to Increase Google Indexing Speed/Rate of your Site

How to Increase Google Indexing Speed

How to Increase Google Indexing Speed/Rate of your Site

If you are reading this then it’s obvious that you own a website and now you want to index that in Google or any other search engine, in this article we will discuss the facts which tells us deeply how to increase indexing in google or google crawl rate and in other search engines. There are several steps to follow, you ready? Then check below 🙂

5 Ways to Increase Google Crawl Rate

  1. Your website must have high quality content, if you are not able to produce high quality content, then good quality content will also work 🙂 poor and duplicate content will only make Google or any other search engine to ignore your website and that will affect your indexing speed.
  2. Create sitemap of your website, and update that regularly, because sitemap stores all your pages or links, and it helps search engine bots to easily collect all your links and deliver back to search engines to index them. In most common Content Management Systems (CMS), sitemap is created automatically like in WordPress we use plugin “Google XML sitemap Generator“, specify its location is your robot file, it is the message for all search engines like “Come And Get Me”. You can create the sitemap manually in XML format or simply go to to generate your sitemap online for free. Once it’s created through sitemap’s official website, download that and upload in your root file, and this is it.
  3. Make internal links within your website, if your links are available in different pages of your website, chances are higher to be indexed quickly by search engines, one personal tip; this technique works great with Google indexing policies.
  4. Create inner pages with less clicks away, means your inner pages must not be reached with lot of clicks, best ration is 3 clicks to land on any inner page, this will help your all links to be active which is a good sign to speed up your indexing and this thing is also user friendly.
  5. Use a blogroll in your website, this odd but efficient step will always help all your pages or links to be indexed by all search engines very efficiently.
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Add website counters. About what counters to choose and how to install them on the website, read the article: how to add a counter on the website?

So these little steps are the key to increase your indexing speed, no need to play any tricks with search engine, some of us always talk about the methods which no one ever heard before, you know why is that so? Let me answer this please, because they never exists 😛 just be simple and precise.

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