Is Masturbation Healthy or Unhealthy?


Is Masturbation Healthy or Unhealthy?

It’s a topic that’s not talked about openly enough: solo sex. Most have “laid hands” at some point – even unborn babies have been observed in the womb touching their genitals. When children or young people explore their bodies, not all parents are easygoing. As a result, masturbation can be linked to dubious half-truths, shame, fear or disgust. It has now been scientifically proven that masturbation is healthy, but it can have side effects.

Masturbation: Is Masturbation Healthy or Unhealthy?

Masturbation has these positive effects
#1: When you explore your own body, you get to know your own anatomy and what gives you the most pleasure. This knowledge can be carried into the partnership. This is how the sex in the relationship gets better.

#2: Masturbation promotes well-being. This is due to the hormones prolactin and oxytocin. Solo sex releases sexual tension, relaxes, and relieves stress and worry. If you do a solo number with or without a sex toy in the evening, you can sleep better.

#3: The sexual climax strengthens the immune system. It doesn’t matter whether the orgasm is achieved alone or in company.

#4: Masturbation that culminates in orgasm releases pain-killing endorphins. Pain from menstrual cramps or headaches feels less bad.

#5: Masturbation reduces risk of diabetes and insomnia, research from Australia’s University of Sydney suggests.

#6: In men over 50, masturbation can protect against prostate cancer, according to a study by Harvard Medical School in the USA.

#7: For women, regular masturbation and orgasms can strengthen pelvic floor muscles. This not only increases the sexual experience during intercourse, but also protects against potential ailments such as incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse that threaten in old age.

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#8: Solo sex is the safest way to be sexually active. There is no risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections.

Possible side effects of masturbation
Masturbation is not unhealthy. Normally, masturbation has no harmful effects either. However, there are three possible side effects.

For some people, solo sex can be complicated emotionally because they feel guilty or dirty. Cultural or religious beliefs play a role in this. From a medical point of view, there is nothing wrong with masturbation, nor is it immoral to give yourself sexual pleasure. Those struggling with these emotions can learn to overcome feelings of guilt or shame. Sex therapists offer support with this.

Masturbation can become an addiction. There are clear signs that masturbation is taking up too much space in life when:

-Daily activities or activities are neglected.
-skipping school, study or work.
-Appointments with family or friends are canceled.
-Birthday parties or other celebrations are left out.

If you are addicted to masturbation, you should talk to your doctor about it. Talk therapy or a support group may also be helpful.

Sex practices that restrict breathing while masturbating (hypoxyphilia, autoerotic asphyxia) can be dangerous and even fatal. The actor David Carradine, known for example from the film “Kill Bill”, died in this way. There are around 100 deaths per year in Germany alone.

Solo sex with sex toys for women and men – surprising benefits
“Lend a hand” is the simplest way to masturbate. When lust overcomes you, relief is easy to get. In the long run, however, it can become a bit tedious to always resort to the same “handles”. Sex toys increase the fun and bring variety to solo sex. In addition, sex toys have surprising advantages when it comes to masturbation for both women and men.

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Two studies from 2009 show that women and men who masturbated with sex toys, such as a vibrator or a fleshlight , benefited in several ways. The test subjects reported:

-that her sexual desire has increased.
-the arousal was more intense.
– Sexual function has improved.

Subjects reported that natural vaginal lubrication increased. They were wetter.

However, subjects indicated that their erectile function was better. Among other things, they became harder and stayed stiff longer.

A dubious half-truth claims that using sex toys dulls you when you masturbate. As the two studies from 2009 show, this is not the case for either men or women.

However, there are cases where men can lose some sensation in their penis due to suboptimal technique when masturbating. The cause is a too tight grip – the hand clings too tightly around the penis (also called death grip syndrome). During sex with the partner, the feeling arises that there is not enough friction or pressure. This can put a strain on sex life and relationships. However, there is a solution to restore sensitivity in the penis. For this, the masturbation technique must be changed. Either masturbate with the other hand or hold the penis differently when masturbating. Over time, the best piece becomes more sensitive again.

3 interesting facts about masturbation

Masturbation is healthy, so…

…animals also masturbate. Female monkeys sometimes even use sticks as sex toys.

…is now a whole month dedicated to masturbation in the USA: May (called: National Masturbation Day).

…it is the most common form of human sexuality on earth. People of all ages and all over the world masturbate.

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Masturbation is a normal, natural, and healthy way to explore your body and release pent-up sexual tension. In addition, masturbation – with the hand or with the help of sex toys, has numerous positive effects. However, excessive masturbation can have a negative effect on romantic relationships and other areas of life.

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