Kissing keeps your face young


Kissing keeps your face young

The very first kiss. This is something that many of us will remember forever. But the first kiss with a new partner is also something very special. And do you remember the age when sex wasn’t an issue and we just cuddled for hours? At parties, in cars, on the couch, leaning against the wall behind the school. Ah, all these memories!

As a couple or in adulthood, kissing is often neglected. And we don’t like that! Because kissing brings both health benefits and improves your relationship. If those aren’t enough reasons to start cuddling right away, we don’t know what is! If you are not yet convinced, you will find the best reasons here. Aside from just being fun:

Kissing makes you happy
Think back to when you were a teenager. That high after a make-out session, that feeling of not being able to break away from the other, almost like being addicted to those kisses. Yes, kissing makes you happy! The reason for this is a cocktail of chemicals that is released in the brain, stimulates the pleasure center and makes you feel good.

Kissing boosts your confidence
Kissing not only increases the happy hormones, but can also lower cortisol levels – and thus possibly improve self-esteem. Researchers found in a 2016 study that participants who were dissatisfied with their physical appearance had higher cortisol levels. While more research is needed, a temporary drop in cortisol levels with every kiss isn’t a bad pastime. That’s enough proof for us for now!

Kissing reduces stress
Speaking of cortisol, kissing lowers cortisol levels, and with it, how stressed you feel. This works not only for kissing, but also for caresses, hugs and so on, but kissing is definitely one of our favorite things to do. Besides cuddling, of course.

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Kissing helps against high blood pressure
Yes, I know you now think: Okay, now they just make something up. But no! According to scientist Andrea Demirjian , who wrote the book Kissing: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About One of Life’s Sweetest Pleasures , kissing dilates the veins, which helps increase blood flow and lowers blood pressure. Kissing is good for your heart. Literally!

Kissing reduces pain
Menstrual pains, headaches, cramps — whatever you think of when you hear the word pain, there’s a good chance that kissing will help and make the pain feel less bad. The reason for this is that the veins are widened and more blood flows through them and your body is pumped full of feel-good hormones – and they are known to act like painkillers. So kiss her*him.

Kissing reduces allergy reactions
How much do we love spring? And oh, how much do allergy sufferers hate the pollen season? Unfortunately, these two events are invariably linked. And while as an allergy sufferer you are often at your wits end, which could still help: Have you ever tried kissing? Kissing has been shown to reduce hives and other signs of an allergic reaction to pollen and dust mites. Stress also makes allergic reactions worse, so the stress-reducing effects of kissing can also reduce the allergic reaction in this way.

Kissing shows whether you and your partner are compatible
You know that feeling: you’ve had a crush on someone, you’ve thought long and hard about what the kiss is going to be like, and when it does, it’s just disappointing. You don’t find a common rhythm, everything doesn’t feel right overall. A 2013 study found that kissing can help assess a potential partner’s suitability. According to the women interviewed, the first kiss can determine their attraction. So if you ever thought about it: Hmmm nope better not, trust your gut feeling!

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Kissing keeps your face young!
Pretty much like a facelift – only without pain, free of charge and with a lot more fun. While the effect isn’t quite as good, kissing can use anywhere from 2 to 34 facial muscles. Kissing often and using these muscles regularly is like exercising your face. This tightens facial muscles, increases collagen production, and results in firmer, younger-looking skin. What more do you want?

Kissing increases your sex drive
We’ve talked about the makeout session before, when all you could do was kiss. But remember what was the reason why you then wanted to do more. Correct! This is because kissing makes you sexually aroused and releases testosterone, the hormone that has a major impact on your arousal. The longer and more passionately you kiss, the more testosterone is released. Kissing is therefore absolutely suitable as foreplay!

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