Things to do in Lima Travel Guide

Things to do in Lima Travel Guide: Lima is not just a stopover on the road to Machu Picchu; it is a destination in and of itself. Lima is one of the liveliest and most culturally vibrant cities in South America, and it is situated on cliffs that look out over the Pacific Ocean. This major coastal city has both a beach and a thriving downtown area.

There is a lot of competition among the skyscrapers in Miraflores for the greatest views of the thrill-seekers paragliding down the cliffs and surfing the world-class breakers. Ceviche and Pisco Sours are no longer the only drinks served at the bustling restaurants and bars; yet, you shouldn’t pass up any of these options.

Time Zone of Lime

Peru Standard Time

The Best Time to Visit Lime

There are only two distinct seasons in Lima, which is because to the city’s position on the Pacific Ocean coast below the equator. These seasons are winter and summer. The weather isn’t very exciting, and it seldom ever rains, but the days are often gloomy and somewhat chilly. Between the months of December and April, you may anticipate the highest temperatures.

On the first Saturday of the month of February, celebrations include Carnival (do not miss Lima’s Water Wars), as well as National Pisco Sour Day. Both of these activities are open to the public. The last Saturday of June is designated annually as National Ceviche Day.

Important Information

Spanish, Quechua, and Aymara are the languages spoken.

The dialing code is +51.

Lima is the capital of Peru

Things to do in Lima Travel Guide

Lima Museums

It is imperative that you make time to visit some of Lima’s numerous world-class museums. The Larco Museum, the Lima Museum of Art (MALI), and the National Museum are three of the very finest museums in Lima. You may go museum hopping while taking in the many facets of Lima’s intriguing cityscape, since Lima’s museums are dispersed throughout the city’s several districts.

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Lima’s Public Squares and Parks

People in South America often congregate in public places like parks and plazas to relax, catch up with one another, read, eat, and spend time with their families and friends. It is important to take the time to view the major park or plaza in the area of Lima that you are in so that you can get a feel for how people live there. One of the parks that you really have to see is Parque Kennedy, which is located in the middle of Miraflores.

Circuito Magico del Agua

The Circuito Magico del Agua, often known as the Magic Water Circuit, is a spectacular display that can be seen at the Parque de la Reserva in the heart of Lima. The attraction is one of the biggest water fountain complexes in the world, and it comprises thirteen cybernetic fountains that shine and “dance” according to a variety of musical styles, ranging from traditional Peruvian music to modern pop music.

San Francisco Convent and Catacombs

The Saint Francis Monastery may be found one block away from the Plaza de Armas in the heart of the city. The monastery, which was constructed in the late 1600s in the style of Baroque architecture, is home to a world-famous library that has 25,000 manuscripts. It is possible that the subterranean catacombs, which are home to 25,000 dead, are the feature that attracts the most visitors to the church and monastery.

Callao Harbor and Port

The most important port for commercial activity in Peru is located in the city of Callao. Visits to nearby Monumental Callao, an impressive community art project that features art studios, restaurants, and rooftop dance parties; the Palomino Islands, which can be reached via a half-day tour by boat to see an abundance of sea lions and sea birds; and last but not least, the Real Felipe fortress, which was built to defend against the entry of pirate ships in the middle of the 1700s, are all highly recommended in conjunction with a trip to this coastal attraction.

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The pristine outdoor shopping centre that is Larcomar may be seen running parallel to the seaside malecon. A portion of your day would be well spent partaking in the open-air shopping experience while taking in the vistas of the Pacific Ocean. This area is a must-see when you are in Miraflores since it has 16 restaurants and cafés as well as a range of retailers.

Best Hotels in Things to do in Lima Travel Guide

Hotel B

This Belle Epoque palace was constructed in 1914 as the summer retreat of a previous president of Peru, and it has now been converted into a Relais & Chateaux hotel. The Atelier category rooms have ceilings that are 16 feet high and are furnished with Italian marble baths. Other highlights include a rooftop plunge pool and a specialty restaurant. Afternoon tea is served at the Library, which has artwork from pre-Columbian cultures and should not be missed.

Miraflores Park Hotel

Miraflores Park, a Belmond Hotel is the place to be if you want to experience the high life while staying in a luxury hotel in the middle of all the excitement in Miraflores. Two of the three restaurants and bars at the hotel are reserved exclusively for guests.

Best Restaurants in Lima Travel Guide


Since Malabar first opened its doors in 2004, Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino has been paying homage to Peru’s rich biodiversity via the restaurant’s varied and creative meals. The bulk of the restaurant’s sustainably obtained foods come either from the restaurant’s farm or from communities indigenous to the area. It is advisable to make reservations.

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Astrid y Gaston

When you think of Peru, do you automatically think of ceviche? If so, you have the chefs who created and currently manage Astrid y Gaston to thank for that association. On inventive menus, you could find everything from ceviche made from locally grown squash to a savoury fish stew. Guests are presented with a map at the end of the dinner that indicates where certain foods were acquired around Peru. It is advisable to make reservations.

Chifa Titi

Chifa is a name used to describe Cantonese Chinese food that has been combined with traditional ingredients and preparation methods from Peru. This kind of cuisine is quite well-liked in Lima, and Chifa Titi may very well be the restaurant where it is practised to the greatest extent. The extensive menu makes it tough to make a selection, but the servings are designed to be split among diners. It is advisable to make reservations.

Weather in Lima

Because to the presence of cold water currents in the Pacific Ocean, the weather in coastal Lima is usually always pleasant; yet, overcast days are common, and temperatures tend to be on the lower end. Keep in mind that the seasons we see in the United States are backwards from those in other countries.

The warm season typically lasts from December through April, although temperatures seldom get higher than the middle 80s throughout this time. From June through October, you may anticipate weather that is gloomy, damp, and chilly. Rainfall is quite uncommon throughout the year, but the ubiquitous sea mist is known as guara.

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