The Magic Of Making Up Review

Today we will discuss deeply about the ebook The Magic of Making up. Love is one of the most pure, beautiful and painful things a person can experience. It can lift you higher than you ever thought possible but also sometimes it can leave you to fall from those heights too.

If break ups were easy then they wouldn’t be called break ups but what should you do if you simply cannot accept the possibility that it is over? Is there any way that you can convince your ex to try have another shot with you?

Breakups are definitely tough and no matter what the reason of the split is, everyone tells you the same thing that just move on. If breakup is hard then moving on is even harder.

You have been there before. Everyone told you to give up but you wanted to fight for your relationship. Because your relationship was special. It felt right to do it but getting back together is never easy.

Especially if only you are trying. If you feel completely hopeless and in a great deal of heartache, then the Magic of Making Up pdf may be the right spark showing you how to win back your lost love.

Magic of Making Up by T.W Jackson believes that all relationships can be salvaged, and there’s a “recipe for love” to win your ex back. There is always hope no matter what your situation is.

Before we jump into “My Magic of Making Up” review, we want to take a second to talk about the author T.W. Jackson because most of you are probably wondering. Who is this guy?

T.W. Jackson or as he loves to call himself “T Dub Jackson,” is not a “love guru”. He does not claim to be a relationship coach either. He is an ordinary person who happens to know a lot about people.

T.W was raised in a military family. He lived in 11 different countries and 5 different states in the U.S. When you are constantly meeting new people, you learn how to make new friends, fast and T.W. made friends with people from all aspects of life.

He understands people and know how to maintain a good relationship. Which is the reason he became the go-to guy for relationships and other “people problems” which led him to create this guide.

Unlike many other guides, T.W. Jackson’s methods are unconventional, unique but they are practical and based off of his years of real world experience really helping others. This is a big reason why we found his methods valuable as he brings a fresh breakthrough to getting back together with your ex.

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Let us start our review on the book of make up magic, so you can see exactly what we are talking about.

What is The Magic of Making Up About?

The Magic of Making up Created by T.W Jackson, a dating coach and relationship consultant, Magic of Making Up pdf offers tips and the techniques to those whom are looking to get their ex back, without the usual uncertainty and doubts that surrounds you that getting back with someone who might or might not want you is the right thing to do.

The ebook of Magic of Making up provides a step-by-step guide that anyone can use, which is been proven to be successful by many individuals just like you. Although some of the techniques can be marked to be manipulative, however for someone who really wants their ex back this should not be a hold back in using the techniques.

Enough said, let us tell you the four things his book will teach you and how you can get the most out of it.

4 Key Lessons Magic of Making up Guide Teaches You:

  1. What may have went wrong in your relationship
  2. How to get your head straight and work on your Problem
  3. How to assess your relationship again (Is it good for you to get back together?)
  4. How to put this proven plan in action

These are the four basic stages you will learn in this program. Expertly divided into eight chapters, author will start with answering a very important question: “why?”

Chapter 1: Understanding Why Your Relationship Ended With Your Ex

Do you even understand why you split up? This chapter of the magic of making up will give you all the detailed information you need to understand where it all went wrong. You’ll learn to solve the lame excuses, beginning to spot the exact reasons for your breakup and learn to fix it on your own.

Believe us if you weren’t giving your partner the admiration and respect he/she craves, that’s probably why he decided to check out of this relationship.

Chapter 2: Do Not Panic

Keep calm and carry on with your life, that’s the name of the game. We all know about the “basic no contact” rule but this guide goes beyond that. In this chapter you will get tips on how to cope with your “panicky” feelings and learn to master the Fast Forward Technique which will enable you to push past the pain.

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You and your ex both need a break. It allows you time to clear your head and see why and where things fell apart. Even better, you are giving your partner a chance to miss you.

Chapter 3: Removing the Doubts

Do you really want your ex back? It’s time to take a long and hard look at your relationship. Explore all the positives and the negatives. Think about your past and the future, the bigger picture.

By the time you have finished the exercises in this chapter of the magic of making up, you’ll know if getting back together is the right choice for the both of you.

Chapter 4: Re-Trigger the Spark

Stop crying while munching on that chocolate bar and stop feeling sorry for yourself. It’s time to work on yourself. It is time to start having fun again.


Get off the sofa and make yourself look good. Go out with your friends. Because taking care of you and loving you will make your ex want you even more. Chapter 4 of the magic of making up ebook is all about learning new healthy habits and improve your emotional well-being.

Chapter 5: Lovers and Dates

Stand up make yourself presentable and put on your game face. It’s time to start playing the game again. Once your ex sees that you’re moving on, confident and not desperate, he/she will regret the day he/she lost you.

And remember you are no ordinary person you are something.

Here is what you will get out of this chapter:

  • Learn the rules of dating after a break-up for example (Rule #1 – Do not talk about your ex!).
  • Find out how to create a dating plan that will get you out of your home and meeting new potential partners every week.
  • How to deal with rebound relationships and if it outs a negative effect to your chances.

If you forgot the feeling to let loose and just have fun, this chapter of the magic of making up is what you can do to start feeling your best.

Chapter 6: Easing Back Into Your Relationship

You have pushed past your pain. You have improved yourself. You have even started dating other people. Now it is time to contact your ex without blowing your chances. The tips in this chapter will give you the confidence and tools you need to make your move.

Chapter 7: Maintaining Love and The Fun

What bygones be bygones. This is easier said than done for most of us. Let’s face it we love to harbouron the past but the tips in this chapter will help you push past that. In our opinion, this is the most important chapter of the magic of making up guide. It goes beyond the first date and gives you valuable advice on:

  • How to maintain your fresh relationship without bringing up the past.
  • How to keep things interesting with new date ideas.
  • How to get past through the hard times.
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The key to success is keep the spark fresh and new and every little thing you do for your new relationship will add up and make this all worthwhile as you read in the magic of making up.

Chapter 8: When it’s Not Possible to Save your Relation

Not all stories have happy ending and this chapter will show you how to move on with grace and class if things won’t go as planned.How to keep those good habits up. How to keep playing the field. Learn to love and respect yourself and let time heal your wounds. And guys leave them alone. At this point it is time to let go.

Believe us that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain for yourself at this point.

Is This Magic of Making up Book For You?

If you want to get back together with an ex but all your previous attempts have failed or you don’t know how to get your ex back, then this is most certainly the guide for you.

In this Magic of Making up PDF you will find fool proof methods that have been tried and tested on how to win your ex back.

The great thing about this guide is that you will also have a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee, so if you are not happy with the results then you haven’t lost out on anything other than the time you took to read it.


If you are hurting from a break up that you wish you could change then it’s about time that you did something about it. If all your attempts at reconciliation have failed then maybe it is time to try a new approach.

If you are feeling hollow inside because you miss the person you love the most then it is time to change the way you are feeling and this is the magic of making up book that can solve all your problems. So don’t sit around idly and wishfully think about the make-up, make it happen instead!