Things to do in Maine Travel Guide

Preparing for Maine is similar to packing for an adventure. The earthy, sea-battered houses that appear like they’ve been through a lot and have tales to tell are what many associate with Maine’s laid-back New England way of life, not so much the mansions of Greenwich or Newport. Let’s take a look into the Things to do in Maine Travel Guide

Time Zone of Maine

Eastern Standard Time

The Best Time to Visit Maine

Summer and autumn are the greatest seasons to visit Maine since it can be rather chilly in the winter. However, if winter is your favourite season and you like being outside when it is really cold, we won’t judge you. Even though the summer is the busiest time of year for tourism in Maine and allows visitors to experience all that the state’s beaches and seafood have to offer.

Fall may be the best time to visit the state because the weather is typically crisp and comfortable and the New England fall foliage is unparalleled. In point of fact, the state of Maine organises whole festivals around the state’s renowned fall foliage, including OgunquitFest, Fryeburg Fair, and Harvestfest in York.

If your favourite aspect of travelling is searching for one-of-a-kind treasures, then you will have a difficult time finding a season to visit that is more enjoyable than autumn in Maine since there are so many craft fairs held around the state at that time. There is also the holiday of Halloween, of course.

Important Information

The majority of Mainers want to take things easy and enjoy the great outdoors. If you talk to the locals in a manner that is too formal, you may give the impression that you are stuffy; converse in a manner that is nice, and you won’t make any mistakes.

You shouldn’t wear a bib when eating lobster, you shouldn’t inquire whether the blueberries are grown locally (they are), and you should be used to making small conversation since people in Maine are always eager to discuss the weather. It makes perfect sense for a state like Colorado where the majority of activities take place outside.

Try some Moxie, a soft drink with a flavour that is not for everyone but is considered a regional specialty. Pickles made by Amato’s, which have their headquarters in Portland, dominate the market in Maine.

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There is also a sizable antiques market in the state, and if you have even the slightest interest in scouring the earth for some unique old items, then Maine is a perfect location for you to do it.

People in almost every community have their own antique business, which they insist is the greatest in the surrounding area. Even if you’re not much of a bargain hunter, it’s still well worth your time to visit some of the most well-known antique stores in Maine, if only for the experience.

Things to do in Maine Travel Guide

Farnsworth Art Museum

The Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland is a hidden treasure that is well worth seeking out since it has a variety of smart, diversified, and intriguing exhibitions in addition to its permanent collection. The museum showcases the work of American artists, with a particular emphasis on those who have links to the state of Maine. Additionally, the museum routinely organises lectures, seminars, and performances, making it an essential destination for anybody who enjoys art.

Museum of Art

This museum is not just a collection of things but also an individual work of art in and of itself. The spectacular architecture of the PMA, or the Philadelphia Museum of Art as it is often known, attracts just as many fans of design as its shows do lovers of art. The PMA offers educational programmes in addition to the changing exhibits that it hosts, with the goal of facilitating links between the local community and the visual arts.

The exhibits at the museum, which include works by Claude Monet, Andy Warhol, and many other artists, are rotated on a regular basis; thus, you should call ahead to find out whether your preferred item is currently on view.

Acadia National Park

The most breathtaking destination in all of Maine is located on Mount Desert Island, and it has hiking trails for people of all skill levels, hidden natural beauty, and educational activities geared toward families. Acadia National Park is a must-see for every traveler to Maine, regardless of whether they want to go swimming, hiking, camping, or kayaking during their stay.

Wild Blueberry Land

If you’ve ever been curious about what became of the girl who worked at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the answer is now at your fingertips: she’s living the good life on one of Maine’s most picturesque farms. Wild Blueberry Land is a well-known landmark and the location of what is widely considered to be the greatest blueberry pie within the boundaries of the state. It is located in an area that is both a theme park and a farmer’s market.

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Best Hotels in Things to do in Maine Travel Guide

Cliff House

A stay at the Cliff House Maine, which is spread out over the oceanside cliffs of Cape Neddick, gives one the impression of being in a scene from a piece of classic literature. Nearly every room offers either a total or partial view of the shore, making you seem as if you could reach out and touch the water, and the soothing sounds of the waves will help you drift off to sleep each night.

The Cliff House Maine also has a spa that provides comprehensive services for guests to enjoy the utmost in relaxation.

The Press Hotel

The Press Hotel is a landmark in the city of Portland, Oregon, and a stunning boutique hotel that was designed to resemble authors’ offices from the 1920s. The Press Hotel is an excellent option for travelers going to Portland since it is situated in the city’s epicentre and is within walking distance of many of the most cherished institutions in the city.

Best Restaurants in Maine Travel Guide

Central Provisions

The history of the building that now houses Portland’s Central Provisions is where the eatery and market got its name. The building was originally a storehouse for provisions, and it was transformed into the restaurant and market that it is today with the assistance of local craftspeople and artisans.

You’ll be able to try all that Central Provisions has to offer thanks to the restaurant’s emphasis on small dishes made with fresh ingredients, and on your way out, you can pick up a few things like farm-fresh eggs, fragrant coffee, and other items.

Eventide Oyster Co.

Even though there is now an Eventide Oyster Co, the very first one can be found in Portland. After all, where else but in Portland might one find a brown butter lobster roll? The fried oyster bun, the lobster stew, and the house-made oatmeal cream pies at Eventide Oyster Co. are all examples of the innovative interpretations on traditional New England dishes that are offered here. It is advised that you make reservations.

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Weather in Maine

Spring: Temperatures in the summer vary on average from 20 degrees Fahrenheit to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, with a little bit of rain but typically pleasant weather. If you are going to be travelling during the spring, you should carry an umbrella with you just in case it rains.

Summer: The summer is the busiest time of year for tourism in Maine, which is not surprising considering the state’s breathtaking beaches and delectable lobster. Additionally, the greatest time to pick wild blueberries is in the summer. Temperatures in Maine typically range from 51 degrees Fahrenheit to 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer, but they can occasionally reach 80 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Despite the fact that Maine experiences summer thunderstorms from time to time, the state’s climate is generally warm and pleasant.

Autumn: Because Maine is famous for its foliage, autumn in Maine is a beautiful time of year to visit. Temperatures may be somewhat brisk, particularly toward the end of the season; on average, they vary from 25 degrees Fahrenheit to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If you choose to visit Maine in the fall at the time of year when the foliage is at its most spectacular, you should find that the weather is mild and pleasant.

Winter: Maine’s winters are characterised by very low temperatures and copious amounts of snowfall. If winter is your preferred season, you should plan your trip at that time of year; otherwise, you should stick to visits throughout the warmer seasons. The average temperature throughout the winter season is 4 degrees Fahrenheit, however the temperature may drop below that with the wind chill. Bring a thick coat with you if you plan on going since the average high temperature for the season is 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

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