Heather Mathews Manifestation Miracle : Thank you for visiting our blog, you are at the right place if you want to know everything about the Manifestation Miracle Book which is written by Heather Mathews. This book is about personal development and we are here to discuss everything about Manifestation Miracle program before making any decision.

We will do our best in order to help you understand what Manifestation Miracle Book is all about, what you can learn from this book and what are the Pros and Cons of the technique Heather used in this course. Just to be clear this is only an honest Manifestation Miracle review and this is not an official website for Manifestation Miracle Book.

What is Manifestation Miracle?

The book is written by Heather Mathews who is well known speaker on Life and Energy Coaching also how to transform one’s life. Manifestation Miracle Destiny Tuning Book can be described as complete personal development course that is designed to help you achieve your desires and goals by teaching you the unique methods to harness the power of the law of attraction without exerting much effort.

We know it does seems Mind boggling or sound ridiculous concept but believe us that harnessing the power of the law of attraction is not a fairy tale or a fantasy. Inside Heather Mathews in manifestation miracle book shared with us the very easy to understand yet very effective techniques that are said to force the universe to give you what you desire or what you want to happen in your life.

Basically Manifestation Miracle book will teach you three things which are:

  1. How to access the secret techniques which will force the universe to provide you what you want.
  2. How to locate the essential missing ingredients in the law of attraction.
  3. How simple and potent strategies can help you attract what ever you need.

One noticeable technique Heather teaches you in this book is called “Destiny Tuning”. This destiny will help you tap into the power of the universe and make the law of attraction work for your purpose. The author explains that this technique and all the other methods that you will find inside her Manifestation Miracle Destiny Tuning book can be used in just about anything. For example becoming Wealthy, success in your career and find happiness or to get Fit.

This technique really does go into the depth of how to implement it in real life situations and teaches different ways to create what called a “Vision Board”. We have read many books over the last few weeks on this topic (Law of Attraction), which are some real in depth material. However Manifestation Miracle is one of the first guides we read which gives you the exact instructions on how to incorporate the universal law effectively. Also there is a fact that the style in which Heather had written this book is very easy to read and enjoyable.

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Just to peak you interest lets shed some light on the technique of Visualisation.

Here is how the technique of Visualisation works:

Visualisation works to program both your conscious and sub-conscious mind to get them in tune with your wishes and desires. When you visualise something again and again, no matter what it is like house, a goal or an outcome you build cells of recognition in your memory bank. This benefits you in two important ways.

  1. When you continuously focus on an image in your mind every cell of your body gets involve in the process of making it happen.
  2. Similar to positive affirmation once you impress a new idea, thought or an image into your subconscious it becomes established in your subconscious like a root.

When this happens your mind accepts it as true and your subconscious automatically works to attract and achieve your desire.

This exemplary story is about the famous actor Jim Carrey who had demonstrates the incredible power of visualisation and how it had bring his seemingly unbelievable dreams to life.

Long before Jim had started his career in Hollywood he would drive his car to the top of the Hollywood hills and sit there visualising a successful acting career. Jim didn’t go home until he firmly believed the pictures of success he had visualise in his mind until he is filled with a complete sense of excitement. You can guess what happen next, in 1995 Jim Carrey had signed a contract for whooping Ten Million Dollars.

As Jim admits himself that he was absolutely tenacious about his dream and never gave up on his desire to become a Hollywood star. Even when living in a Camper Van with his family right after his father lost his job. He held onto his dreams and keep visualising the future success.

That is the basic review on the Manifestation Miracle by Heather Mathews, now lets look into the Pros and Cons of this program. Hopefully this will answer the question, is this really the right program for you?

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The Pros of Manifestation Miracle Destiny Tuning

Not so Difficult to Master

What so special about this program is that you don’t have to do long boring visual exercise, which is very common in other similar programs out there. All the techniques and ideas shared by Heather in this program is very easy to understand, you can apply them very easily in your daily life.

Highly Beneficial to Everyone

This book will teach you everything from the scratch, you don’t have to be the expert on the law of universe to benefit from this program. Regardless of your gender, age, profession or educational background, you can use the Manifestation Miracle program to access the power of the universe to get whatever you desire. It can be good health, wealth, success in your career or general happiness.

Great Insight

We can say that Heather had created this program different form the other programs who also take inspiration from the law of attraction. Apart from been easy to understand Manifestation Miracle book also provide valuable content especially on the universe effects varies with different aspects of your life.

More Affordable from other Online Courses

Another plus point of this course is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get this program. Unlike any other personal development programs that usually cost you at least few hundred dollars. Heather is offering her expertise for only a fraction of that sum. Which makes Manifestation Miracle the most affordable online personal development course these days.

Convenient to Apply

One more thing we like to mention about Heather Mathews manifestation miracle program is that the material needed in this course is very easy to find, infect you can find most of them in your own home. Because of that you can fully concentrate on this program without worrying about other things.

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Heather Mathews offers you 60 days money back guarantee with no questions asked if you feel that this program is not suited for you. This offer allows you to use this program with ease and not worrying about the risk of wasting your money on a program not suitable for you, another great advantage compared to some other similar products which offer no money back guarantee.

The Cons of Manifestation Miracle

You Need to Invest Effort and Your Time

You need to understand one thing about this program is that this is not magic which can give you your desired result in an instant. To manifest your goals and dreams you have to be fully committed in practicing the methods and techniques given to you every single day. It is like the case of muscle and immobility, if you don’t you’re a muscle let’s say because of a disability you will soon shrink and use their ability to work. Same rules apply with this course, if you are not punctual in applying this course daily then it will eventually lose its effectiveness.

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Optional “Amazing Self” Membership Is A Little Expensive

When you purchase this book you will get the offered the option to have one month free membership of the recommended “Amazing Self”. While this is a great bonus offer we must admit that after one month fee for this membership is not cheap. We believe that Heather must offer discount on other months so that more people will benefit from this program. Anyway it is up to you to decide whether you want to continue this membership after you test it free in the first month, you can cancel it any time if you don’t feel satisfied or unable to afford it.

Manifestation Miracle PDF is Digital

This book is available in PDF format together with some audio files for your better understanding of this program and if you feel more comfortable in having a physical book in your hand then you have print it and bind it in your home.


We must admit that this program sounds a bit ridiculous at first but as you will read through the lessons more will start to make sense. What we like most about this course is that it is easy to follow and you can master it in few tries. You don’t need to have any knowledge beforehand to understand this program. Also the price of this course is fairly reasonable compared to other related programs.

If you are frustrated with the quality of your life or often find yourself not getting your desired goals on time, had to approach powerful methods to get simple things which can be used on more important aspects of life then Manifestation Miracle is definitely an excellent option for you.

Moreover the limited time discount price and the option to get full refund if you are not satisfied with Manifestation Miracle Book, makes is more appealing and risk free. Choice is yours.

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