More stress than Love in a relationship?


More stress than Love in a relationship?

It’s like this: In almost every relationship, the other person gets on our nerves at some point (particularly in times of lockdown, many relationships and tolerance limits have been put to the test) – but when is the point reached when it’s for everyone involved would it be better to say: From now on we are going our separate ways? Achieving this knowledge is often not so easy. It is not uncommon for us to cling to a relationship – which is actually no longer one – because of our own expectations or those of others, fear of being alone or completely different reasons.

5 ways to spot relationship burnout:
1. The cute quirks are suddenly never cute
At the beginning of your relationship you thought it was cute the noises your friend made while chewing. And you somehow overlooked the fact that he left his used dishes lying around instead of putting them away straight away. Today these things just drive you more crazy and you already keep a list in your head of things that annoy you about your partner – telling them what bothers you or trying to find a solution, but never really look forward to it. You’ve already tried everything. A first sign of relationship burnout.

2. You fight all the time
A certain amount of conflict is normal in any relationship and can even be a positive indicator that you still want to work on the dynamic of your relationship. However, when the argument degenerates into blind yelling and people stop listening to each other and get stuck, that’s a bigger cause for concern.

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“An argument, especially if there weren’t any previous arguments, usually indicates that one or both people don’t feel heard and are yelling to get the other person to listen,” Tamara Green , a relationship expert, tells Bustle . However, if the dispute persists and doesn’t lead to better communication or some sort of compromise or resolution, it may be time to put an end to it.

3. The thought of spending time together tires you out
Even if you’re in a relationship, it’s important to make time for yourself. We all need freedom and autonomy. But if you find yourself actively avoiding spending time with your partner because it makes you feel annoyed or tired – and taking time for yourself to recharge your batteries isn’t helping – then this is a sign that something is wrong. “Avoidance is a form of not communicating with each other,” explains Green. This can also be a sign of relationship burnout.

4. You are more interested in others
A wandering gaze does not necessarily have to mean something bad and is usually something completely normal. Everyone has different limits for what they consider “cheating,” but it’s natural to find other people attractive. If it’s beyond what’s normal for you — if you’re constantly fixated on others, flirting, or fantasizing about eloping with the waitress — you may have mentally pulled out of your current relationship and are ready for someone or something new.

5. You feel uncomfortable talking about the future
“If future plans are avoided, that’s a sign,” says expert Green. “When people are dating and don’t want to look to the future, I tell them to call it quits sooner rather than later, it’s not worth it.” So if you’re dating someone and the idea of ??going away for the weekend in a few months makes you uncomfortable, it may be better to let it go than commit to something you don’t want.

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