Most beautiful health resorts in Germany

Most beautiful health resorts in Germany

Pure relaxation and wellness await in Germany’s most beautiful health resorts. The health resorts of Germany are an excellent destination for all travelers who want to relax completely during their vacation and do something good for their body and soul. The federal government has a total of over 300 recognized health resorts, including climatic health resorts, brine spas and mud spas. Baths with various healing springs from the respective geological conditions of the place as well as an extensive range of wellness and beauty treatments make the spa towns an oasis of relaxation. Three of the most beautiful health resorts in Germany are presented below, which promote health and promise pure relaxation with their healing springs and curative offers.

The city of Baden-Baden in the state of Baden-Württembergis internationally popular and already looks back on a long history and tradition. Here history meets modern lifestyle, so that there is a unique atmosphere in the small cosmopolitan city. Baden-Baden was founded more than 2,000 years ago. Back then, the Romans discovered the healing waters that gush out of the ground from twelve springs. The Friedrichsbad is one of the most important thermal baths in Germany. The Romans had already built baths on the spot, which can be visited. Even today, the historic, Roman-antique ambience still prevails in the impressive domed building. The Friedrichbad in Baden-Baden is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site. More than 800,000 liters of healing springs gush to the surface every day from a depth of 2,000 meters at a temperature of 68 degrees. Minerals included are sodium, chloride, fluorine, lithium, silica and boron, which have healing effects on the body. In addition to the Friedrichsbad, you can also visit the Caracalla Therme, which promises wellness and well-being in a modern ambience on more than 4,000 square meters.

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The most beautiful health resorts in Germany
The city of Baden-Baden in Baden-Württemberg is one of the most beautiful spa towns in Germany with a long history.
The health resort also offers a wide range of leisure activities apart from wellness. Located directly on the Black Forest, active vacationers get their money’s worth in Baden-Baden. The far-reaching impressive nature can be explored on foot and by bike. Buildings such as the Festspielhaus and the Kurhaus characterize the historic townscape.

The island of Norderney, next to Sylt , promises a wellness beach holiday without leaving the country. It is one of the German islandsin the North Sea and belongs to the district of Aurich. It is the second largest East Frisian island in the North Sea, which invites you to take long walks along the water with a sandy beach that is more than 14 kilometers long. While the endless expanse of the beach and the horizon provide visitors with relaxation away from everyday life, well-being is promoted even more by the wellness facilities in the first seaside resort on an East Frisian island. The air on Norderney is almost free of pollen and pollutants of any kind, so you can breathe deeply here. But it’s not just the air that makes Norderney a health paradise, because the oldest North Sea spa is particularly famous for its Thalasso cures. Silt, sand, salt and algae are among the treasures of Norderney, which makes Thalasso therapy possible. With over 25 minerals and trace elements, the sea water here is particularly healing, detoxifying and regenerating. in thebade:haus norderney offers the Thalasso cure as well as extensive wellness offers and beauty treatments to experience well-being for body, mind and soul during a spa holiday.

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The most beautiful health resorts in Germany
The German North Sea island of Norderney provides hours of relaxation and pure relaxation right by the sea.
Even after the relaxing cures, there is still a lot to experience in the fresh, clean air on the island. 85 percent of the North Sea island of Norderney belong to the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park. In the Watt Welten Visitor Center Norderney you can find out everything about the impressive Wadden Sea. On mudflat hikes you can experience the natural spectacle, where a particularly unusual flora and fauna is at home. The historic lighthouse with viewing platform is a popular destination, which offers an impressive panorama over the sea and the island. In addition to walks on the long sandy beach with the high dunes, boat trips to neighboring islands and to Helogoland are also particularly popular.

Bad Oeynhausen
In the north of North Rhine-Westphalia, Bad Oeynhausen as a thermal spa has been inviting spa seekers since the 19th century. In the midst of the beautiful low mountain range landscape, Bad Oeynhausen offers a lively and modern ambience with a comprehensive range of spa treatments. The spa is known for its brine baths, because here the healing water gushes out of the ground from a total of nine springs. Brine is salty healing water that has a high content of natural mineral salts such as iodine, sulfur and radon. In the form of baths and drinking cures, the water in Bad Oeynhausen has a particularly positive effect on the health of the body and soul. In the Bali Therme Bad Oeynhausen, pure relaxation awaits you in an ambience of Asian serenity. The warm thermal brine from the Jordan spring offers a beneficial and healing effect in the thermal pools of the bath. A large sauna landscape as well as various wellness and beauty treatments round off the offer of the thermal baths in Bad Oeynhausen and ensure pure relaxation and wellness.

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Located between the Weserbergland and the Teutoburg Forest, the spa town of Bad Oeynhausen offers numerous other leisure activities in addition to the relaxing spa facilities. The city is particularly famous for its legendary spa park, which was laid out in the middle of the 19th century by the well-known garden architect Peter Joseph Lenné. A visit to the park transports guests to the heyday of the glorious spa world at the turn of the century. For all visitors who want to explore the surrounding landscape in the Weserbergland, numerous cycling and hiking routes invite for active relaxation. On the Werre and the Weser, the landscape can be admired from the water by canoe or stand-up paddling. Bad Oeynhausen also has a lot to offer culturally. Numerous celebrations, festivals and markets fill the calendar of events,GOP Variety Theater , while symphony concerts, drama performances, opera and more provide entertainment at the Theater im Park.

Germany has a large number of beautiful health resorts, surrounded by fabulous nature and equipped with healing springs and pure air for pure relaxation and well-being. After you have had a really good time in the spas and with the wellness treatments, a wide range of leisure and cultural activities await you in the most beautiful health resorts in Germany, which rounds off your wellness holiday perfectly.

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