Things to do in Nantucket Travel Guide.

Nantucket is a tiny island located around thirty miles off the coast of Cape Cod in the state of Massachusetts. It is sometimes fondly referred to as the “Grey Lady.” Nantucket is a remote area that literally means “a place of calm,” and it is home to an eclectic mix of creative people as well as a large number of New England socialites. In Things to do in Nantucket Travel Guide It is also a magnet for under-the-radar celebrities, flip-flop millionaires, and a multitude of New England socialites.

It is quite unusual to find a destination that offers world-class cuisine, boating, shopping, lodgings, and beaches while yet maintaining a cosy, small-town atmosphere. The one disappointing aspect of a trip to Nantucket is having to return to the Eastern Standard Time zone after leaving the island, and this is true regardless of the length of your stay there or the number of people in your party. (There is a seasonal shift to the observance of Daylight Saving Time)

The Best Time to Visit Nantucket in Travel Guide

The peak season for tourism on Nantucket is summer, which also happens to be the time of year when the island’s weather is at its finest, with average highs of 76 degrees Fahrenheit in July and August. In spite of this, we would say that the months of May and September are the ideal months to travel since you won’t encounter the hordes who pour from Boston in the summertime. This is because Memorial Day and Labor Day fall on opposite sides of the calendar.

The Nantucket Daffodil Festival, which takes place in April, the Nantucket Wine Festival, which takes place in May, and the Nantucket Book Festival, which takes place in June are all fantastic occasions to visit the island.

Important Information

The length of the whole island of Nantucket is approximately 14 miles, while its width is only 3.5 miles. It is around 30 miles away from Cape Cod and may be reached by ferry or aircraft.

Both Nantucket’s Historic Downtown, which is situated in the island’s geographic Centre, and Siasconset, which is located on the east side of the island and is more often referred to as “Sconset,” are among the most popular districts for travellers to spend time in when visiting the island.

The Whaling Museum and eight other historic sites across the island are under the management of the Nantucket Historical Association, which also oversees Greater Light and Hadwen House. The organization, which was established in 1854 with the goal of conserving the historic beauty of Nantucket, now receives roughly 95,000 visitors on an annual basis.

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Nantucket Whaling Museum is on the list of things to do (13 Broad Street). The Nantucket Historical Association, which was established in 1854 and now oversees the preservation of eight other historic sites located around the island, including Hadwen House and Greater Light, is responsible for the site’s management. With nine different exhibits and more than one thousand relics and pieces of art, the Whaling Museum is an absolute must-see.

Things to do in Nantucket Travel Guide

Biking is a fun way to get about the island. One of the most well-liked things to do on Nantucket is to take a bike ride around the town on one of the island’s numerous routes. Trails may be found at Madaket, Surfside, and Sconset in addition to the route that leads to the Brant Point Lighthouse.

The beaches known as Steps Beach and Galley Beach (54 Jefferson Ave). Nantucket is known as the “Grey Lady” due to the fact that it is often covered in fog; nevertheless, the island is everything from colorless at the end of the day. Stacey brings everyone she knows to Galley Beach in order to see the sunset there, and she recommends that they eat at the restaurant there.

Lighthouse at Sankaty Head (122 Baxter Road). The Sankaty Head Lighthouse, a renowned symbol of Nantucket, has been operating as a navigational aid for more than 160 years and can be seen from a distance of 25 miles out to sea.

Nantucket Atheneum (1 India Street). The Atheneum is a private and non-profit organization that takes great interest in preserving the history of the island. As part of its mission, the Atheneum offers people of the island, both year-round and seasonal, access to its public library.

Best Hotels in Things to do in Nantucket Travel Guide

White Elephant

Phone: (800) 445-6574

The essence of White Elephant Nantucket may be summed up as coastal New England houses with wooden shutters, the smell of salty air coming off the ocean, and beachside lobster rolls. This historic hotel on Nantucket Island has a heated outdoor pool and is located in close proximity to both the town of Nantucket as well as the Brant Point Lighthouse. Relax with a beverage on their lawn that overlooks the port, or take a stroll on the Children’s Beach that is close by.

Resort Collection

Phone: (855) 652-0137

The Nantucket Resort Collection is comprised of three stunning properties, each of which provides its guests with a distinctive array of amenities. These include the Veranda House, which has 18 rooms and suites with private verandas, the bed-and-breakfast-style Regatta Inn, and the Chapman House, which has the atmosphere of a modern, trendy boutique hotel. The Nantucket Resort Collection is a unique three-inns-in-one concept that is centrally located in old town Nantucket and is within easy walking distance of the island’s most popular beaches, shopping, and eating destinations.

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Nantucket Inn

Phone: (800) 321-8484

The Nantucket Inn, a family resort with three stars, blends the cosiness of a bed & breakfast with the excitement of a family-friendly, activity-filled hotel to create the perfect vacation spot for families. Nantucket Inn is a place that seems like an escape from real life at the perfect price. They have tennis courts on the site, a gratis shuttle that will carry the entire family to the heart of town, and they promise that children under the age of 18 will remain free in their parent’s room. Even at the busiest times of the year, guests may take advantage of the property’s exceptional offerings and any of its 100 guest rooms.

Faraway Nantucket

Phone: (855) 976-1796

Faraway, a newcomer to Nantucket, opened its doors during the summer of 2021 in the centre of the downtown area, only a few steps away from cafés, restaurants, and stores. In spite of the fact that it is not located directly on a beach, this property with 62 rooms serves to remind guests that they are, in fact, on an island. This is accomplished through the inclusion of coastal touches in the rooms, such as rope fixtures, shell details, and a calming colour palette, as well as through the menu items at the on-site restaurant, Sister Ship, which are primarily focused on seafood and are inspired by the cuisine of the Mediterranean.

The restaurant, which has seating both inside and out, is open for lunch and supper (and cocktails and wines). Inside the eclectic lounge, you may take a seat on one of the bar stools or comfortable couches, or you can sit outside on the patio where the breeze is blowing. However, the courtyard, which is attractive and reminiscent of a hidden garden and is furnished with rattan seats and umbrellas with fringe and is flanked by the clapboard buildings on the property, is perhaps the most popular feature.

This whole experience is based on the decade of the 1920s in Paris as well as the magical exploits of a female ship captain. Jason Brown of Blue Flag Partners, the company that was responsible for creating the hotel, said in a statement that the establishment is “a touch of revelry hidden amid a historic and sophisticated collection of buildings.

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Best Restaurants in Things to do in Nantucket Travel Guide


Phone: (508) 228-0301

Because The Nautilus has become such an important part of life on Nantucket, the owners have decided to expand their business to Boston. The cuisine at this establishment is distinguished by its emphasis on seafood and fish, its alluring pan-Asian flavor, and its extensive wine and sake selections.

Galley Beach

Phone: (508) 228-2665

Galley Beach is the place to be during the summer, and the major reason for this is because they have some of the most lovely outdoor eating options in the whole city. You have the option of either reserving “beach dining” and grabbing one of their highly wanted tables directly on the beach, or eating in their outdoor lounge, which is just a few feet away from the beach and where many of the lounge guests arrive in laid-back beach gear for a post-beach drink.


Phone: (508) 325-0992

At Queequeg’s, you can get a taste of fresh American food prepared with a trendy take on the traditional Nantucket fine dining experience. The fact that the restaurant is still located in the same warm and welcoming old Nantucket home is one of the most endearing aspects of the Queepueg’s experience. It has the sense of being the ideal combination of traditional New England and cutting-edge luxury all rolled into one cohesive package.

Weather in Nantucket

There is a good reason why the summertime in Nantucket is considered to be peak season. Temperatures here are by far the highest in the region, reaching well into the upper 70s at their hottest. It is important to keep in mind, however, that Nantucket will never be a place to visit during the pleasant summer months.

The winds in the northeastern part of the island are present throughout the year, although they tend to build up between the winter and the spring. The month with the most rainfall is November, while the month with the least rainfall is February.

The following is a list of each month’s typical low and high temperature measured in Fahrenheit.

January 25 – 39
February 26 – 39
March 31 – 44
April 38 – 51
May 46 – 60
June 55 – 69
July 62 – 75
August 63 – 76
September 56 – 70
October 47 – 61
November 39 – 53
December 30 – 44

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