Things to do in Napa Valley Travel Guide

Things to do in Napa Valley Travel Guide: Napa Valley is most famous for its thriving wine industry, which produces some of the finest wines produced outside of France. Even while wine is the primary attraction, there are many other aspects of the area that are interesting to discover, and all of this is only a two-hour journey north of San Francisco.

The valley is home to a variety of charming villages, each of which has its own assortment of boutiques, restaurants with Michelin stars, five-star hotels, and one-of-a-kind spa treatments. In addition, there are over 400 wineries located in the area, making Napa Valley a location that is undeniably deserving of several visits.

Time Zone to Napa Valley

Pacific Coast

Napa Valley has long been the engine that drives wine production in the United States. Not only does Napa Valley produce world-famous Cabernet Sauvignon, but it also has an incredible culinary scene, luxurious resorts, restorative hot springs, breathtaking scenery, and a sort of quaint small town charm, all of which combine to make this location the complete package. This trend began in the 1970s.

Things to do in Napa Valley Travel Guide

To get to Napa, which is located approximately an hour’s drive away from San Francisco and three regional airports, you will need a vehicle of your own. Once you get there, you can easily explore the 30-mile-long, narrow valley and its collection of tiny, bucolic towns along a pair of parallel two-lane roads that run from Napa to the hot springs haven of Calistoga.

The valley stretches from Napa to Calistoga, which is known for its natural hot springs. You may also organise a wine tour or hire a driver via one of the numerous transportation businesses that are located in this region. You may take a tuk-tuk through the vineyards, take a trip in a vintage Volkswagen bus, or reserve a seat on one of the historic carriages of the Napa Valley Wine Train for an experience that is a little bit more out of the ordinary.

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The city centre of Napa, which can be readily located thanks to the presence of two bridges that span the Napa River, is often regarded as the unofficial entrance to the Napa Valley. These Victorian-lined streets have seen a tremendous resurgence in the last five years, which has turned downtown Napa into a genuine and walkable centre for eating, shopping, and wine tasting.

For decades, travellers would drive right by this area of town. Over a dozen urban wine tasting rooms, in addition to a few breweries and distilleries, can be found in this area. Many of these tasting rooms give visitors the opportunity to sample premium wines that aren’t readily available in other settings, such as the historic Mayacamas Vineyards, which was established in 1889.

In contrast to their historic mountain estate, which is famous for its stone gravity-flow winery and old, redwood wine casks, some of which have been used for ageing for nearly 100 years, their contemporary and chic downtown outpost offers tastings of library vintages of their classic Napa Chardonnays and Cabernets.

The Robert Mondavi Winery, Charles Krug, and V. Sattui wineries are three of the most popular tourist destinations in Napa Valley; nevertheless, Clos du Val is another pioneering member of the valley that provides a tasting experience that is more personal, elegant, and unhurried. The first wine ever produced by Clos du Val came from the 1972 vintage and was included in the 1976 Judgment of Paris competition, which helped put Napa Valley on the map.

The competition was held inside the renowned Stag’s Leap AVA in Napa. The historic tasting room is still there, but the addition of the brand new Hirondelle House immediately next door has brought Clos du Val into the 21st century.

Best Hotels in Things to do in Napa Valley Travel Guide

Auberge du Soleil

Phone: (707) 963-1211

The Auberge du Soleil is the ideal place to stay for travelers in need of opulent accommodations in addition to breathtaking vistas. In addition to a soothing spa and an outdoor pool, this hotel has a total of 27 guest rooms, 19 suites with one bedroom each, and two private maisons. In addition, guests have the option of selecting in-room massage treatments if they would rather relax in the privacy of their own private mansion.

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Yountville’s Hotel Villagio

Phone: (707) 927-2130

The estate is located on 22 acres in the centre of Yountville, and it provides all of the amenities that are necessary for a rejuvenating vacation. The Hotel Villagio is located in the heart of the village, and it has 112 bedrooms and 22 suites. These rooms are equipped with gas fireplaces and private patios, making them ideal for a romantic and peaceful getaway.

Archer Hotel Napa

Phone: (707) 690-9800

The Archer Hotel is located in the centre of downtown Napa, close to a variety of dining establishments, retail establishments, and tasting rooms. Because it is located on First Street, the boutique hotel is right in the thick of everything that is going on. Visit the hotel’s Sky & Vine Rooftop Bar, which just so happens to be the only open-air bar in the whole city, to take advantage of the unparalleled scenery.


Phone: (877) 963-3646

Meadowood has reopened its doors to visitors after being severely damaged by the fires that occurred in 2020 and is now offering accommodations on its whole 250-acre site. The 36-room mansion has a spa, as well as three separate pool areas and five tennis courts.

Best Restaurants in Napa Valley Travel Guide

French Laundry

Phone: (707) 944-2380

The restaurant owned by Thomas Keller, which has been awarded three Michelin stars, is widely regarded as one of the best in the United States due to the creative spin it puts on traditional French cuisine. Anthony Bourdain, who passed away in 2016, referred to it as “the finest restaurant in the world, period.”


Phone: (707) 944-2749

Over the course of more than 25 years, Brix has established itself as a neighbourhood mainstay by consistently providing inventive cuisine that features ingredients sourced locally. The farm-to-table restaurant is located on 16 acres of land and has breathtaking vistas in every direction. The restaurant also features a large outdoor dining area where guests can take it all in. The Kelleher family, proprietors of the vineyard that bears their name, runs the establishment, which has an extensive wine selection that can be matched with every dish on the menu. It is advisable to make reservations.

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Phone: (707) 492-8150

Compline is a restaurant that serves delicious nibbles in a laid-back and informal setting that is located in the middle of downtown Napa on First Street. This location is ideal for people watching due to its central location. The innovative meals that Executive Chef Jammir Gray creates are not only exquisite but also make you want more and more of them.

For example, smoked fish rillettes on fattoria bread and squid ink capellini. The extensive wine shop, which has high-quality bottles sourced from all over the globe, is one of the things that sets this location apart from others like it.

Weather in Napa Valley

Because Napa Valley is located inside a valley, the weather experiences significant shifts during the day. As a result, it is advisable to bring along a range of clothing suitable for a variety of conditions, including both cool and warm temperatures. The region receives an average of 27 inches of precipitation each year, the most of which falls between the months of December through March.

The fire season, which begins in June and continues through November, has been especially harsh on the area over the previous several years, with record-setting flames occurring in 2017 and 2020 respectively. The lack of rainfall coupled with the high temperatures makes the area more prone to wildfires.

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