Things to do in Nashville Travel Guide

With all of the live music and historical sites, Nashville is an amazing place for a vacation. There are a lot of great Things to do in Nashville Travel Guide in this city.

Because it is home of so many prestigious educational establishments, such as Vanderbilt University, Tennessee State University, and Belmont University, Nashville is often referred to as the “Athens of the South.” A reminder of the city’s prominence is the full-size replica of the Parthenon that is located in Centennial Park. The genuine Parthenon is located in Athens. It was constructed in 1897 with the purpose of being used in the state’s centennial exposition.

Time Zone of Nashville

Despite the fact that Tennessee is split between the Eastern and Central time zones, the capital city of Nashville is located in the Central time zone.

The Best Time to Visit Nashville

Spring time (April and May) and fall (September and October) are great seasons to visit Nashville since the weather is often pleasant throughout those months. The months of July and August, which make up summer, are known for their high levels of heat and humidity, while winter is often characterised by cold and wet weather. If you are not concerned about the weather, it may be possible to save money by travelling during the winter months when there are less people.

The History of Music

The Johnny Cash Museum, the George Jones Museum, and the Willie Nelson Museum all focus on the artists’ individual lives and careers, while the Country Music Hall of Fame in downtown Nashville chronicles the development of country music as a genre. In the year 2020, the weekly country music programme known as the Grand Ole Opry will be celebrating its 95th birthday. The show was first aired on a radio station in Nashville.

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The Contemporary Scenario

The music scene of today is just as active as it has ever been: the neon lights and beer-scented air of Lower Broadway draw crowds of grinning music-lovers into its rumbling honky-tonks seven days a week, and just to the south of that, the vast, undulating roof of Music City Center imprints a giant guitar shape onto the skyline.

The Grand Ole Opry entertains visitors at Opryland and Ryman Auditorium, and swarms of people who are passionate about country music travel to the city to attend the CMA Music Festival.

Vibrant Neighborhoods

Another reason why Nashville is trending is that the city has a half-dozen thriving neighbourhoods that are jam-packed with one-of-a-kind shops, independent coffeehouses, innovative bakeries, new breweries and distilleries, and a surprising number of colourful murals that are ready to serve as a backdrop for your next selfie.

The city’s artist community may be found in East Nashville, while 12th Avenue South is known for its chic boutiques, vintage collections, and gift stores. The Gulch is home to a fine collection of restaurants, and the terraces of Hillsboro Village are always packed with people-watchers. Although every community has its own unique flavour, they all share a dedication to providing warm and welcoming service to visitors.

Things to do in Nashville Travel Guide

Try your hand at secondhand shopping at High Class Hillbilly: The human mind undergoes a peculiar transformation the moment it touches down in Nashville. The body is overtaken by a strong, unexpected, and inexplicable want to dress in western garb, namely in hats, boots, and fringe.

In addition to that, there are items of authentic antique clothing that have been culled from the closets of prominent residents and collectors.

Museum of African American Music

The Museum of African American Music is not only a rich, informative, and history-rectifying resource for tracing the musical genealogy of the African American diaspora, but it is also a lot of fun to go there. In January of 2021, it opened to the public and features a plethora of interactive elements that are designed to complement the extensive amounts of text that are displayed on its walls.

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These elements include stations that allow you to produce your own beat, make a song, and rap along to the greats. Discover how every kind of music can, in fact, be traced back to the African diaspora, and, if nothing else, it will provide you with a chance to burn off a dinner of Prince’s Hot Chicken from the Assembly Food Hall next door.

Best Hotels in Things to do in Nashville Travel Guide

Inn of the Bobby

Phone: (615) 782-7100

This lively and innovative hotel is located in the historic Printers Alley neighbourhood, and it has a range of accommodations, including suites with one and two bedrooms. In addition, there is a full-service spa, as well as many eating and drinking locations, such as the rooftop club, which has a remodeled Greyhound bus from 1956 in which guests may enjoy their drinks.

Moxy Downtown

Phone: (615) 986-2091

The hotel is located only a few steps from from the Country Music Hall of Fame and has urban-chic rooms along with facilities such as locally roasted coffee, a fitness facility that is open around the clock, and Plug & Meet places. The laid-back establishment known as Bar Moxy serves food and drinks throughout the day, from breakfast to evening.

Holston House

Phone: (615) 391-1234

The boutique hotel is located in a historic structure and has 191 guest rooms, including six suites that combine art deco and contemporary design elements. The spacious corner suites and penthouse apartments allow even more space to stretch out and unwind.


Phone: (615) 244-3121

This hotel is a five-star, and its rooms and suites have lavish amenities such as plush robes, plush bedding, Bose docking stations, and great service. The first Capital Grille restaurant began in 1910, and to this day, they are committed to serving traditional Southern cuisine that is prepared using only the most recent ingredients. The Oak Bar has one of the most extensive collections of bourbons in all of Nashville, with more than 130 different bottles to choose from.

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The Dive Hotel and Motel

Phone: (615) 650-9103

Each of their 23 rooms is completely unique and has their famous “Party Switch,” which allows guests to spin a disco ball while selecting from one of four different channels. An authentic Nashville experience may be had during a stay at The Dive thanks to the hotel’s pool, hot tub, and The Dive Bar & Lounge.

Weather in Nashville

The summers in Nashville are quite warm and humid, but the winters are not very cold. Nashville has a subtropical climate. The bulk of the year’s precipitation falls throughout the spring, namely in the month of May, contributing to the annual total of around 47 inches. The springtime in Middle Tennessee is peak time for tornado activity.

September is the month when temperatures first start to drop, and autumn is often the season with the least amount of rainfall. The temperature drops and there is less snow throughout the winter, which totals around seven inches on average and falls mostly in January.

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