Native Advertising in Content Marketing


Native Advertising in Content Marketing

Most likely, you have encountered such a phenomenon when, when reading an article, you click on a link in it and see a certain advertisement there. Or they heard from the mouth of a popular video blogger about a company or product and there was a desire to learn more about it. This phenomenon is called native advertising. Especially popular is native advertising in content marketing .

Native advertising is a method of attracting attention to a product that takes on the form and characteristics of the platform on which it is placed. It is also called “natural” advertising. The big advantage of the format is ease of perception. It does not cause irritation in the audience. You may have seen how in a movie the main character drinks a drink and in a nutshell speaks of his amazing taste. You immediately wanted to try this drink and the next day you buy it. And they didn’t even understand that it was an advertisement.

Native Advertising: Benefits
Relevance. Native advertising carries more useful and interesting information for users compared to traditional advertising.
Saving. Thanks to the finely tuned targeting, you direct it only to your target audience, which makes advertising effective.
Native advertising attracts and retains the attention of users, while traditional advertising is increasingly either annoying or ignored.
Unobtrusiveness. Such an advertisement unobtrusively fits into the platform on which it is placed, as if being part of it. This improves brand perception.
Native advertising engages and increases the number of users who are interested in observing the life of your company.

Where and how to use native advertising?
There are many sites where you can use native advertising. Your main task is to choose the platform where your target audience is most active. Consider the most popular options.

Blogs In the case of article blogs, it’s important to post an article about your product. Popular bloggers are trusted. Therefore, your product will definitely pay attention. You can write a life hack, give readers tips or make a useful review – such content on a well-known blog will be effective. The main thing is that he should not be intrusive. It is enough for the video blogger to mention the name of your company, in a nutshell tell about your advantages and give a link to your site. A simple scenario of native advertising on a video blog: a video blogger takes a sip of tea, and then says: “Mmmm, what a great tea! And most importantly, natural and does not contain chemicals! Friends, be sure to try Tea Tea, you will definitely like it! ” Did you notice that from the lips of a video blogger it would sound unobtrusive and would not cause irritation?

Social networks. A good decision to use “natural advertising” on social networks. Your potential customers can see it right in their feed. Such an advertisement will look like a standard post, but marked “Advertising record”. It is also possible to negotiate with the administrations of thematic communities so that they post your post. The recipe for effective use of native advertising in social media is simple: catchy headline and interesting, eye-catching text. With the help of your advertising account, you can direct advertising to the right audience and reach many users.

The combination of native advertising and content marketing is a powerful and effective tool for increasing customers and creating a positive image on the network. Use them in your business – and you will quickly get great results.

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