Things to do in New Delhi Travel Guide

There are many seasoned travelers whose dream vacation includes a trip to India, and if you want to make the most of your time in India, you should read Things to do in New Delhi Travel Guide. The capital of India will set the tone for the rest of your travels, from the essential attractions, such as the Red Fort and Bahá’ Lotus Temple, to the incomparable North Indian cuisine that can be found at both high-end restaurants and street stalls in Old Delhi.

Old Delhi is located in the heart of India. In addition, you can simply drive or take the train to adjacent must-see locations like Agra and Jaipur, and you can take short-haul flights from Delhi to southern staples like Goa or Kerala. Both of these places are in the Indian subcontinent.

We have detailed the top hotels in New Delhi so that you may plan your trip across the city with ease .Use this guide to find districts such as Lodhi Colony, which was India’s first public arts district; bazaars that are filled to the brim with vendors selling antiques and embroidered silk; and restaurants that serve seekh kebabs that are fresh off the grill.

Time Zone

GMT +5:30

The Best Time to Visit New Delhi

In terms of notable occasions, the festival of lights known as Diwali takes place in December and causes the city to be illuminated. Holi is a festival that celebrates the arrival of spring and is known for its brilliant colours. If you happen to be in the area around the month of March, you won’t want to miss it. In the event that you are unable to go to New Delhi for the festivals of light (Diwali) or colour (Holi), the city also commemorates Republic Day on January 26 with a large-scale procession.

Benefits of a Trip to Delhi

A journey to India would be lacking without a stop in Delhi, despite the city’s less-than-stellar reputation as a tourist destination. It would be unethical not to see Delhi on a trip to India. Food, beautiful parks in the south of the city, and a mishmash of cultures and languages that symbolise the variegated tapestry that the subcontinent of India covers are just some of the reasons why you should give India’s capital a chance. There are plenty of other reasons as well.

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Delhi is a microcosm of everything that India has to offer, from the city’s ultra-modern metro system to the crumbling havelis (ancient stately residences) that dot the landscape, from the city’s dusty spice shops to the glittering and luxury retail malls that line its streets.

Things to do in New Delhi Travel Guide

There are a lot of things to do in Delhi that will make you want to extend your trip, such as visiting the city’s tombs and Mughal architecture, the bungalows of Lutyens, exploring bazaars, and sipping world-class cocktails in trendy bars. All of these things will make you want to spend more time in Delhi.

Old Delhi. It is impossible to go to Delhi and not see the Jameh Masjid, the city’s twisting streets, and the ancient core of the city (Mosque). We strongly suggest going on a guided walking tour of this neighbourhood so that you may see Chandni Chowk, the Spice Market, the Mosque, and the Red Fort.

If this is your first day or two in India, you may want to take it easy on the street food in this part of Delhi. It might be tasty, but it doesn’t often settle well with stomachs that haven’t had enough time to adjust to the new environment.

The Red Fort Even though it is a replica of the Fort in Agra, the one in Delhi sees somewhat less tourists, in our view it is still well worth the trip to go see it. From the Jameh Masjid, one may get some breathtaking views of the Fort. The Red Fort is on the itineraries of many walking and tuk-tuk tours of Old Delhi.

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Humayan’s Tomb. The mausoleum of Humayun, the Mughal Emperor of Delhi, is a stunning example of Persian-influenced architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Delhi. It is also one of the outstanding specimens of Mughal architecture in Delhi.

Spend at least an hour and a half here exploring the gardens and taking in the building; if you want to see less people and get better shots, go first thing in the morning.

India Gate & Rajpath. Visit the India Gate and look down the Rajpath in the direction of the government of India to get a feel for the best of Lutyens Delhi as well as a feeling of the country’s rich past. Evenings, between the hours of between 7 and 9 o’clock, the India Gate is lighted.

Qutub Minar. In 1197 One of the oldest structures in Delhi, the Qutub Minar build that has a stunning tower made of red sandstone that is 73 metres in height.

Best Hotels in New Delhi Travel Guide

The Oberoi

Phone: +91 11 2436 3030

The Oberoi hotels are famous for their lavishness, and when you add the friendliness and hospitality of India to the mix, you get an experience that is really unforgettable. The Oberoi, New Delhi is located right adjacent to a posh golf club and offers stunning views of Humayun’s Tomb. The hotel has a total of 220 guest rooms in addition to four highly regarded dining establishments, a cigar bar, and a bakery.

Taj Palace

Phone: +91 11 2611 0202

The rooms of the Taj combine traditional Indian aesthetics with contemporary architectural elements. The hotel is on a property that is six acres in size and includes a nine-hole miniature golf course. Guests will also enjoy the Jiva Spa and the four eateries that are located inside the hotel.

The Lodhi river

Phone: +91 11 4363 3333

The Lodhi is a popular among both residents and foreigners alike due to its location close to the Lodi Gardens and its seven acres of untouched nature. The hotel’s cutting-edge architecture will astound guests from the moment they step inside.

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Bukhara, a restaurant within the Luxury Collection hotel ITC Maurya, is well-known for its tandoori oven-baked specialties. northwest Indian cuisine is best in Bukhara, and the restaurant has received accolades comparable to those given to the World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Noora Nihari

Phone: +91 99535 22481

Noora Nihari is a historic neighborhood restaurant is famous for its excellent Indian takeout. It is not the kind of restaurant that requires patrons to take a seat and make reservations in advance. They serve nihari, a traditional North Indian dish that can be cooked with either goat or lamb, in addition to roti, a type of freshly baked Indian bread.

Weather in New Delhi

Winter: If you want to go to New Delhi, you should go during the winter (weather-wise).Temperatures in the 70s and little precipitation are possible from December to March.

Temperatures in New Delhi often reach the mid 80s and low 90s during the months of March and April when spring finally arrives. If you fly to New Delhi in April, you will be there before the monsoon season begins, which is the best time to go. By May, the oppressive heat and constant precipitation had reached their peak.

The summer months usher in the monsoon season. Temperatures in the hundreds of degrees Fahrenheit and up to five inches of rain per month are typical throughout the months of June, July, and August. The summer in India is not the best season to go there.

High temperatures and heavy precipitation continue to characterise the autumn months of September and October (with highs in the 90s). Because November sees a drop in temperature and the end of the rainy season in New Delhi, it is an ideal time to visit.

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