Things to do in New York City Travel Guide

Things to do in New York City Travel Guide: The city that receives the most tourists each year is New York City in the United States. To me, New York City is the beating heart of the globe because of its renowned fashion industry, wild nightlife, fantastic art scene, intricate museums, world-class restaurant scene, and top-notch theatrical shows; this is why I called it home for six years. You could spend your whole life touring the city, and you still wouldn’t see all there is to see.

It should not come as a surprise that the list of things to do in this location is never-ending. You can never spend enough time in New York City, so don’t worry about running out of things to do no matter how long you stay. In New York City, you can find just about whatever you’re looking for.

However, if you are travelling on a tight budget, New York City may be a difficult place to visit. This is particularly true if you are unaware of the local secrets that contribute to the city’s low cost of living. If you know where to search, you can find a lot of things to do that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. There are lots of things to do.

Time Zone

Eastern Standard Time

The Best Time to Visit New York

Summer is one of the most enjoyable seasons to visit New York City, which is a city that seems to constantly be celebrating something. The season for concerts held outside is in full swing. The city’s parks are packed with people watching free movies and attending free theatre events, and there are street merchants and street fairs all over the place. However, the stations of the subway may get stuffy, the lines can become quite lengthy, and the temperatures can soar amid the city’s tall buildings.

If you think this sounds like agony, the best time to visit is between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, when the weather are lower and the windows of department stores are decorated for the holidays. During this time of year, all three of Manhattan’s main outdoor ice rinks are open for business, Rockefeller Center is adorned with a gargantuan Christmas tree, and the holiday light displays are more extravagant than anything you could ever conceive. However! there are further information Things to do in New York City Travel Guide for all.

Important Information about New York

Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island are the five boroughs that comprise the city that is known as New York. The borough of Manhattan is home to the majority of New York City’s attractions, but Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx each have a few of their own.

Driving is not required for getting about in Manhattan. Because the city has such an extensive public transportation system, it is simple to travel almost anyplace by using the metro, the bus, a taxi, or simply walking. While services like Uber and Lyft are readily available, finding a parking spot is sometimes a frustrating and costly ordeal. In the meanwhile, the metro is open around the clock.

New York is well-known for its brisk pace.. When you want to check your phone, step back, and make sure you’re standing on the right side of the escalator so that those who are in a hurry may move on the left.

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People who live in Times Square are known to be pushy. The amount of gratuity that you leave is up to you.

Things to do in New York City Travel Guide

Central Park

It is simple to spend hours upon hours strolling about or having a picnic due to the fact that it covers over 40 blocks, the fact that it is free, and the fact that there are a lot of tiny trails to go on. In addition, there are often free theatrical shows and concerts held here throughout the warmer months of the year.

In addition, every Saturday from spring to autumn, there are free guided walks.. On a day when the temperature is high and the sun is shining, one of my favorite things to do is to take a good book, some food, and a bottle of wine and relax in Sheep’s Meadow.

Solemn Monument

On the 11th of September in 2001, a number of terrorist strikes in New York City and abroad resulted in the deaths of over 3,000 people. After paying your respects at the solemn monument, make your way up to the observation deck of the recently constructed “Freedom Tower.” As you ride the elevator to the observation deck, you will be able to see photographs documenting the evolution of the city through time.

Visit the museum to get a more in-depth comprehension of the events of September 11 and how they transpired. It has poignant displays that provide light on the magnitude and impact of the catastrophe that took place. The monument may be visited for free, however admission to the museum costs $26 USD (free entry Mondays from 3:30pm-5pm but tickets must be booked online).

Metropolitan Museum

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has one of the most important collections of fine art in the whole world. This museum should be your top priority if you can only visit one in New York City. There is a diverse collection of artwork, antiquities, pictures, and other types of displays there. I like looking at the extensive collections of Impressionist and Greek art.

It is noisy and crowded, particularly on the weekends, but since it is such a large area, you can often find some peace and quiet away from the other people if you look hard enough. To get the most out of this location, you should plan to spend at least a full day there at a minimum. The entry fee is $25 (US Dollars).

Statue of Liberty

A monumental work in the Neoclassical style, the Statue of Liberty was a gift from France to the United States. It was consecrated in the year 1886, and it has a height of 305 feet (95 meters). The French artist Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi was responsible for the structure’s design, while the metal framework was constructed by Gustave Eiffel (of Eiffel Tower fame). The actual highlight of this package is Ellis Island, which will blow your mind when you get up up and personal with it and will be just as large as you imagined it would be.

You may get an understanding of the immigrant experience and get a feel of the individuals who contributed to the development of New York City here (you’ll even see the name of my family written on the wall). There is such a strong feeling of history in that area that it is impossible not to be struck by it. The cost of admission is 24 USD.

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High Line

The High Line is a former elevated railway that has been repurposed into a public park for strolling. It travels all the way down to the Meatpacking District from 34th Street (and vice versa). This stroll is one of the nicest things to do in the city, particularly on a day when the weather is beautiful. It is lined with overlooks, gardens, public art, food vendors, and greenery. The High Line is an absolute must-see and a real favorite among New Yorkers. Take a stroll, bring a book, and enjoy people-watching while you’re there.

Brooklyn Bridge

If you want to obtain a picture-perfect perspective of the New York skyline and harbour, you should go over the Brooklyn Bridge. On the other side of this lengthy trek, you’ll find some delicious meals and refreshing beverages waiting for you. The walk takes around forty minutes if you meander along the route and stop to snap photographs along the way. In any other case, your best bet is to arrive early and avoid the congestion.

Radio City Music Hall

Is there a stage that’s more quintessentially American than Radio City Music Hall? Visitors have been mesmerized by this evergreen monument to the art of entertaining since the 1930s (at the time, it was the largest auditorium in the world).

The Rockettes, a precision dance team that has been performing here since 1932, call this their home and perform year-round. It has also served as the location for other award events, including the Grammys and the Tonys, among many others.

Wander Times Square

There will always be a large number of people present at Times Square, regardless of the time of day you visit (usually other tourists). In addition to the abundance of restaurants and retail establishments, there are also pedestrian spaces where people may relax and socialize.

Even though there isn’t much to do in the neighborhood if you aren’t shopping, dining, or attending a musical (and no New Yorker hangs out there), the top of the red stairs leading up to the TKTS kiosk is an excellent spot to people-watch for a few minutes. If possible, come when it’s dark and everything is lit up. When it’s like that, it really shows off its beauty.

Best Hotels in  Things to do in New York City Travel Guide

The Plaza itself

Phone: (212) 759-3000

This is the perfect hotel for you if money is no issue and you’ve always wanted to experience what it’s like to sleep in a castle. It was designed to seem like a chateau in France, and it is located just across the street from the southwestern border of Central Park.

The Plaza is a popular location for filming, as evidenced by the fact that the scene from “The Way We Were” starring Robert Redford and Barbra Streisand was shot there, as well as the scene from “Home Alone 2” in which Macaulay Culkin spent Christmas. The Plaza underwent a $450 million restoration in 2008 and is known for its afternoon tea service.

New York Peninsula

Phone: (212) 956-2888

After becoming closed for 14 months due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the Peninsula New York reopened in the summer of 2021. The hotel is located on Fifth Avenue, adjacent to upscale shopping and well-known tourist destinations such as Rockefeller Center and Radio City Music Hall. The spa at this hotel is one of the biggest in the city, covering three storeys, and the indoor pool on the hotel’s top floor gives panoramic views of the city’s cityscape.

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Pendry Manhattan West

Phone: (212) 933-7000

The Pendry Manhattan West hotel, which is located in one of the newest buildings in the city, delivers a feeling of contemporary luxury from California to the Hudson Yards neighborhood. The Manhattan West location of Pendry’s first hotel in New York City opened its doors in September 2021 and is situated close to a number of the area’s most upscale eating and retail establishments.

The hotel’s interior design is influenced by the elegant vintage style of the 1960s, which merges the tranquil West Coast aesthetic of the brand with the energetic west side of New York City. You can get some fresh air by going for a walk on the High Line, which is located nearby, or you can work out in the hotel’s fitness facility, which has a Peloton.

Empire Hotel

Phone: (212) 265-7400

This hip boutique hotel is well-known for its rooftop bar, which has a bright red neon sign that is visible from a distance over the Upper West Side. The rooms are compact yet nonetheless pleasant, efficient, and well-equipped to meet the needs of business travelers. Aside from that, you’ll want to spend all of your spare time on the rooftop since it’s the best place to do so.

TWA Hotel

Phone: (212) 806-9000

The TWA Hotel, completed in 1962 and designed by the same architect who designed the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, is a vintage aviation enthusiast’s dream come true. It used to be an airline terminal, but it has since been converted into a hotel with 512 rooms. It is also a practical option to go with if you want to turn your stop in New York into a lengthy stopover. The hotel accepts reservations for periods ranging from four to six hours and also provides overnight stays; the rooftop infinity pool is the ideal location from which to watch airplanes take off.

Yotel Hotel

Phone: (646) 449-7700

If you are planning to travel on a budget, it is going to be difficult for you to do so in New York City due to the high cost of hotel rooms in the city. One solution? The Yotel, one of the first pod hotels, is located in the heart of Midtown West. Each of its “cabins” in New York City includes a minimum of a double bed and a private bathroom, and the size of these “cabins” ranges from 114 to 275 square feet. You’ll find a wide variety of eateries right on your doorstep in this part of town, and the Yotel’s weekend brunches are amazing during the warm summer months.

Weather in New York City

The days throughout the summer are lengthy and may range from being gorgeous to being sticky and steamy. The winters are not very harsh, with the lowest temperatures often occurring in January and February.

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