Old School New Body Reviews By Steve Holman


Old School New Body Reviews By Steve Holman

Old School New Body Reviews – Detailed

Hi valued reader of this review. Today we have decided to review yet another outstanding and unique fitness guide Old School New Body Reviews. As always we have researched a lot and gather information available on the internet before writing this review. In our research we found some bold claims said about this fitness guide by its authors and also find many positive reviews given by its users.

This Old School New Body Reviews is specifically designed for lazy couch potatoes like us to get our body in shape with minimal effort. Old School New Body Reviews program contains tips and guidance for both fitness beginners and advance gym users. Also this guide make less fuss about the nutrition diets like most of the fitness guides and focus more on the workout.

Age is a dilemma that every one of us has to face and we bet there is not a single soul above 40 that at least once in their life looked in to the mirror and wished to be back at the age of 20. With so much busy life and race to earn more or to reach the next level, we fail to notice the years passing us so fast. We worry so much about our career and kids that we suddenly find ourselves in our middle age period.

One day you look in to the mirror and find out that all the attractive parts of your body has turned in to meat storage. The slim figure you have 20 years ago is now gone. Especially household women face this problem after having a couple of kids. Best way to coupe this problem is to accept it and do something about it. If it makes you feel better we must assure you that around the world 90% of the moms and dads are facing the same issue.

Old School New Body Reviews is planned to avoid any training injuries, it is safe for all ages especially if you are over 40. The feedback we found about this Old School New Body Reviews is very positive and mostly from the middle aged people who already used it.

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As the age pass we start observing changes in our body, these changes can make it more difficult for us to maintain our body shape. Spending all these years without proper diet or workout leaves us either too skinny or too soft and flabby. No worries, we are here today just to find a suitable solution (Old School New Body Reviews) of this problem and find a decent exercise plan that has a positive impact on its user.

About the Authors of Old School New Body Reviews

To put any doubt about Old School New Body Reviews program, we did some digging on the creators of this program. This is a joint project by fitness professionals John Rowley, Steve Holman and Becky Holman. Steve is the spearhead of this team who has fitness and weight training experience of around 35 years. He is also the writer of more than 20 fitness and nutrition guides. He is also Editor in Chief and a regular contributor of very popular fitness magazine Iron Man.
Becky is Steve’s wife and she had been working out irregularly for more than 20 years. After the birth of her two daughters in her 30’s, she lapsed in her fitness routine and gained extra weight. In her 40’s she got so annoyed with her overweight situation that she decided to do something about it and with the help of her husband she made a comeback in fitness routine which leads to her astounding physical transformation.

She is now working in fitness industry and also a regular contributor in Iron Man magazine.

About Old School New Body Reviews

Old School New Body Reviews will introduce you to F4X protocol system. This system means that you will focus on 4 special exercises. This is an advance weight reducing technique. F4X will not only burn your fats efficiently but also shape your body structure in a beautiful way. This 4 exercises protocol requires you to follow these guidelines.

Always select a weight that you can work with easily or at least mild difficulty. You need to follow this rule so that you can do more reps. Then you will reduce reps so that you can do more sets with the maximum 35 seconds gap between them. You will learn to increase your stamina gradually so that you build up to do more sets. Following these rules will ensure your safety from any injury or joint pain. Also every fiber in your body will work out and become healthy. This is an easy, effective and effortless routine of 15 minutes per day.

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Some Benefits of F4X Protocol Under Old School New Body Reviews

F4X is new scientifically applied method used in Old School New Body Reviews. This method is developed in such way that it will be most suitable for the persons above the age of 40. This system has the lowest risk factor of an injury. You can go through it fast and safe.

You will be performing both cardio and resistance training in one move because of the fast pace and short time. This type of exercise is smarter not harder. Your heart rate will stay between 110 to 120 BPM during this exercise, which will guarantee that while burning fat in your body you burn more calories.


Old School New Body Reviews Diet Plan

In contrast to other fitness programs Old School New Body Reviews program comes with a simple and easy to implement dietary advice. You will not have a huge list of what to eat and what not to eat. You will learn about the different properties of food and which food can burn fat or which can do the opposite.

Old School New Body Reviews will explain the mysteries of calories and food groups. With the knowledge provided in this program, you will be able to make the right food choices on regular basis. You will get the valuable knowledge of protein and how it works. With this knowledge you will be able to enjoy food more without the fear of eating more than you can burn.

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Now let’s check some pros and cons of this Old School New Body Reviews system.

Pros of Old School New Body Reviews

  • The workout plans in this program are based on latest research on human body.
  • Plans in this program are divided in to different class based on your body condition.
  • You will notice good results just by doing only 4 exercises.
  • Old School New Body Reviews is for everyone despite your age. This program is designed to go easy on your joints.
  • The diet plan is very simple and easy to follow without compromising your favorite meals.
  • To motivate you author has included some interviews and reports of his former trainees in this book.
  • You will get 100% money back guarantee though we doubt you’ll ever need it.

Cons of Old School New Body Reviews

  • Not an intensive guide when it comes to diet.
  • Too many interviews and reports.
  • Old School New Body Reviews is a digital guide so if you like hard copy you have to print it yourself.
  • Anti aging is a rather bold claim by the author because aging is a natural process that can’t be stopped.

Conclusion of Old School New Body Reviews

Old School New Body is kind of a program which helps you get to the finish line with ease. It will not put pressure on you to do more to get perfect results. There is no reality in the fountain of youth but this program will make your body so fit that you will feel young again. Steve is a real pro who understands the changes in human body that comes with age.

Old School New Body Reviews is by far the cheapest guide one can get on fitness which is written by a real professional in fitness industry. For just 20$ you will be able to understand the changes in your body and how to overcome them. We can’t assure you more about the effectiveness and quality of this program that it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.


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