Things to do in Orlando Travel Guide

Everyone is familiar with Orlando; it’s one of those places that stands out right away. It is often regarded as one of the best places in the world for families to have a vacation together because of its abundance of amusement parks. Outside of the amusement parks, Orlando is home to a plethora of other attractions, including beautiful natural areas, dozens of new pubs and breweries, and hundreds of restaurants from across the world.

The City Beautiful genuinely offers something suitable for each and every visitor. Amazing Hotels, Restaurants, Spa, Parks, Beaches and weather info tourists can find in Things to do in Orlando Travel Guide.

Time Zone

Eastern Standard Time

The Best Time to Visit Orlando

The springtime, from March all the way through May, is the best time to visit Orlando. The temperature is moderate, making it pleasant to spend time outside. There is a possibility that prices will be cheaper than they are in the summer, when more people visit the attractions due to school being out for the summer.

The winter season, which begins in November and continues through February, is a popular time to travel since it coincides with the end-of-year holidays, school vacations, and the migration of snowbirds fleeing colder locations. Although the prices are greater, the weather is more pleasant, which is particularly welcome when it means getting away to a warmer location.

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Walt Disney World

If I were to compile a list of things to do in Orlando, I simply could not begin it without including Walt Disney World. To a great number of people, the name “Orlando” is indistinguishable from “Walt Disney World,” and for good reason.

The majority of tourists consider a trip to Disney World to be the highlight of their time in Florida. It offers everything you might want for a full-fledged holiday, including accommodations, eating options, amusement parks, water parks, and even miniature golf courses.

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Rise of the Resistance is one of the many new areas and attractions that Walt Disney World is continually building, including at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. There is always the option to visit the Magic Kingdom and relive your childhood with the warm and fuzzy feelings it brings back. Just make sure that you read the post that I wrote on the best time of year to go to Disney World to avoid the crowds.

Universal Orlando Resort

Years went by during which many thought Walt Disney World to be superior than Universal Studios. Despite this, Universal has expanded in recent years, adding additional hotels, coasters, food options, and even a water park. You may now have a full vacation experience at Universal, just as you can at Disney, without ever leaving the site.

In addition, staying at one of Universal’s hotels comes with a number of benefits. You will get an early access ticket and a complimentary express pass, allowing you to avoid the typical lineups at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


Similar to Universal, SeaWorld Orlando has seen several changes over the last few years. They have recently introduced a number of exciting roller coasters in addition to the animal habitats and performances that they already had. My favourite roller coaster is the Manta, which has a face-down seating position and takes riders through a series of twists, turns, and nose-dives.

Previous Town

Old Town is a reproduction of a historical town in Florida that includes a variety of shopping and eating establishments, in addition to attractions and a theme park. One of the places to go for a throwback experience in Florida is Old Town, which has been around since 1986. It wouldn’t be a waste of time to come here for the day or even simply for supper and a walk.

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Before you attend, be sure to look at the event schedule since there is likely to be live entertainment or other entertaining activities on most days.

Water Parks

This tip is not for a specific place, but if you are going to be in Orlando during the summertime, you absolutely must go to at least one of the numerous water parks that the city has to offer!

There are several standalone water parks as well as smaller hotel water parks, in addition to the water parks that are attached to all of the main theme parks. Consider going to some of the following water parks in Orlando:

  • The Typhoon Lagoon Water Park at Disney
  • The Blizzard Beach water park at Disney
  • Universal’s Volcano Bay
  • Aquatica Orlando
  • Park del Acqua del Coco Key
  • Water park called Island H2O.

All of these water parks in Orlando are great for families and also provide activities that are great for adults looking to unwind.


One of my favorite quick day excursions from Orlando is to LEGOLAND Florida, and it’s very simple to get there. In every section of the park and at each attraction, you’ll see life-size Lego models that have been brought to life. LEGOLAND is a one-of-a-kind amusement park in that all of the attractions are geared toward children.

This is done to ensure that families have the most fun possible and to avoid meltdowns during the hot summer months.

Best Hotels in Things to do in Orlando Travel Guide

Waldorf Astoria

Phone: (407) 597-5500

There are a total of 12 restaurants and bars, in addition to the hotel’s 502 luxurious guest rooms, of which there are 171 suites. The Waldorf Astoria Spa, an 18-hole golf course, a fitness facility open 24 hours a day, the WA Kids Club, and continuous transportation to the Walt Disney World Theme Parks are all available to guests of the hotel.

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Resort and Spa

Phone: (407) 503-5000

The hotel has a total of 1,000 guest rooms, including 83 suites, four picturesque restaurants and bars with views of the ocean, as well as a resort-style pool complete with a white sand beach and a water slide. A complimentary water taxi service and early entry to a number of attractions are among the amenities.

Renaissance Orlando

Phone: (407) 351-5555

The hotel is located within a short distance from the SeaWorld theme park, Aquatica, and other attractions along International Drive. In addition to a spa, pool, and an onsite water park that has water slides and a child play area, the hotel also provides a number of different food options.

Grand Bohemian

Phone: (407) 313-9000

This boutique hotel has 247 rooms, beautiful accents, a spa, a fitness facility, and a restaurant that serves food all day long and hosts a jazz brunch on Sundays. It is located in the heart of downtown Orlando.

Weather in Orlando

A humid subtropical climate with moderate temperatures prevails throughout the year in Orlando, which is located in the middle of Florida. The summer months (June, July, and August) include high temperatures and high levels of humidity. The winter months (December, January, and February) have mild temperatures and very little precipitation on average.

Although the rainy season is believed to run from May through October, the average annual rainfall is around 53 inches, with the heaviest rainfall occurring during the summer months.

Even though the months of June through November are considered to be hurricane season, Orlando has not been hit by a significant storm for a very long time. Tropical storms have the potential to produce rain and wind throughout the season.

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