Overview of Smartphone headphones

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Overview of Smartphone headphones

In theory, any headphone that has a mini jack can be used with a smartphone. Theoretically. In practice, however, there are a few essential things to consider that make headphones suitable for smartphones in the first place.

London calling

If you listen to music on your smartphone or listen to a radio play or work through the podcast list, you will hear a ringing tone when you receive a call. If you wanted to accept the call, miserable fumbling is necessary, which has already been sufficiently documented in relevant fun films.

So requirement one of a smartphone headset is: they need a microphone and a phone control. On simpler models, this is a button that interrupts the music and accepts the call. With better models, this function is integrated in the controller …


Pause, back and forth, louder, quieter. You don’t want to take your smartphone out of your pocket for every correction, especially when you’re doing physical activity. Better smartphone headphones offer buttons for music control that are more or less discreetly integrated into the cable, but also additional functions such as activation of voice control. It is important to pay attention to this when making your selection.


One handset for all mobile phone models? Many manufacturers offer different versions for different smartphones. Here, too, one should pay attention to it. A distinction is usually made between Apple iOS and the Android world, i.e. Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG and the like. So also look here to get hold of the right model.


Perhaps the most important thing at the end. Smartphones bring relatively little power to the headphone output, which is why the resistance – or impedance – of smartphone headphones should also be relatively low. This is generally measured and should be in the range of 20 to a maximum of 80 ohms for a modern telephone. The higher the resistance, the less “juice” is on the spoons.

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