Things to do in Palm Springs Travel Guide.

The desert town of Palm Springs is a bright jewel of the West coast, and it is just two hours’ drive away from the city of Los Angeles. It was a health destination as long back as the year 1900, owing to its always-present dry heat, and it grew into an escape from the demands of the major metropolis of Los Angeles in the 1950s and 1960s. This personality is also evident in the many spectacular mid-century residences and structures that can be discovered in this location.

One of the most appealing aspects of Palm Springs is its temperature, and desert towns have been expanding eastward to meet the growing demand for housing there. Many hotels, restaurants, and other types of activities in Palm Springs used to shut down during the sweltering summer months until not so long ago. Nevertheless, Palm Springs and the surrounding villages are now home to inhabitants who stay throughout the year, as well as snowbirds and those who buy second homes.

Time Zone


Perfect Time to Pay a Visit Palm Springs

Because Palm Springs is located in a desert, the weather there is warm and pleasant throughout the whole year. Because of this, the city is a pleasant destination to visit any month of the year, from January to August (although be prepared for high temperatures in the summer months). Visit the city in February, when it hosts its annual Modernism Week, for one of the most memorable experiences possible.

Those of you who have an interest in architecture, now is your chance to shine. There are a large number of interesting architectural homes, and many of them open their doors to the public for tours. In addition, there are many events and talks taking place, which means that if you would rather spend your time learning about different cultures than lounging by the pool, this is the perfect vacation for you.

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The months of December through April are considered to be peak season; nevertheless, our favorite time of year to come is the spring. This is because the bougainvillaea are in full bloom at this time of year, and the water is warm enough for early morning swimming. You should make sure to do extensive research on your travel dates before you leave.

Things to do in Palm Springs Travel Guide

Art Museum

Paintings, sculptures, and relics are just some of the types of artwork that can be seen on all three levels of the museum located in the downtown area. The structure is the location of the Annenberg Theater, which hosts live performances, lectures, and film screenings.

One of the museum’s branches is located in Palm Desert, and it has a breathtaking edifice that is encircled by a sculpture park that spans four acres. Inside, visitors may see paintings, photographs, and temporary exhibits.

Air Museum

The majority of the aircraft on display are still capable of flight, and they include examples from World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Artifacts, artwork, literature, and displays, both permanent and temporary, convey the narrative of the importance of air power in the development of the United States.

Indian Canyons

This stunning and culturally significant region of the Agua Caliente Indian Reservation is home to a variety of indigenous flora and fauna, as well as plants, rock art, ancient irrigation systems, streams, and a seasonal waterfall that is sixty feet high. The canyons are home to a number of beautiful hiking routes that make their way across the area.

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Elvis Presley’s Hideaway

Between 1966 and 1967, Elvis and Priscilla Presley called this mid-century modern mansion both their home and the location of their honeymoon. The one-of-a-kind home was built at the foot of the San Jacinto Mountains with breathtaking vistas, and its design was based on four concentric rings. Reservations must be made in advance to take one of the excursions that last half an hour.

Desert Zoo and Gardens

The zoo is home to around 450 species, some of which include mountain lions, leopards, bighorn sheep, warthogs, giraffes, cheetahs, zebras, and birds. Some of the other animals are bighorn sheep. The deserts of the globe are shown in the botanical garden, along with the importance of conservation efforts. The enjoyment is amplified thanks to the presence of animal presentations, interactive displays, a giraffe feeding, a carousel, and a model railroad.

As an additional option for a location to stay, we suggest looking into the Palm Desert neighborhood. Because there are three college campuses in this area, the atmosphere is more buzzing and funky, and there are some fantastic businesses offering unusual and difficult-to-find products.

Hotel Zoso

In addition to its chic bedrooms and suites, the Hotel Zoso, which can be reached on foot from the city centre, has a day spa, a supper club with live entertainment, a fitness facility, and a casual eating location.

Les Cactus

This newly opened adult-only boutique hotel in Palm Springs has chic furnishings, comfortable mattresses, an outdoor fire pit, a pool, a hot tub, free bicycles, and a continental breakfast. Guests must be at least 21 years old to stay here.

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Kimpton Rowan

The hotel has 153 large bedrooms in addition to its suites, and it is situated in a prime location in the heart of downtown Palm Springs. The rooftop restaurant, which is located on the same level as the rooftop pool and bar, is known for its excellent seasonal cuisine and breathtaking views.

Weather in Palm Springs

Desert conditions prevail in Palm Springs throughout the year, with low relative humidity and little precipitation totals. From April through June, there is almost little chance of any kind of precipitation at all. The sun shines around 350 days out of the year.

The nights throughout the winter months of December through March are much colder, and the temperature may dip below freezing on occasion when it is still daytime. Even before spring comes, the days start to become warmer, and by June, the temperatures might reach above 100 degrees with very little humidity.

The weather in the autumn is practically perfect, with temps ranging from the 70s to the 80s, while the summers are very hot and dry. The average rainfall for the year is less than five inches, with the majority of precipitation falling between December and February.

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