40 Popular Questions & Answers of Contextual Advertising


40 Popular Questions & Answers of Contextual Advertising

In the process, employees often have to explain to customers the features of the functioning of a particular Internet marketing tool. Contextual advertising is very popular among companies of various fields of activity: whether it is services or production. We have put together the most common contextual advertising questions that customers ask us and present them to you for review.

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What is Contextual Advertising?

Contextual advertising – advertisements that are displayed in response to a specific user request in the search engine, as well as on thematic sites that are part of the advertising network. Ads are shown in the search results according to the specific keywords that the user enters. Our company analyzes the site and the profile of the company and on the basis of this compiles a wide list of keywords. After that, the client selects the most relevant requests for his profile of activity, which we use when writing advertisements.

Contextual advertising: 40 popular questions and answers

What is the difference between contextual advertising and website promotion?
Contextual advertising provides the opportunity to attract potential customers to the company’s website in a short time. Website traffic growth is tracked immediately after advertisements are posted. Search promotion requires several months of work, sometimes more than six months. The contextual payment model is Pay per click – the advertiser pays only clicks on the ad, not views. In the search promotion, the payment goes for the work of specialists.

What is a clickthrough rate? What is affected by CTR?

The Click Through Ratio (CTR) reflects the ratio of the number of clicks on an advertisement to the number of its impressions. For example, if an ad was shown 1000 times and 20 clicks were made on it, then the CTR will be 2%. CTR affects the cost per click: the higher the rate, the lower the cost per click.

What is conversion?

Conversion rate shows what percentage of website visitors made a purchase on it. For example, according to an ad, 250 people came to the site, of which 10 made an order, which means the conversion rate of the ad is 4%.

How to determine the effectiveness of advertising?

To determine the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, you need to build on the tasks that have been set. Most often this is the sale of products or services. That is, efficiency should be tied to the main indicators of company success. For example, this may be the number of applications for a product / service that were received from customers who called the phone number indicated in the advertisement.

How to increase the effectiveness of an advertising campaign?

Firstly, you need to constantly review and expand the list of keywords, create different advertisements for different sets of queries.

Secondly, it is necessary that when a user clicks on an advertisement, he appears on the page that best matches his request, i.e. on the relevant page.

How can I increase the effectiveness of advertising in terms of price / quality?

The main factors influencing the conversion rate of a site: site quality (design), quality of content, quality of advertisements. Improving these three components will increase the effectiveness.

Where will the ads appear?

The main place for displaying advertisements is Google and Yandex search engines. If desired, the client can run an advertising campaign in only one search engine.

In which search engine is advertising more effective?

It is impossible to unequivocally answer where the advertising campaign will be more effective. Check the effectiveness of a particular advertising campaign can only be based on statistics.

At what stage are negative keywords added?

Negative keywords are words that are excluded from the search, they are added at the stage of creating the advertising campaign, and they are also adjusted and expanded in already launched campaigns.


Why use contextual advertising if the site is already in the first positions in the search results for keywords?
If you introduce some variations of your keywords and phrases, the answer to the question will become obvious – far from all requests your site will be in the first positions of search results. When using contextual advertising, you can use different variations of key queries for which your advertisements will always be shown to users.

Can I use contextual advertising if there is no site?

If you have a website, contextual advertising is a powerful Internet marketing tool, because users are used to clicking on an ad to go to the website of a particular company and get acquainted with the information they need about a product or service. If there is no site yet, then you can create a page about the company in some online catalog and use it in your advertising campaign.

Advertising ordered, when will the result?

After the approval of the list of keywords, payment is made. Setting up contextual advertising takes 3-4 business days. Keywords are selected, the customer approves them, then advertisements are written. After their approval, an advertising campaign is launched: ads are shown to users, potential customers go to your site.

What is the result of the number of calls planned?

You can never say in advance what the result will be. Analytics makes it possible to only measure an existing result, and not to build predicted values.

What if the budget is limited?

Contextual advertising is just what is needed to attract potential customers with a limited budget, because your money will be spent exclusively on users clicking to your site, not a single ruble will be wasted. Our experts know all the subtleties of setting up contextual advertising, they will distribute and minimize costs and conduct an advertising campaign in a quality manner.

What is the minimum monthly budget for contextual advertising?

The minimum order for an advertising campaign is 860 rubles per month. If the budget is lower, then you will receive a small number of clicks to the site, which means that your sales will increase insignificantly.

What can cause a decrease in the “cost” of a visitor?

This may be due to an increase in the CTR. CTR can increase with well-written advertisements and the relevance of user requests. A decrease in the cost of a visitor can also be caused by a decrease in the level of competition – bids are reduced and ads are displayed for a lower cost.

Is it possible to select specific advertising sites manually in the settings of an advertising campaign?

In Google AdWords, you can independently set up sites that are relevant to the topic and are part of the Google Display Network, or use the tools for selecting placements and select the relevant sites from the list provided. This includes various Google websites and resources such as Gmail, Blogger, Google, Finance, and YouTube. The Google Display Network also includes mobile sites and apps that display AdWords ads.

Why at maximum settings there is a decrease in click dynamics, is their cost and number of impressions also reduced?
Typically, the number of clicks decreases when the number of ad impressions decreases, which is influenced by the following factors: seasonal demand, economic situation, etc.

Where can I see the charge-off statistics?

Debit statistics for any period of the advertising campaign are reflected in the client’s personal account in contextual advertising systems and Google Adwords advertising systems . Access to the account is provided by the company, which conducts contextual advertising. The necessary information is located in the “Statistics” tab, and in Google Analytics – in the “Campaigns” tab. In addition to data on charge-offs, statistics also reflect: the number of impressions for keywords, the number of clicks on requests, the average cost per click, the cost over a certain period of time, CTR.

Is it possible to run absolutely identical advertising campaigns in Google?

Campaigns cannot be completely identical. This is due to the different ad structure Google. Campaigns may be similar, but they won’t be the same. So the title length can be 33 characters, and in Google only 30 characters. There are many such differences in the settings, and all of them must be taken into account when launching advertising campaigns.

Is it possible to place information about the action in advertisements, and not to indicate these data on the company’s website itself?

All that is indicated in the advertisement must be confirmed on the company’s website – search engine moderators check all contextual ads. Users will also be interested to know the details of the action.

Is it possible to place some ads, for example, a week, and then turn off impressions or replace ads with others?
You can do that. The customer has the right to decide how long, when and in which search engines to show ads.

Can I campaign with your contextual advertising specialists?

Our agency works according to two schemes. Or our specialists completely manage the advertising campaign, provide reports on work, as well as guest access to the client’s account. Or we create an account, credit it with money, after which the client independently manages the advertising campaign.

How to write an advertisement correctly?

The main principle of contextual advertising is to give a clear answer to a user’s request. Recommendations: it is necessary to write headers correctly; you should choose the right keywords, include them in the text, do not forget to add information about current promotions and discounts, remember geographic and time targeting .

Can I write the same keyword in different ads?

To test different types of ads for a single request, Google have ad groups. If you don’t use this tool, one of the ads with the same request will not be displayed. An ad with a higher CTR bid product is selected for display.

Why are there many key queries?

The strategy of conducting advertising campaigns with a large number of keywords (both high-frequency and low-frequency) allows you to create more relevant ads. CTR with this approach will be higher, which means the cost of attracting customers will decrease. A large number of keywords also makes it possible to make a wider reach of the target audience.

We want to give advertisements only at the request of “closet” – this is our key phrase. Do I need to expand the list of queries?
The “closet-compartment” request is quite general, and gives a large flow of inappropriate traffic, while the cost of a click is quite high. Using refined queries, it will be possible to more accurately reach the target audience interested in ordering or purchasing a wardrobe.

For what reasons can I not see my ads?

Order not paid.
The ad was disabled because the clickthrough rate was less than 0.5%.
The ad does not appear on every page of search results, it did not fall into guaranteed impressions.
Auto budget function worked if enabled.
Time or location targeting enabled (request entered at the wrong time or in the wrong place).
The browser has cached the old information. To update the data, use the keyboard shortcut ctrl + F5.
Ads are not activated yet – from the moment the campaign is activated and the ads appear in the search results, it can take up to half an hour.
Can I immediately upload ads in an advertising campaign and activate them later?
Yes, it can be done.

Are monthly activity reports provided?

Yes. We provide full reporting. After the full expenditure of funds from the account, we make an act of work performed. If desired, we can also submit a report on the advertising campaign for a certain period. The report contains data on the number of impressions, the number of transitions for the reporting period, the average cost of a click, as well as the average clickthrough rate (CTR).

Collaborate with us to replenish contextual advertising on Google Ads without commission .
It seems to me that the cost of contextual advertising is not justified !
Perhaps you have such an opinion due to the fact that your last advertising campaign was not configured correctly. We provide clients with a contextual audit audit service : you give us access to your account without editing rights, we check your statistics, CTR, minus words, etc.

I can not believe that there is an effect from advertising on the Internet.

Internet advertising is a relatively affordable tool for advertising your products and services compared to traditional advertising. Naturally, no one has canceled traditional advertising, but you need to keep in mind that new technologies are emerging that can also be armed, especially since they are quite effective and a more accurate analysis can be made on them.

I never pay attention to the issue in contextual advertising, and I think that others do not look there.
This is a fairly subjective point of view, which is quite the place to be. But there are also other types of Internet users who see the delivery in their own way:

Users who do not distinguish search results from contextual advertising;
Users who prefer advertising issuance, since they believe that a company that has funds for advertising is more stable;
Users who see a more accurate response to their search query in an ad.

Why should I trust you?

As we are Google representative, so we monitor our reputation. Our specialists have personal certificates confirming the qualifications of a contextual advertising specialist. You will always have open access to statistics and advertising campaigns, you can at any time ask questions that interest you.

Who will guarantee that you yourself do not click away all our money, or else our competitors will not do it?

Firstly, our company is a representative of Google – we value our reputation. Secondly, tough algorithms are written in search engines that will not allow this. The result will be the placement in the ban (prohibition of activity) of the search engine – we do not need this. There is also an anti-click system, and if she notices that several transitions have occurred from one IP address, she will return funds to your account.

Who sets the cost per click? How much is 1 click?

The CPC depends on many factors: competition in the industry, CTR of the ad, keywords, page relevance, etc. Bids (cost per click) change all the time, since Google.Adwords have an auction system for determining bids. In addition, different requests have different costs. For an approximate calculation of the advertising budget, you can see the forecast Google, which shows an estimated budget for 30 days and an average cost per click.

Why do you charge interest for your services, while other companies do not?

Our company takes a percentage for services and offers a wider range of them than those companies that do not. Formation of an advertising campaign plan, analysis of the competitive situation, development and maintenance of an advertising campaign, reporting, both on time and at the first request of customers, etc. We fully process the money that customers pay us.

Where do the words for the advertising campaign come from?

In Google Adwords systems there are statistics of search queries. Our experts select the most relevant key queries for your advertising campaign.

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