Proper tyre care tips and tricks

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Proper tyre care tips and tricks

Those who take proper care of their tires have visually appealing car tires and benefit from a long mileage until the next tire change is due. Here you will find easy-to-implement tips and tricks on how to optimally care for your tires.

There are a variety of tire care products on the market. From tire care foam to tire care spray. Regardless of the huge selection – before cleaning and care there are a few points that are among the most important parts of general tire care.

Check tyre pressure
Very important and often overlooked in everyday life: Check the tire pressure. Simply check regularly at the petrol station whether the tires have the optimum tire pressure.

Pay attention to the rotation and move the tires regularly
Depending on their position, the car tires are subjected to different loads. Replace your tires every 8,000 to 10,000 km or every six months. In this way you ensure that all tires are worn down to the same extent and that you have an evenly worn tread.

Checking the tyre profile
In addition to checking the tire pressure, the tire profile is checked regularly. Note the tread depth and wear. So you have an overview and can plan exactly when a new purchase of summer, winter or all-season tires is due.

Planning a tire change
With the right care of your car tires you protect your wallet and are safe on the road. Despite all care and tire life extension, every tire eventually wears out and needs to be replaced.

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Why car tyres should be cared for
A vehicle is constantly exposed to external influences such as dirt and dust. Car tires are particularly affected by this: dirt settles on them continuously and throughout the seasons. Be it brake dust and parts of the road surface in summer or slush and road salt in winter. The profiles are constantly subjected to high loads and ensure that the tire wears out faster. It is therefore important to remove the dirt regularly in order not to risk further material damage.

How to give the tires a new shine
For optimal car tire care, storage should always be used to thoroughly and thoroughly clean the tyres. All parts of the car tire are simply easier and more practical to reach. Very important: Do not use any aggressive cleaning agents that contain solvents or oils for the first rough cleaning. The ingredients damage the tire and most types of rims. Use lukewarm water, a new sponge if possible, a soft brush and simple washing-up liquid or all-purpose cleaner. A high-pressure cleaner can also be used. But use a nozzle with a wide jet for this, as round jet nozzles act too selectively on the car tire and can damage the material. Also make sure you keep a sufficient distance, at least 20 centimetres,

Tyre washing by professionals
The stubborn dirt that has accumulated over the years is not only in easily accessible places. Without the appropriate technical equipment, this dirt can usually not be removed at all – which makes it all the more difficult for private car owners. In such cases, we recommend having the wheels washed by a specialist, because long-term soiling permanently damages the car tires and thus also affects your driving safety!

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