Responsible coffee enjoyment with NESPRESSO


Responsible coffee enjoyment with NESPRESSO

Through a holistic sustainability program, Nespresso has reduced CO 2 emissions per cup of coffee by 24% since 2009 and enables the convenient recycling of used capsules. The company never loses sight of the major goal of “Net Zero”.

Responsible coffee consumption – what does that mean?

In order to be able to responsibly enjoy the daily cup of coffee, a great deal of commitment is required. For Nespresso , sustainability and the enjoyment of coffee are inseparably linked – which is why the company has been working on structuring its business activities as resource-efficiently as possible for many years. Since 2009, Nespresso has reduced CO 2 emissions along the entire supply chain and product life cycle by 24% per cup of coffee. The electricity for the Nespresso boutiques, for example, comes from 100 percent renewable energy sources and orders are delivered CO 2 -neutral with Austrian Post.

Recycle used capsules conveniently and easily

The recycling of used capsules also helps to reduce the climate impact: the more capsules are returned, the more CO 2 emissions can be saved. Thanks to an extensive recycling initiative that Nespresso started on a voluntary basis in Austria more than eleven years ago, coffee lovers can conveniently return their used capsules: This is possible at more than 2,000 collection points and via public collection points in 16 Austrian regions . From 2022, all Nespresso home capsules will also be made with at least 80% recycled aluminium.

Net Zero as a big goal

However, Nespresso is not satisfied with what has been achieved so far , but has set itself Net Zero as a long-term goal. This means that climate impacts are reduced based on clear, scientific targets and CO 2 emissions are not offset outside of the company’s own value chain. In order to make coffee production more sustainable, Nespresso promotes cooperation with local farmers and supports them in growing coffee in the most environmentally friendly way possible. In addition, Nespresso has already planted five million trees in and around the coffee farms – Nespresso is also expanding this commitment in order to achieve Net Zero.

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commitment to equality

Nespresso is also committed to gender equality. Because women play a key role in coffee production, but still have poorer access to necessary resources such as land, credit and information. To change this, Nespresso , together with its partner TechnoServe, offers local women training in agricultural and farm management, for example, to train them as agronomists and supports them in taking on leadership roles in coffee cooperatives. This is how Nespresso drivessustainable development in the coffee-growing regions.

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