Things to do in Savannah Travel Guide

Georgia’s Savannah is a picturesque city located on the coast of the state. It is separated from South Carolina by the Savannah River and is famous for its well-manicured gardens, horse-drawn carriages, historical architecture, fashionable stores, and attractive hotels. You can find all these in Things to do in Savannah Travel Guide.

The historic area of Savannah is characterized by its many squares and parks that are paved with cobblestone and bordered with Spanish moss and oak trees. Travelers who have a craving to feel as if they’ve gone back in time will find Savannah to be a delightfully quirky southern vacation.

This Georgia treasure is the ideal place to go for a ladies’ weekend away and is the place to go if you want to relax, unwind, and spend hours strolling your worries away. It is also a terrific location for family vacations.

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The Best Time to Visit Savannah

It does not get much colder than around 40 degrees in Savannah during the winter, and the temperature spends most of the time in the delightful and temperate mid-fifties. This makes Savannah an excellent location to visit in order to get away from the winter. And Savannah is an underestimated destination for Halloween, since the city lives on its history, most of which is a touch on the eerie side.

All through the year, ghost tours of particular haunted locations and of the city as a whole are quite popular, but in late September, the excitement level really ramps up. If you go during the summer, keep in mind that it may become pretty hot and humid, but the fact that there is live music and food that is appropriate for the season makes the trip well worth it.

Things to do in Savannah Travel Guide

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of activities available in Savannah if it’s your first time visiting the city. Don’t worry, however; this list has just the right amount of everything from historic to up-to-date to cute and eccentric. You will get the well-rounded experience you want by participating in the activities that are considered essential in Savannah.

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Forsyth Park area

This park spans 30 acres and is located inside the Historic Landmark District. It is well-known for its oak trees covered in Spanish moss, its walkways that are suitable for joggers and pedestrians, and its distinctive fountain. The magnificent fountain in the park is one of the most well-known monuments in all of Savannah, and it makes for an excellent subject for photographs.

Forsyth Park has a restaurant, a tourist information Centre, two monuments, a Fragrant Garden for the Blind, and two playgrounds that are suitable for children of varying ages. The southernmost section of the park is transformed into a bustling outdoor market every Saturday morning.

City Market

The Savannah City Market is an attraction that absolutely cannot be missed while in the vicinity. You may get to know some of the city’s up-and-coming artists, take in some live music, go to the American Prohibition Museum, and eat at one of the city’s most acclaimed restaurants. This venue welcomes visitors of all ages and has activities suitable for families.

SCAD Museum

The SCAD Museum of Art is a modern museum, and the shows change on a regular basis in accordance with the terms of the academic year. Because the Savannah College of Art and Design has more than 11,000 students from from almost 50 different states and over 100 different countries, you can be certain that you will encounter things that you have never encountered before.

You’ll discover shop SCAD on Madison Square. It’s a store full of artwork, textiles, jewelry, and photography produced by current SCAD students, teachers, and alumni. There are a number of more galleries located all across the Historic District that are all part of SCAD and are available for visits.

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Best Hotels in Things to do in Savannah Travel Guide

Marshall House

To begin with the most important: The Marshall House is said to be one of the most haunted hotels in Savannah, and the owners and personnel of the hotel enjoy playing up the joking nature of its reputation. As a result, it is one of the most popular hotels in Savannah. It was constructed in 1851, so it has seen its fair share of history.

During the refurbishment, various historical exhibits were created using artefacts that were discovered within the building. It is an elegant and pleasant hotel, and the finest that Savannah’s Historic District has to offer is just outside the front door.

Planters Inn

Planters Inn is the place to stay in Savannah if you want your vacation to be infused with the quaint, historic allure of the South from days gone by. Another ancient hotel, the Planters Inn, has undergone recent restorations but has maintained its original character. The hotel has opulent and ornate interior design, making it an ideal place to unwind and take it easy.

The fact that many of the rooms face out onto Reynolds Square contributes to the impression that you’ve somehow stepped back in time to one of the city’s most charming eras.

Hotel Perry Lane

The Perry Lane Hotel was designed specifically for those with preferences that lean more toward the mid-century modern style. It is a well-known destination due to the luxurious facilities it provides and the enchanting atmosphere it exudes, and it is located right in the middle of Savannah. It would be irresponsible of you not to sample the chocolate peanut butter tart served in the hotel’s restaurant, The Emporium Kitchen & Wine Market, regardless of whether or not you choose to stay at this establishment.

Weather in Savannah

The spring season in Savannah is pleasant and warm, despite the fact that the region receives an average of around 15–20 days of rain from the months of March through May. Be careful to check the forecast before you pack, since the temperature during these months may fluctuate anywhere from 50 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit. However, with the city in full bloom, there are few more gorgeous seasons to visit.

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Summers in Georgia and other southern states may be sticky and oppressively hot, but tourists often welcome the opportunity to immerse themselves in a more traditional, laid-back way of life. Summertime in Savannah is a festive time to come due to the abundance of outdoor eating options, music festivals, and other activities; nevertheless, you should remember to carry sunscreen, a water bottle, and an umbrella in the event that there is a chance of thunderstorms. Temperatures vary from 72-92°F on average.

The fall season in Savannah is characterized by mild temperatures (varying from 50 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit on average) and relatively low levels of precipitation in comparison to other times of the year. Eating meals outside, going on walking tours, going on boat trips, and other such activities should still be fun. If you want to be out and about throughout the day and into the night, it is advisable to pack a number of layers of clothing with you.

During the winter, Savannah is a beautiful place to visit, particularly if your objective is to get away from the more severe weather that are found in the northern portion of the nation. Since the average temperature ranges from a refreshing 41 degrees Fahrenheit to a pleasant 65 degrees Fahrenheit, you shouldn’t have any trouble participating in outdoor activities such as walking tours and hiking.

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