Seaplane fly give away

Seaplane fly give away

If you go on holiday, you naturally also want to see and experience something from the region. But seeing well-known places from a completely new perspective can be very exciting and interesting. If there is also the search for the right gift for all adventurers and explorers, a sightseeing flight in a seaplane is the best choice. This is a very special gift idea, which will remain in the memory of the recipient for a long time. Especially the take-off and landing on the water become an unforgettable experience and thus also an unforgettable gift. But the flight itself, over beautiful landscapes or exciting cities, will literally burn itself into your brain and stay in your memory for a long time. With this gift, culture, adrenaline and action are brought together and combined with beautiful nature.

For whom is such a gift suitable?
Basically, such a flight gives great pleasure to both small and large tourists and adventurers. You can fly throughout the summer months, from May to October. Of course, it depends on the weather conditions and visibility whether the seaplane can take off. After all, it should be an unforgettably beautiful experience. In Berlin , the plane takes off four times a day directly from Treptower Park . The first plane departs at 10am and the last at around 5:45pm. Such a sightseeing flight over the capital lasts between 25 and 30 minutes. The most famous highlights of Berlin are flown to.

Each passenger receives a very individual impression of the city and many other highlights are flown to.

The tour is equally suitable for adults and children. However, children up to the age of 11 only pay half the price. This amounts to 300 euros per person for the spectacular flight. So families get their money’s worth. There is also a second tour called the Champagne Tour. This costs 200 euros and shows you the Olympic Stadium and the well-known radio tower. Such a gift is also recommended for solo travelers. The passenger only has to look for a unique experience.

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What makes the gift so unique:
If you want to see a city or a region as a whole, you can take a seaplane . It will be one of the most exciting and unique sightseeing tours you have ever experienced. It is not possible with any other means of transport. To encompass such a large area and to discover it individually. So you have the people, the attractions, but also landscapes and well-known buildings at a glance. The seaplane can reach a height of up to 600 meters. From this perspective you can also discover the most unknown beauties that the region has to offer. Within just a few minutes it is possible to admire as many sights as possible from a bird’s eye view.

You get impressions that are unfortunately denied to most people. With a seaplane you can also directly save your own boat trip. In cities like Berlin, planes take off and land on the Spree . Thus, the flights are directly connected with a short trip across the named river. This also ensures excitement and variety when discovering the city. But you get more than just a sightseeing flight with this gift. With a wonderful reception, the passengers are prepared for the upcoming flight and already attuned to the adventure. It is best to wear suitable aviator glassesand the flight over the city can become a real experience. Of course, you also get all sorts of information about the aircraft, as well as about the sights and highlights themselves.

Where can a seaplane flight be taken?
The first port of call for sightseeing flights of this kind is of course the capital Berlin. 3.5 million people live in this city and there is a lot to admire and experience. With a Cessna 206, well-known sights such as the radio tower or Checkpoint Charlie are flown from the Spree. The sightseeing flights last about half an hour and also include a short trip over the Spree.

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But you can also embark on such an adventure in beautiful Flensburg . Here you start the flight at the hydroplane station, which is located directly on the Flensburg Fjord. The flight with take-off and landing also takes half an hour here. The aim of the first offer is a sightseeing flight over the fjord. You can see the inner fjord as far as Glücksburg and Holnis as far as the outer fjord. On the way back, the Ox Islands can be admired again while flying past.

The second offer is aimed directly at the Ox Islands. Here, too, you start from the Flensburg Fjord and head straight for the well-known Oxen Islands. Of course you end up on the water there and stay there for about an hour. Before take-off, the passengers are greeted with a glass of sparkling wine and put in the right mood.

A sightseeing flight in a seaplane over the Mecklenburg Lake District is also possible. This sightseeing flight lasts about 30 minutes and also includes take-off and landing on Lake Plau in Seeluster Bay. The seaplane offers space for 2 people and an experienced pilot, who can respond directly to special flight routes and take special requests into account.

Which providers are there?
Such spectacular experiences can be booked with Jochen Schweizer, Meventi, or directly with Air-Service-Berlin. These offer you the champagne flight with a sparkling wine or a soft drink in the lounge before take-off. The spectacle lasts a total of 60 minutes and the passengers are already in the mood for the upcoming experience with pictures. At the end of the tour, the passengers receive a so-called reward certificate, which is personally signed by the pilot.

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Flights in a seaplane of this type can be booked at FLY & SAIL in Flensburg. This company has specialized in these sightseeing flights and offers breathtaking flight deals in the Flensburg region.

Giving a sightseeing flight in a seaplane is the right gift for young and old. Both solo travelers and the whole family will be delighted by this experience. You get wonderful impressions of the region, which you have never experienced before. You always have an experienced pilot on hand who takes care of the safety of the passengers. A scenic seaplane flight gives you the opportunity to explore, experience and plan all the sights you want to see in more detail.

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