Soccer remains the number one hobby among children


Soccer remains the number one hobby among children

“King football rules the world” is the motto of a hit that the German national team recorded in West Germany in 1973 before winning the World Cup . And the popularity of ball sports seems unbroken, the Bundesliga is reporting record attendances, important international matches have audience ratings that other sports can only dream of. So it’s no wonder that the children have always followed the football dream and like to play with the ball.

Why football is so attractive
Whoever travels through the federal states of Germany always has king football in mind. A soccer field can be found in the smallest village, in advertising all sectors use football stars as popular figures, newspapers, radio and television do not give more space to any other sport. Children are made aware of this sport over and over again and are encouraged to try it out for themselves. In addition, the role model function of the kicking father or older siblings should certainly not be neglected.

However, there are other good reasons why football has established itself as a popular sport in this country. The German Football Association ( DFB ) is the world’s largest national sports association with currently around seven million members. Since it was founded in 1900, the DFB has ensured that football in Germany has the most professional possible environment. Children can now join a local club in almost any city without having to travel long distances, which guarantees training, teammates, serious competition and a well-maintained playing field. All of this meets the children’s urge to move and, as a team sport, also has an educational effect. The simple set of rules in football also allows you to get started as a child.

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Football is an inexpensive hobby
Parents also welcome football as a hobby for their children because the costs remain manageable. The basic equipment starts with:

– Soccer (from 20 euros)
– Sportswear including soccer shoes (from 75 euros)
– Annual club membership fees (around 40 euros)

Compared to other hobbies such as music lessons or sports such as horseback riding or tennis, which quickly cost many hundreds of euros a year, football remains an affordable leisure activity. The loan provider Vexcash, for example, compares football with other typical children’s hobbies in a statistic and comes to the conclusion that parents save a lot of money if their children decide to play football.

Apart from the activities in the club, the hobby football can of course be continued. A visit to the Bundesliga stadium is still significantly cheaper than to the Philharmonie, even the original jersey of your favorite club costs significantly less than a piano or drums. Care should be taken when collectible pictures, for example from Panini, become an obsession. In any case, it is true that the millions of euros that are turned over in professional football benefit the popular sport of football and that the hobby of football for children should not actually fail due to finances.

Encourage children to play soccer
Training camps, such as those offered by, are one way of actively promoting the passion for football among boys and girls in addition to club membership. Such options range from one-day workshops and courses with overnight stays to football fun coupled with language lessons, with which children are not only helped to develop sportingly.

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Advisors on the Internet such as emphasize that a regularly practiced hobby such as soccer promotes social skills as well as physical fitness. Dealing with victory and defeat or taking responsibility in a team are skills that children can use profitably later in their professional lives. In order for children to pursue their hobby sustainably, however, they should decide for themselves. Clever parents then agree on a probationary period during which there would be no criticism of a possible exit. Only then do they insist that the children do not miss training or competitions without reason.

Inexpensive and useful – football is worthwhile for children
In the balance sheet there is no competitor for football as the most popular children’s hobby in sight. The professional athletes are good role models, the male and female national teams have been successful for decades and are a positive reflection of German society. For parents, the costs are manageable if their children decide to play football as a hobby, and they can be sure that the wide range of clubs that have grown up will ensure good care and support.

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