Social Media Content Marketing Trends in 2020


Social Media Content Marketing Trends in 2020

In 2020, in SMM and content marketing there is no place for thoughtless posting, mechanical work without a plan, and even just content plans. Every marketer, SMM specialist, copywriter and PR manager can do all this. The result will now be only the development of a content marketing strategy in social media.

What does the strategy for working with content on social networks give:

Content routine issues disappear
There is always a list of topics and ideas for posts.
Results can be measured and analyzed.

10 Steps to Develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy

You must clearly understand what you are doing and why, and take into account the trends of social networks in 2020. Only under this condition will the content be effective and relevant. Strategic vision determines the success of the project. Let’s analyze the points that need to be done:

Define your target audience . Content marketing is formed around the client and his interests. Social networks are a great platform to establish contact with him, give useful information, solve problems, attract to the site and push him to perform targeted actions. Select segments of the audience, make portraits of customers. Understand their fears, desires, needs, algorithm of behavior and information search

Formulate key messages. At the first stage, you identified the problems of your target audience. Now we need to offer solutions.

Choose the best ones for each group. They should be concise – one sentence

Highlight the mission. When the messages for each target group are ready, they should be combined. The resulting mission is the basis for your content marketing. It can be indicated on the site, in social networks in the description of profiles.

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Set clear and measurable goals. Take time to set goals and objectives. They must be understandable and measurable. Indicate:

initial data
desired results

Mark the methods and tools used in the process. Record how sales are changing, set monthly plans.

Learn competitors. Work with analytics. There are many services for searching for groups of similar subjects, see search engine results – how do they work? See all platforms: social networks, blogs, thematic portals. Make a list of their mistakes and do not repeat. Remember: your goal is not to catch up with the most successful competitors, but to do better than them.

Highlight topics and key phrases. Identify the main topics that concern different groups of your customers. This will be your regular column for publications.

Communicate with customers. Find their profiles on social networks and analyze what they share, what they post. Make a list of popular topics and types of content.

Use header templates. Analyze content: yours and your competitors. Pay special attention to headings. Remember about life hacks.

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