Spring best time for Renovation and Repairs


Spring best time for Renovation and Repairs

As soon as the days get longer and the temperatures rise significantly, we are not the only ones to wake up from hibernation. Even the house, garden and apartment appear dusty and dreary after the winter months and call for renewal. There may also be some repair damage to fix. Time for fishing wind throughout the house!

Repair winter damage
Especially after a long, cold winter, homeowners should check everything for possible winter damage. Perhaps there were severe frosts or violent storms that eroded the substance? A detailed tour of the house reveals damage to the roof and facade. In large parts of Germany , the snow masses have burdened roofs and covers. With the onset of thaw, meltwater can also become a problem.

As the Association of Private Builders advises, it makes sense to take precautions during the winter months to prevent damage to the building fabric caused by moisture or the ingress of water. This includes always removing accumulations of snow on patios and house corners, as well as continuous heating and regular ventilation of the house during the winter. Snow and ice can also damage the pipe system or the insulation of the roof on the roof.

According to insurers, broken water pipes are the most common type of damage to homes, and they always result in costly water damage. Prevention is worthwhile, but sometimes repair is simply unavoidable. The damage that occurs can cost a lot of money, so it is good to have a loan to be able to finance the repairs in a timely manner. With an uncomplicated financing option, property owners can renovate their house in spring to preserve its value. After all, any damage that is not repaired reduces the property value in the long term.

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There may be a need for an overhaul in many places on the facade, terrace and basement:

Pipe damage due to frost
Water damage to the foot construction of the living space
Burst tiles on the terrace due to icy water
Damp house wall due to frozen downspouts
Attacked window frames
Door seals that have become brittle
Spring is coming – with a freshly painted window frame it looks even more beautiful.

Get your garden and patio ready for spring
Of course, your own garden calls for a new start in the spring, as does the terrace. As soon as the nights are frost-free, it is time to thoroughly clean and care for the winter-weary surfaces. After the winter dirt has been removed, you can see where the patio floor has cracks or damage. The same applies to all other terrace elements such as borders or attachments. Where a coat of paint or a replacement is no longer sufficient, a replacement must take place.

The patio roof may also have suffered from the winter. Depending on the material it is made of, winter damage varies. An awning or an awning can quickly be ruined if they have not been retracted over the winter. If patio furniture has been outside, it can still be freshened up in the spring. In light of this, sometimes a new coat of paint or maintenance is necessary.

Refurbish, modernize or renovate?
Often the terms refurbishment, renovation and modernization are used similarly, although each has slightly different meanings. However, all three have one thing in common: They enhance the value of the house. Here is a brief explanation of terms:

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A house refurbishment is always an inevitable measure. This includes draining a damp basement, removing mold or repairing a leaking roof. Appropriate measures are necessary, especially when renovating old buildings, because the damage was caused by serious defects in the house.

Renovation is primarily about optically improving the current condition. Minor damage can also be repaired at the same time. However, all renovation measures always improve living comfort. The best examples of renovation work are painting the facade, interior walls, wallpapering or laying new floor coverings.

Modernization measures should bring a property up to date and thereby create an increase in value. Modernizations are often very expensive and bring a lot of savings potential in the long term, such as installing a new heating system and insulating glass windows or re-insulating a house.

A new wallpaper with a pattern in trendy turquoise brings color and new impulses into the home.

New spring look for house and apartment
At the beginning of the warmer season, it’s not just about preserving the building fabric. In spring we would also like to give the house a new, fresh coat of paint. Why not combine the necessary with the beautiful? If the house’s window frames need to be repainted, we might be able to introduce a new shade right away that will also appear elsewhere in and around the house. If the tiles in the bathroom need an overhaul, some new bathroom furniture can also be integrated.

Renovation work such as new paintwork or wallpaper is due every five years anyway. In this way, new international color trends can be picked up. For facades and interiors, there are a few colors for 2019 that appear in different living areas. In Germany, one of the most popular colors is bright turquoise. This can also be wonderfully integrated in many places in the house with an expressive wallpaper.

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New colors in the bathroom

White hasn’t been the main color in the bathroom for a while. This year, some new shades are conquering the wet room. Depending on your taste, you can find the right color world. Grey, greige or brown are the new modern bathroom colours, their advantage is longevity, you never get tired of them. Gold, black and colorful set strong accents. If you want to set an individualistic trend in the bathroom, you can also use unusual colors in the bathroom.

Current facade colors

A new facade paint is needed much less often, and a homeowner usually only carries out this measure once in a lifetime, as it is one of the most expensive investments in the house. In this way, each era also brings its current colors to the outside walls of the house. Brightly colored exterior facades are currently outdated. Currently the trend is towards pastels and veiled earth tones. In addition, finely nuanced shades of gray are in. Contrasts of light and dark colors are also ultra-modern on the outside: night blue on white or a bright color on a natural tone.

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