Things to do in Stockholm Travel Guide

The Swedish capital of Stockholm is often regarded as one of the world’s most attractive cities. No matter how often I visit this place, I never cease to be impressed by it. The parks, the islands, the port, and the ancient colorful homes that date back hundreds of years are all quite beautiful and charming. However, there are interesting information about Stockholm in Things to do in Stockholm Travel Guide for travelers.

In point of fact, it’s so great that I even lived in the city for a whole summer when I was younger!
In spite of the fact that the archipelago has hundreds of islands, the city of Stockholm is spread out over fourteen of them. It is possible to see a multitude of museums, attractions, parks, and works of art while getting lost amid the old streets and structures of the city. In addition, the locals are amazing. Even though Swedes have a reputation for being shy and reticent, they are always ready to offer tourists their assistance.

Because Stockholm is not the most affordable city in the world, many budget travelers try to cram their trip there in (or skip over the city entirely). If you ask me, it is a foolish thing to do since coming here is well worth the money that it costs.

Time Zone

Central European Time (GMT+2)

The Best Time to Visit Stockholm

Because it may be rather cold in Sweden, the best time to go is during the warm summer months. During the months of May through September, the days are long, the temperature is mild, and the nation’s largest national celebration, Midsummer, begins. However, it is important to bear in mind that the summer is also the busiest season of the year in the city.

Plan your trip to Stockholm between the months of September and early November to take advantage of the pleasant weather and the reduced number of visitors. During this time, you’ll also get a taste of the autumnal atmosphere that permeates the city as the days become shorter. If you schedule your trip just right, you may even be able to attend the Stockholm International Film Festival (September) or the Stockholm Jazz Festival (October) (early November).

Important Information

Currency : Krona Sweden (SEK)

Swedish is the language.

Things to do in Stockholm Travel Guide

Djurgarden Island

The island of Djurgarden may be found smack dab in the heart of Stockholm. You may visit an old Swedish hamlet, go on a walking tour, have a meal at a restaurant with a calm atmosphere, have fun at the amusement park that is situated here, and more. It is a popular location for picnics due to the abundance of simple walking pathways that can be found there. During the warm months, it’s a great spot for relaxing with a good book or gazing at the passing crowd.

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Stockholm’s raucous nightlife

Nightclubs and bars in Stockholm are among the city’s most well-known attractions. Even though it might be pricey, Swedes like going out and partying as much as everyone else. Visit the local bars and dance the night away with the natives. Be wary of the blackjack tables; they may be found in every club you visit.

In the evening, Debaser Hornstulls Strand, Anchor, Retro, Under Bron, Rose, and Soap Bar are some of my favorite spots to go out and socialize. Stureplan is the name of the primary district for nightlife. You may expect to spend anything from 100 to 260 SEK merely to get into each club.

King and Queen’s Residence

The Royal Palace is a publicly accessible Baroque structure that was constructed between the years 1697 and 1760 and can be seen on the eastern side of the Old Town. It is regarded as one of the city’s most important points of interest.

The building is the most prominent feature of Gamla Stan. Although members of the royal family do not now reside there, this location continues to have significant historical significance. When dignitaries are being welcomed, the palace is off-limits to the public.

National Museum

The National Museum was established in 1792, and its collection includes works by well-known Swedish painters such as Carl Larsson, Ernst Josephson, C.F. Hill, and Anders Zorn. The collection also includes works by Rembrandt, Rubens, Goya, Renoir, Degas, and Gauguin. The collection is pretty extensive, and it will appeal to your taste in Scandinavian artists in particular.

Museum of Medieval Art and Culture

This museum is considered to be one of the best historical museums in the city and can be found below the Royal Palace. Because the museum was constructed around already unearthed monuments and elements of the city wall, visitors are able to view and get a feel for what life was like in the city 400 years ago.


The photography exhibition at Fotografiska showcases some of the most impressive images being produced today. Although there are just a few of levels, the museum’s travelling exhibitions are always excellent, which is why I like going there so often. On the very top level, there is a bar and a café that both provide breathtaking views of the port as well as Gamla Stan.

ABBA Museum

A trip to Stockholm isn’t complete unless it includes a stop to the ABBA museum, which is full with odd exhibits. It is not a cheap way to experience Sweden’s iconic pop group (entrance costs 250 SEK), but it is a colourful way to do it. They are one of the most successful musical groups of all time, having sold some 150 million recordings between them.

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The museum has the cast’s original costumes and clothes, as well as gold records and artefacts from the Mamma Mia film series (which were based on the music of ABBA). In addition, there are several interactive exhibits that detail the organization’s past as well as its many accomplishments.


Take the train to Uppsala, which is an easy day trip from Stockholm, and while you’re there, enjoy the wealth of small shops, lovely parks, and rivers that this university town has to offer. Additionally, there are a number of outstanding museums.

Another fantastic destination for a day trip is Sigtuna, which is particularly notable for the mediaeval structures that have been maintained and date back to the 10th century.

Best Hotels in Things to do in Stockholm Travel Guide

Lydmar Hotel

Even though the Lydmar is one of the most exclusive five-star hotels in Stockholm, you won’t find stuffy employees or an aura of superiority there. The hotel attempts to achieve a casual elegance in all aspects, from the modern classic rooms to the personnel, who are encouraged to share their knowledge of the surrounding area and allow their personalities come through in their interactions with guests.


There are a few hostels and motels on boats to choose from in Stockholm, which is to be expected given that the city was constructed on the water. Both the Red Boat and the Ran of Stockholm provide lodging in both hotel and hostel settings on water, which is the most abundant resource in Stockholm. In addition, the position in the heart of Stockholm makes it simple to reach the city’s most popular tourist destinations as well as the metro.

Villa Dagmar

You’ll be situated in the middle of Stockholm, only a short distance from the Royal Palace and the Royal Swedish Opera when you stay at this luxurious resort. Each of the guest rooms has been independently designed, and in addition to being luxurious, they are also quite comfortable. Some of the rooms even have balconies. Do not pass up the opportunity to dine in the airy courtyard and garden and pay a visit to the gazebo, which has handpicked gifts and newly-cut flowers.

Ett Hem

Ett Hem does not have the signature IKEA style of its neighbouring country, Sweden (which translates to “A House”). The hotel, which was once a private mansion and was constructed in 1910, lives true to its name by providing all of its guests with the feeling of being in their own home. The beautifully built and warm rooms are the ideal spot to curl up and relax as the temperature outside begins to drop. These rooms also include high-end amenities like as marble baths and furniture made in the area.

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Best Restaurants in Things to do in Stockholm Travel Guide


The focus at Vina is, as one would expect given the name of the establishment, on the wine, but the restaurant’s cuisine can hold its own. The intimate room, which is located close to Nytorget, one of the more fashionable neighbourhoods in Stockholm, will entice you off the street and into its homey and intimate ambiance.


If you claim to have visited Stockholm but haven’t eaten at one of their food halls, you can’t truly say you’ve been there. These expansive markets are filled to the brim with food booths, and they serve everything from traditional Swedish cuisine to popular dishes from throughout the world. You may have sushi and dumplings in addition to Swedish meatballs and burgers at K25, which is considered to be one of the greatest halls in the city.

Weather in Stockholm

The beginning of spring is a joyous time for Swedes because they look forward to the longer days and the first glimpses of color and life that it brings. Temperatures range widely, with averages often falling between between 30 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. March and April are typically the months with the lowest average temperatures. There is often not a significant amount of precipitation; nonetheless, you may anticipate a few days of precipitation per month.

Although summer is the busiest time of year for tourism, there is a good reason for this: temperatures throughout the months of June, July, and August are typically warm and pleasant, ranging from the mid 50s to the low 70s on average. The month of July has a reputation for being the wettest month of the year overall (around three inches of precipitation).

The weather begins to change for the worse in the autumn, when temperatures may drop into the thirties, and the transition into winter officially begins in November. Having said that, the temperature will range from the low 50s to the low 60s for the month of September. The amount of precipitation is average, however there might be snow in the latter months of the year.

The winter season in Stockholm is characterised by low temperatures and long hours of darkness. Temperatures vary from the low 20s to the middle 30s, and snow is a distinct possibility throughout the season.

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