The Achievable Body Review

Hello reader. Today we will shed some light on The Achievable Body Blueprint by Mike Whitfield. Like always we will start with some explanations about the techniques you can expect to learn in The Achievable Body program.

After that we will continue with an overview of the pros and cons of this weight loss system and in the last section a small summery of everything that you should remember about Mike Whitfield’s blueprint before making your final decision.

About the Author

The Achievable Body blueprint and bonuses was created by Mike Whitfield who spent most of his life overweight. At one point Mike was over 300 pounds and now a few years later Mike has lost more than 125 pounds. His fitness journey led him down a rabbit hole of fitness and nutrition and his own struggles and achievement inspired him to become a personal trainer.

His work has been published in many popular magazines like Men’s Health, Yahoo, Early To Rise and Turbulence Training. He has also been featured on PBS when he was interviewed for a special segment on health and fitness.

Back in 2003 Mike Whitfield was recognized as Fitness Entrepreneur of the year and the famous magazine Men’s Health recognized his work with people using advice that wasn’t mainstream. The Achievable Body Blueprint was designed by combining the Cornell University study with another study which was published in a journal called Metabolism.

Mike Whitfield is in a unique position because he understands the struggles of reducing weight. He was determined to make a change and create a new life for him and now he helps others to do the same.

What Exactly Is The Achievable Body?

Created by Mike Whitfield, the creator of the famous Workout Finishers System and a Certified Turbulence Trainer, “The Achievable Body” is a complete fitness system that shares unconventional strategies for correcting Metabolic problems so you can safely and effectively lose weight, increase your energy levels and achieve complete good health in as quick as 30 days.

It is safe to say that the main goal of the Achievable Body blueprint is to activate your resting metabolic point, which refers to the amount of calories your body burns daily while your body is resting.

Mike believes the reason most people especially those who are 35 years and older are having a hard time shedding the extra pounds because they’re experiencing Metabolic disorder. That’s why hard workout programs, diets, or detoxes don’t work for weight loss for them according to Mike.

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In The Achievable Body PDF Mike proposes his “4 Transformation Pillars” which will help you lose weight by controlling your hormones, by increasing your resting metabolic rate, activating your “hot zones” without stressing workouts and allowing you to eat whatever you like 3 days per week.

Here are some of the main things you’ll learn in The Achievable Body guide:

  1. The right methods to weight loss that’s best for you, including the best ways to conquer obstacles to your transformation.
  2. A detailed list of foods that you can use for just four days, so you’re free to eat whatever you like three days a week.
  3. 21 of Mike’s scientifically proven secrets for increasing your metabolism in less than five minutes.
  4. All you need to know about detoxification, including the things you could do in four days to reduce the toxins from your body by just using one potent herb.
  5. How you can boost your energy level by improving your digestion and purging toxins from your body in just 20 minutes.
  6. Cheat sheets that would help you keep an eye on your progress.
  7. Videos and daily schedules for the first 8 weeks to lose as much body fats as you want and much more.

Now that we familiar with the the basics, let’s go over the different pros and cons of this The Achievable Body PDF or eBook…

The Pros Of The Achievable Body

Freedom To Eat

Freedom is one of the very best benefits of this Program. The system offers you freedom from hardcore exercise routines, surgery, overly restrictive diets, and supplements that may have dangerous side effects.

Generally, with 5 to 20 minutes a day, you can achieve maximum results from this easy to follow weight loss system.

Designed By Someone You Can Trust

Mike Whitfield is a well-known fitness professional of the world and he has won the Fitness Trainer of the Year award twice. He is the creator of several best-selling fitness programs and he regularly contributes to Men’s Health.

Another important point is that Mike has personal experience with weight loss, and just like you he struggled with his overweight for many years. After developing his one of a kind techniques he was able to lose dozens of pounds and got a lean and beautiful body.

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Moreover that The Achievable Body program was designed by such personality who is not only an educated expert in the field of fitness but also knows first-hand what it takes to get the best results is a very important advantage.

Eat Your Favourite Meals Freely

It’s common to hear fitness experts say you need to shake more and eat less in order to lose extra weight. They will also tell you that you have to stay away from cheesy foods, which often include most of your favourite things.

In this program Mike Whitfield goes against traditional wisdom and he cites a study from Cornell that actually tells us that some foods which are typically classified as “healthy” can actually keep people from losing fats.

How accurate is this information?

Although while we were unable to find the specific study Mike was referencing but we found several online references that prove that his claim is very true.

For example by using any search engine, you can find pretty easily a few studies which alert individuals that eating only fruits and vegetables can stop them from losing weight.

So instead of basic strict diets, The Achievable Body system allows you to eat the foods that you want three times per week. This makes it much easier to stick with this program and to gain long-term results.

Why Count Calories

We are pretty sure everyone can agree that counting calories takes all the fun out of eating. Luckily you will never have to count calorie on our every meal while you’re following The Achievable Body system.

This will allow you to relax and enjoy your food without worrying about annoying calorie counting.

No Risk In Trying This Program

Mike Whitfield also has a reasonable money back guarantee in place and he guarantees that if you’re unhappy with this program for any reason, all you have to do is ask him for a refund within 60 days.


This offer makes “The Achievable Body” a risk-free option…

The Cons Of Achievable Body

Consistency Matters

It is hard to lose weight and improve yourself and there will always be obstacles in the way of your desired goals. That means you’ll need to have the right type of approach as you tackle any weight loss program, including this one too.

In easy words you’ll have to work consistently toward your goals in order to achieve noticeable weight loss results when following Mike Whitfield’s The Achievable Body program.

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Results Can Change

Like many other fitness and weight loss programs the results of The Achievable Body will vary widely from person to person.

For example some persons may lose as many as 10-12 pounds in the first week, while others may lose only lose 1-2 pounds during this period.

There are many variables that can impact on your results, so it is better to keep the standard of your expectations reasonable.

The Program Is Only Available Digitally

The Achievable Body program is only available online as a digital product. If you’re the kind of person who likes to go through physical material then you will have to print out the guide on your own.


Overall, we genuinely believe that the Achievable Body Blueprint program is worth the try. Mike Whitfield has the best coaching experience, credentials, and knowledge to write an effective and safe weight loss program such as this one and just knowing his background is enough for us to take The Achievable Body for a test drive.

In our opinion anybody would find this system useful, even those who aren’t interested in shaping up there body. This is because you can use the techniques you learn from this program to maintain good health, relieve stress, increase your energy levels and improve your mood.

Another important thing that we really like about this The Achievable Body program is that there are no diet restrictions or intense workouts involved when you follow it. This means that you can also enjoy eating many of your favorite foods.Only this makes it much easier to stick to this program and gain long-term results.

We all agreed that no weight loss program is perfect and The Achievable Body is not a “magical weight eliminator” of unwanted body fats. Don’t forget that you still have to perform consistently what you learned in order to achieve your goals.

Also with Mike Whitfield’s 60-day full refund offer you can simply try the Achievable Body program without any risk.

Finally if you try to find a practical, easy to understand and affordable weight loss program that gives you freedom to eat what you like, then The Achievable Body program is a great choice for you.