Things do to in Aspen Travel Guide

Things do to in Aspen Travel Guide is about as near to a picture-perfect alpine town as you can get in the United States. Skiing, hiking, bicycling, shopping, eating, and experiencing other cultures are just some of the activities that are available as part of the “choose your own adventure” format. Then there is the mountain range, which consists of all four individual peaks.

The centre of the après scene is located on Aspen Mountain, often known as Ajax. Buttermilk is great for youngsters and those who are just starting out, whereas Highlands is best suited for more experienced skiers and snowboarders. Snowmass is a short drive (or bus ride) away from the town of Aspen, and it provides skiers with a variety of terrain as well as pristine, lengthy slopes that are sure to win their hearts. To put it another way, the allure of Aspen lies not only in its enduring glamour but also in the fact that the town offers something for everyone throughout each of the year’s four distinct seasons.

Time Zone

Mountain Standard Time


The Best Time to Visit Aspen

If skiing is the primary reason you want to visit Aspen, the best time to go is in February or March, when the snow base is most dependable, new snow is most likely to fall, and the temperature will start to rise. There is no better time to visit the town if you are passionate about cuisine than during the Food & Wine Classic, which generally takes place in the middle of June and takes over the whole town. Visit in the spring or autumn shoulder seasons, when the crowds thin out and the atmosphere is more laid-back for an experience that is more conducive to relaxation.

Things do to in Aspen Travel Guide

Have you thought of spending a weekend in Aspen this winter? With my Ultimate Aspen Travel Guide, Colorado, I will help you plan your mountain trip by providing you with information on the finest places to stay, the greatest restaurants, and the best apres-ski venues in the area, among other useful information.

Mountain of the Aspens

Located smack dab in the middle of town, the Hotel Jerome can be reached on foot in approximately 5 minutes. Aspen Mountain is known for having some of the most breathtaking views and the most challenging terrain in the state of Colorado. However, the top-to-bottom gondola that the mountain offers is arguably its greatest asset, as skiers and snowboarders won’t have to worry about getting too cold while riding the chairlifts. Because of its position and the fact that it has a gondola, it is the mountain that is ideal for use on chilly days. But beginners beware! There are just blues, blacks, and double blacks to choose from; there are no greens or bunny hills. As long as you are not just starting out, this is an incredible, snug, and handy alternative since you are right in the middle of town.

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Aspen Highlands

fairly close to town, less congested, some of the greatest groomers, often the favourite mountain of the locals, and also the location of the Highlands Bowl for expert skiers and snowboarders. Cloud 9 for the happy hour party hosted by Veuve. There are several lovely resorts hooked up here (I believe it’s St. Regis?), and it’s fantastic for families and people of all skill levels; everyone from novices to professionals will enjoy themselves here. Instead of parking, we suggest taking a shuttle here. lunch at this decent Mexican restaurant at the basement is not too pricey. fantastic, laid-back after-skiing hangout at the base in case Cloud 9 seems too intense for you. 5–10 minutes away from the heart of Aspen.


This ski area has an abundance of green routes, making it an ideal destination for novice skiers and snowboarders. In addition to that, it is home to the halfpipe and terrain park where Sean White competes in the Winter X Games. You’ll find a tonne of terrific apres-ski venues near the foot of Buttermilk, like Hometeam BBQ, which is a wonderful place to watch sports and have some wings after you’ve been on the slopes.

Buttermilk Things do to in Aspen Travel Guide

Buttermilk is quite convenient to travel there from the town, since it is just five to ten minutes away from the centre of Aspen, and there are free shuttle buses that operate continuously. Skiing on Buttermilk Mountain is ideal for families and anyone who like the sport but do not wish to ski for extended periods of time or with an extreme level of intensity.


Snowmass is a magnificent mountain located in Aspen that offers terrain suitable for skiers and snowboarders of all levels, from bunny slopes and greens to terrain parks and double black diamonds. Because of this, it is an excellent option for going with a group that includes skiers of varying comfort levels. Snowmass is perhaps the most crowded of all the mountains, but since it is so large, there is a great deal to discover there. They also offer one of the greatest ski schools in Aspen, which makes it an ideal location for parents to drop off their children at ski school so that they may enjoy the day at their own speed without having to worry about their children. This resort is located around 20 minutes by car from Aspen, but there are buses that make getting there simple.

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Best Hotels in Things do to in Aspen Travel Guide

Hotel Jerome Aspen, An Auberge Resort

This Auberge hotel is really a hidden treasure. Since 1889, it has served as the Centre of Aspen, and the atmosphere there is a mix of elegance and the wild west, which is just what I’m looking for. This hotel shouts “Jetset” from every angle, from the year-round outdoor hot tub with heated robes and slippers and views of the mountains to the wonderful restaurants to the comfortable, spacious suites with bathtubs that are to die for.

This location won me over with its fascinating past, endearing character, and welcoming atmosphere. It is without a doubt the most upscale hotel in Aspen, however it does not behave in an arrogant manner in any way.

The Resort at the St. Regis in Aspen

Phone: (970) 920-3300

It would be difficult to miss this five-star hotel, which is located at the foot of the Aspen Mountain ski resort and is built in an impressive redbrick edifice. Inside, guests are greeted by apartment-style accommodations (think: complete kitchens, fireplaces, and several bedrooms) that come equipped with all of the facilities that one would anticipate finding in a luxury hotel, such as a full-service spa, a heated outdoor pool, and an on-site restaurant.

Limelight Hotel

Phone: (970) 925-3025

If you went to Aspen back in the good old days, you most likely have some fond memories of the legendary Limelight Lodge (formerly a bar called The Limelight). The hotel is still there today, but as you would guess, it has received a significant renovation, growing into a trendy and young hotel with sister properties in Ketchum, Idaho and the adjacent town of Snowmass. The hotel has sister hotels in each of these locations. The ski shuttle, ski lockers, and loaner bikes that are included in your stay at this genuinely famous hotel will make the journey to the lifts, which is only four blocks away, much more manageable.

Aspen, West

Phone: (970) 431-0800

Even if you never step foot (or ski boot) on the mountain, you’ll enjoy 360-degree views from your perch in this upscale hotel. The W Aspen is located within an easy two-minute walk to the base of the Aspen Mountain ski resort. One of the pleasures of staying at this hotel is having access to the WET Deck, which is an outdoor terrace featuring a pool, hot tub, fire pits, and views of the mountains. Make a reservation for the property’s BMW so that you may shop in comfort and drive about town in luxury.


Best Restaurants in Aspen

Ajax Tavern

Phone: (970) 920-6334

Ajax Tavern, which is located at the base of the Aspen Mountain ski area and has a wonderful sun-drenched patio that will entice you to put up your ski legs and order a cocktail, is one of the best places to go for après skiing in the area. It is difficult to beat Ajax Tavern when it comes to après skiing. Because the atmosphere is relaxed, yet the food is of high quality, it is a no-brainer to stay for supper, particularly if you have a taste for truffle fries and a wagyu double cheeseburger. Seating is offered both inside and out, and reservations are encouraged for the best experience.

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Jing (Asian Fusion)

Phone: (970) 920-9988

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to satisfy your want for sushi just because you’re out in the wilderness. On addition to steaks, dim sum, and other small plates and appetisers, this little restaurant specialises in Asian fusion cuisine and has a complete raw bar and sushi menu. (The dumplings in French onion soup come highly recommended from us.) There is seating available both inside and outside, although it is advised that you make reservations for the inside seats.

White House Tavern

Phone: (970) 925-1007

Even though the food on the menu at the White House Tavern is very straightforward (think French dip, kale salad, and a burger), each dish is well prepared to ensure that the whole experience is one that will stick with the diner long after it’s over. The restaurant occupies a quaint miner’s cottage from the 19th century, and as a result, there is a restricted number of seats available both inside and outside. Reservations are not taken.

Weather in Aspen

The spring season in Aspen is characterized by temperatures ranging from the low 20s to the low 60s, therefore the main activity consists of waiting for the snow to melt. Around the same time as the first flowers of the year emerge, late-season snow gives way to warmer days around April.

Summer: Even during the summer, the temperature may drop into the middle 30s on occasion (particularly at the beginning of the season), although in average, daytime temperatures throughout the summer reach into the 70s.

Autumn: When autumn approaches, the temperature starts to creep back up into the low 30s, which causes the area’s famed Aspen trees to turn beautiful colors of gold before the winter weather hits.

The mornings in the winter may be rather frigid, with temperatures dropping below zero, but the noon thaw can result in ski days with temperatures in the 30s and 40s.

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