Things to do in Auckland Travel Guide

The city with the most people and the biggest land area is Auckland, which is located in New Zealand. Nearly everyone who travels to New Zealand will spend at least some time in the city of Auckland after searching Things to do in Auckland Travel Guide. Because this is the primary airport in the country, it is where you will arrive for all of your long-haul foreign flights.
Auckland, which has a long history of being referred to as the “City of Sails,” serves as the entry point to New Zealand proper.

People who are looking for both natural beauty and urban adventure will find a lot to love in Auckland, which is a dazzling, fresh, and dynamic metropolis in the South Pacific. A unique culture has emerged as a result of the varied population and strong Maori history, which is reflected in the city’s many neighbourhoods and districts. It is possible that a few days will not be enough time to explore all there, which ranges from the suburban markets to the vineyards of the Hauraki Gulf.

Best Time to Visit the Auckland

The months from December to March are generally considered to have Auckland’s most pleasant climate. Coincidentally, this time of year coincides with the annual summer exodus, which is characterized by the mass migration of people to coastal areas throughout the country. The greatest month of the year is February—a it’s stunner—but don’t forget to slap on the sunscreen, since the sun is surprisingly fierce even if temperatures may be less than 80 degrees.

Things to do in Auckland Travel Guide

Jump! The bungee jump was first developed in Queenstown, New Zealand, but has now spread to other locations across the globe. The good news is that you do not need to go very far horizontally in order to descend quite a bit (vertically).

The Sky Tower in Auckland, which is the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere, has its very own “SkyJump,” which is equipped with fixed lines to ensure that jumpers fall in a straight path. The adrenaline rush of falling 630 feet at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour might make you feel like you can’t breathe.

Relax with Glamping Getaways

Are you looking for a fun-filled staycation with your family or a peaceful weekend getaway? Castaways Resort which is located on the cliffs above Karioitahi Beach on the Awhitu Peninsula, is an ideal place to get away from it all and enjoy glamorous camping under the stars. It has breathtaking vistas of the ocean, delicious meals, a luxurious spa, and beauty treatments, and it also includes sports such as archery, blokarting, and shooting clay birds, among other things. You might also investigate the luxury tents and cabins that are located near Waiheke and the beaches of West Auckland.

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Hauraki Gulf

A tour in Hauraki Gulf, the beautiful expanse of water that spans from the waterfront to Great Barrier Island, is a wonderful way to get a taste of the luxurious lifestyle that is associated with sailing aboard on a yacht. You may take a cruise from the waterfront and explore the gulf or stop at Waiheke Island, which is a sanctuary for artists and is famous for its unique stores and galleries as well as award-winning wineries such as Mudbrick and Obsidian.

Hauraki Gulf Things to do in Auckland Travel Guide


Rangitoto Island with its stunning volcanic cone, is a well-known feature in the city of Auckland. You may explore lava caves, shipwrecks, and the spectacular crater itself by using the road train or taking a Fuller’s boat from the shoreline. Alternatively, you can walk around the island.

Stunning Beautiful Beaches

When you’re in Auckland, you’re never far from a beautiful beach. The central business district of the city goes all the way to the water’s edge, and once you get there, you can start following the coastal boardwalk as it winds its way down the beach. Piha beach which is located close and is known for its black sand and proximity to Lion Rock, is a favourite spot for surfers, while Mission Bay, with its waterfront cafés and boutiques, is an excellent choice for families.

Few More to Enjoy

Whale watching is a popular activity in Auckland, which is also known as a waterfront paradise and an important cultural and creative hub. Active people may go surfing, sailing, swimming, cycling, hiking, or climbing, while those who like to take it easy can relax on the city’s world-class beaches and soak up the sun. Participate in fascinating yearly events and festivals such as New Zealand Fashion Week, Pasifika, or the Auckland Arts Festival, and go shopping till you drop, dance the night away, or enjoy a night out to the fullest.

The Sky Tower, Southern Hemisphere’s Highest Point

This tower is a staple of the Auckland skyline and holds the record for being the man-made structure that is the highest in the southern hemisphere. On the many floors of the tower, guests may indulge in a wide variety of entertaining activities, ranging from gaming to eating.

The SkyJump is the most exciting attraction, but there is also a casino at the bottom, an observation deck, and a restaurant with a 360-degree view further up. The bungee leap from the 52nd story of the tower, which is 630 feet in height, is only for the most extreme daredevils, but seeing someone else do it is a must.

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One Tree Hill: Maungakiekie

There is proof of New Zealand’s geological development right in the middle of Auckland, and it can be seen in the shape of a volcanic peak that rises out of the heart of Cornwall Park. Climb to the summit for sweeping views of the city, including the opportunity to take in both of the ports that the city has to offer at the same time.

Important Information

The biggest city in New Zealand is Auckland, a place where metropolitan life and the natural beauty of the surrounding area meet. The Central Business District can be navigated on foot with some ease, but the best way to get a feel for the rest of the city is by driving about in your own vehicle.

This is because the major suburbs are very dispersed, and public transportation may be circuitous and time consuming. It is highly recommended that while you are there, you pay a visit to the areas of Newmarket, Ponsonby, Parnell, and Takapuna on the North Shore. These areas are home to some stunning beaches as well as wonderful cafés and stores.

Language: English

The dialing code is +64.

Wellington is the capital of the city.


Best Hotels in Things to do in Auckland Travel Guide

Park Hyatt Auckland

Phone: +64 9 366 1234


The Park Hyatt is the shiniest new luxury hotel in Auckland, and it is situated in Wynyard Quarter, which is a prominent waterfront location. The hotel is designed to cater to the needs of the international jet set. It has a total of four restaurants and bars, in addition to a day spa, a fitness facility, and a variety of event spaces.

There are 195 rooms available, each of which is far larger than the city’s typical accommodation standards. Of them, 23 suites provide breathtaking views of the bay. The interior design is sleek and contemporary, as is typical for a Park Hyatt hotel, and throughout the space, there are allusions to the indigenous culture of New Zealand.


Britomart Hotel

Phone: +64 9 300 9595


Over the course of the last 20 years, Britomart has undergone a comprehensive revitalization, and the widely awaited hotel will serve as the precinct’s crown jewel. The Landing Suites are especially noteworthy due to the fact that each one is exquisitely decorated on the inside, and three of them include garden terraces and breathtaking views of the Waitemata Harbor.


QT Auckland


The QT opened its doors in Auckland’s Viaduct in 2020, and it quickly proved popular with both tourists and local revelers who visit its vast rooftop bar. Previous successful outposts of the QT were located in Queenstown and Wellington. The atmosphere is similar to that of hotels such as The Standard and W Hotels, with an offbeat and unconventional approach to luxury that is geared at Millennials.

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Phone: +64 9 300 9596

Kingi is a sophisticated restaurant that is open all day and is run by the same dynamic pair that is responsible for the success of Ponsonby’s Orphan’s Kitchen. Here, diners can indulge in excellent cocktails and sustainably sourced seafood.

The Yellow Belly flounder, the Chatham Island blue cod wings, and the crayfish roll with carrot kimchi are some of the restaurant’s hallmark dishes. The lobster roll has been reimagined with crayfish and carrot kimchi. There is usually a busy environment, and it’s located in the middle of Britomart, which is surrounded by some of the greatest nightlife in the city, so it’s an excellent spot to start a night out on the town.


Phone: +64 9 394 1416

The fact that Amano is owned by Hipgroup has made Auckland’s dining scene substantially more respectable (recently acquired by Savor). Each and every one of the group’s establishments dotted about the city adheres to a tried-and-true formula, which consists of the following components: creative seasonal food, sophisticated interior décor, and a personality that consistently seems lively and is well-suited to the surrounding area.

Amano is the ideal example; it is located in a building in Britomart that is over a century old and has exposed brick. It has a dynamic environment and enticing menus that are based around the concept of provenance. The restaurant caters to the requirements of the locals living in the city by providing an opulent dining area that is the ideal starting place for a night out, in addition to a bakery that provides a delectable selection of sandwiches and pastries that can be taken away.


This pleasant neighbourhood restaurant has foods that are both delectable and priced affordably, so they are sure to please a variety of patrons. The menu features wood-fired pizzas, pan-European sharing dishes, wines sourced from some of the top wine areas in the world, and delectable drinks such as the popular Guava Sour and a Espresso Martini made with salted caramel vodka.

Weather in Auckland

Consider the Seasons: Although there is a pretty significant temperature difference between summer and winter in Auckland, it is only approximately 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

January 61°F to 78°F
February 61°F to 80°F
March: 59°-73°
April: 55°-68°
May: 51°-64°
June: 47°-60°
July: 45°-58°
August: 46°-59°
September: 49°-62°
October 52°-64°
November: 54°-67°
December: 59°-72°

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