Things to do in Bahamas Travel Guide

Things to do in Bahamas Travel Guide: The Bahamas are an island nation in the Lucayan Archipelago of the Caribbean that are found in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

It is a fantastic holiday destination because to its collection of 700 different islands. You may choose to stay at one of the numerous resorts and stroll along beaches with white (and pink) sand, dive and snorkel in underwater limestone caverns, kayak in the ocean, swim with pigs, taste delicious seafood, or just rest and take in the breathtaking views of the ocean. The Bahamas are home to a diverse range of attractions and activities.

Important Information

The majority of people in the Bahamas are able to communicate with one another using English, which is the country’s official language.

Currency: Bahamian Dollar (BSD).

Best Time to Visit Bahamas

The peak season in this part of the world runs from about the middle of December to about the middle of April, when the weather is at its most spectacular. However, this is also the time of year when a large number of visitors arrive on the islands, which means that you will have to compete with other tourists and pay higher costs.

Since it never gets much colder than a comfortable 60 degrees Fahrenheit in the Bahamas, there is never a poor time to come if you are concerned about the upcoming winter. However, it is important to bear in mind that the Atlantic hurricane season lasts from June through November. If you want to travel during hurricane season, you should give some thought to the possibility that a storm would interfere with your plans before making reservations.

Even if it rains more during the summer months, there will be less people there, and the prices will be lower. However, you should expect to get wet. If you want to visit the Bahamas when there are less people there, you should schedule your vacation during the months of September and October, when the number of tourists is at its lowest point.

Things to do in Bahamas Travel Guide

The majority of tourists spend at least a portion of their vacation, if not the whole of it, on the island of New Providence in the capital city of Nassau, which is where flights from the UK dock. It’s a terrific option as a base if you’re travelling with children or simply want on-tap diversions beyond the lounger: you could fill a week with its water parks, kids’ clubs, golf, shopping, casinos, and nice beaches, even if they’re not empty.

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The primary resort area of Paradise Island has an abundance of restaurants and activities, while the downtown area of Nassau is also worth seeing for its historic architecture, straw market, and John Watling’s Rum Distillery, which exudes an enchanting atmosphere.

In spite of its mostly metropolitan character, Nassau is home to a rich variety of marine species. It is not necessary to go very far offshore to be in the company of dolphins, sea turtles, and clownfish. At the Bahamas Reef Environmental Education Foundation (Breef), an underwater garden where coral reefs are being regenerated, you may swim through sculptures that have been submerged in the water. This area is located in the western part of the island. In theory, all beaches are open to the public, but in fact, access to the beaches that are part of resorts might be difficult for those who aren’t staying at the resort. Central Sandyport is an ideal place to relax after having fried fish for lunch at the Poop Deck, which is located along the water.

However, you must go farther afield than Nassau in order to experience the genuine and unrestrained allure of the Bahamian islands. It is possible that a larger budget may be required; transfers and lodgings on Outer Islands can be rather pricey. In addition, you will need to be comfortable with short aircraft trips or, failing that, be ready to endure extended boat voyages. However, if you are willing to put in that little bit of additional work, you will be rewarded with the idyllic postcard island vision.

On the surface, the atmosphere of the hundreds of Out Islands is very similar to one another. You may go to secluded beaches with white sand (or even some with pink sand), stay in modest motels owned by families, and dive in reefs that are bursting with life.

However, as you go further, disparities between them will begin to become more apparent. The blue seas that surround the islands of the Exumas are so brilliantly clean and transparent that they can be seen from outer space. The blue hole on Long Island is the second deepest in the world, together with the expansive Andros Island, is home to a magnificent coral reef and unrivalled bonefishing.

Andros Island Things to do in Bahamas Travel Guide

There is a plethora of other terminology that fits the bill: One of the longest underwater cave systems in the world may be found in Grand Bahama’s Lucayan National Park. This tunnel system is nearly six miles long. In the meanwhile, the secluded island of Inagua is home to the biggest breeding colony of bright pink West Indian flamingos on the whole earth.

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Where to Stay in Bahamas

Because of the unique island layout of the Bahamas, where you choose to stay will be inextricably connected to what you see and do throughout your vacation. Before making a reservation, it is important to think about the amenities you want as well as the ambiance you like (whether it be sociable or peaceful).

In terms of convenience as well as entertainment, Nassau is the place to go for resorts that have everything you could want. Both the competing resort complex Baha Mar and the island of Paradise, which is home to well-known hotels like as Atlantis and The Four Seasons, provide enough activities and attractions for guests to enjoy themselves without ever leaving the resort grounds.

There are some hotels that offer all-inclusive packages, which might be helpful if you are trying to adhere to a budget since the prices of food, booze, and transportation can rapidly mount up in the Bahamas. There are also some good accommodations available in the downtown area of Nassau, which is in close proximity to a variety of eateries and historic sites.

The Out Islands are known for their unique luxury hotels, the majority of which are managed by families. There are a number of high-end resorts in the Bahamas that cater to guests with significant amounts of disposable income, such as Kamalame Cay on Andros. They come with spas, pools, and on-site activities like as water sports, which make them ideal for couples who are looking for a low-key vacation with seclusion.

Warwick This hotel on Paradise Island, Bahamas, is reserved exclusively for adults aged 16 and older, and they will not be disappointed. A vacation at this all-inclusive resort, which boasts a waterfront terrace that is 10,000 square feet in size and overlooks stunning port marinas, as well as the hotel’s own beach, is guaranteed to be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. A fitness centre, an outdoor swimming pool with a poolside bar, a gaming room, massage services, karaoke, bicycle rentals, and nightly entertainment are just some of the various attractions.

The Finest Sources for Reservations

When we go somewhere new, we always begin our planning with these various firms. Over the years, we have experimented with a large number of various ones, and all of them have constantly shown to be the finest when it comes to providing excellent value for the money.

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Every single one of them has been put to personal use, and that practise will not stop now.

Booking is the first website that we check when we want to get the best deal on a hotel room. We really like its user interface, and it often offers the lowest costs, particularly in Europe. In addition, you are entitled to free cancellations and are assured of receiving the lowest possible price.

Trip Advisor: One of the things that we like most about Trip Advisor is that it allows us to see all of the reviews before booking our lodging. When we want to compare pricing with a variety of different hotel providers, we go on TripAdvisor.

Hostelworld is the website you should visit if you are seeking for low-cost accommodations since it has one of the biggest databases of hostels in the world.

Skyscanner is the very first site that we go while looking for flight information. It never fails to provide the most cost-effective as well as desirable alternatives. It enables us to evaluate a large number of airlines in order to choose the one offering the cheapest price.

Bahamas Islands

Because there are more than 700 islands in the Bahamas, it is quite unlikely that you will be able to see them all on a single vacation. There are a few significant hubs, but many of them are quite small and devoid of inhabitants.

Abacos, Andros, Berry Islands, Bimini, Cat Island, Eleuthera, Harbour Island, Exumas, Grand Bahama Island, Paradise Island, and New Providence Island, which is home to Nassau, are the principal islands. Other islands include Grand Bahama Island, Paradise Island, and Exumas.

There are also hundreds of little cays scattered throughout, which means that even if you visit the Bahamas and end up falling in love there — which is a very possible scenario — you will still have plenty of places to explore for the rest of your life.

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