Things to do in Brooklyn Travel Guide

Let’s discuss some Best Things to do in Brooklyn Travel Guide. People who are not acquainted with Brooklyn may be inclined to think of Brooklyn as a neighbourhood rather than the borough that it is, which is comprised of several separate neighbourhoods.

Each neighbourhood, including Williamsburg, Park Slope, Bushwick, Dumbo, and Bedford-Stuyvesant, has its own distinct atmosphere. I spent time in all of these areas during my visit.

The Best Time to Visit Brooklyn

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the hottest day of the summer or the coldest day of the year; Brooklyn, just like the rest of New York, is jam-packed with activities. The following are some things that you should keep a watch out for:

The Greenpoint Film Festival is held every spring (typically in May) at the Wythe Hotel on Wythe Avenue. The festival showcases films in four categories: documentary, narrative, experimental, and animation. In addition, filmmakers are available for Q&A sessions throughout the event. You’ll be right in the middle of all the delicious cuisine and exciting activities that Greenpoint has to offer.


Every year throughout the summer, from June till August, Commodore Barry Park in Fort Greene is the location of Afropunk Fest, which is simply referred to as Afropunk by its most devoted fans. In previous years, there have been concerts by artists such as FKA Twigs, Alicia Keys, D’Angelo, and SZA, among others. Afropunk is also a fashion destination for those who have an eye for the most contemporary and forward-thinking streetwear.


Time Zone

Standard Time in the Eastern Region


Important Information

If you have a certain area in your mind, it is a good idea to do some study on that region before you travel there. Many communities have a central hub for public transit, but are largely served by one or two lines in particular. You’ll save yourself a lot of trouble if you only know which ones to look out for.

The sidewalks in Brooklyn are often much more narrow than their counterparts in Manhattan. It is essential to be aware of the people in your immediate environment; while travelling in groups, try not to take up the whole sidewalk. The natives of Brooklyn will be grateful to you for doing this.


  • USA Currency is Dollar
  • The language used is English.
  • The Heights of Crown

Best Things to do in Brooklyn

The neighbourhood of Crown Heights is located smack dab in the heart of Brooklyn, and it shares its boundaries with the neighbourhoods of Flatbush, Bed-Stuy, and Prospect Heights. Due to the fact that Brooklyn’s public transportation infrastructure was never intended to facilitate movement across boroughs, the very central position of Crown Heights makes navigating Brooklyn a little bit easier.

Because it borders Prospect Heights, you have quick access to Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Museum, and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, but you’re also close to Crown Heights history, such as the Weeksville Heritage Center and Gloria’s Caribbean Cuisine. Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Museum, and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden are all easily accessible.


Sweet Chick

Sweet Chick is regarded as one of the best places to have brunch in Brooklyn and is known for its world-famous chicken and waffles. The Southern brunch staples, such as shrimp and grits and mac and cheese, are made with love in Brooklyn, and the biscuits and gravy, which are only served during brunch, are so good that you’ll want to slap your mama, or some other cliched physical expression of flavor-motivated joy. Brunch is the only meal served at this restaurant. It is very uncommon for those who don’t eat meat during breakfast to exclaim how much they love the vegetarian version of chicken and waffles.

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Sweet-ChickBest Things to do in Brooklyn Travel Guide

Old Brooklyn Bagel Shoppe

This nine-year-old bakery captures the hearts of real Brooklyn bagel lovers with its flawlessly toasted “soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside” bagels and its vintage New York atmosphere. The proprietor of the business is a native Brooklynite called Franky Assad, and he has crammed his menu full of sandwiches with names that refer to his favourite districts in the city.

Visit Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is the most famous bridge in the United States and without a doubt the most well-known bridge in New York City. It links the City Hall district of Manhattan to a part of Brooklyn that is close to the DUMBO neighbourhood of Brooklyn.

It is an emblem of New York City because it is stunning, it is often the subject of photographs, and it provides a broad perspective of the skyline of Manhattan, New York Harbor, and the Statue of Liberty, in addition to other bridges.


Brooklyn Bridge Park

It’s not often that a city receives a whole new park from scratch, so Brooklyn Bridge Park is an exciting prospect. It serves as a cultural venue, a sports arena, and an environmental teaching centre in addition to being a beautiful location, making it a wonderful destination to visit when the weather is pleasant. And of course, the Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from where you will be staying.


Coney Island

Coney Island epitomises all that is great about Brooklyn; with its beach and boardwalk, roller coasters and other amusement park attractions, rich history, groovy June Mermaid Parade, and confident demeanour, it is the perfect representation of the borough. If you’ve ever gone to Disney World or Las Vegas, you should know that Coney Island is nothing like those places; it’s the original, and it’s still raw, strange, and entertaining.



Visitors who desire to stroll the Brooklyn Bridge often have a good time seeing the spectacular views of Manhattan, the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, as well as the Statue of Liberty and New York Harbor from the district known as DUMBO.


The Red Hook

Red Hook is another fashionable and popular neighbourhood in Brooklyn with amazing waterfront views. Although it is near to Carroll Gardens and Manhattan, Red Hook is on the “wrong” side of the expressway.


Park Slope

When people in New York City talk about “stroller congestion,” they are often referring about Park Slope, which is a neighbourhood that caters to families. This brownstone neighbourhood next to Prospect Park has a charming atmosphere reminiscent of the turn of the century as a result of the landmarking rules that have saved a significant portion of the area’s historic architecture.

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Travelers take pleasure in browsing the shops that line Fifth and Seventh Avenues, dining in cosy and intriguing restaurants, and making new friends in the city’s countless pubs. The neighborhood’s allure is enhanced by the fact that it is located in close proximity to Brooklyn’s magnificent Prospect Park, Botanic Gardens, and Brooklyn Museum.


Best Hotels in Brooklyn

Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Phone: (347) 696-2500


The Hotel Brooklyn Bridge is a popular choice among vacationers due to its convenient position in the heart of the city and its breathtaking view of the famous Manhattan skyline. The hotel also has opulently decorated suites that are equipped with waterfall showers.

Those who are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city may wish to consider this accommodation as an alternative due to its cosy neutral tones and abundant plant life. The 2,000-square-foot Riverhouse Suite at the Hotel Brooklyn Bridge is well-known for the stone soaking tub that it has. Connecting rooms are also available for those travelling with bigger groups or several families.


The Wythe Hotel

Phone: (718) 460-8000


The rustic and industrial allure of Williamsburg has been preserved at the Wythe Hotel, which debuted in 2012 in an old manufacturing building that had been renovated. The rooms are stylish and comfortable, and they have the vibe of Brooklyn embodied in them thanks to the exposed brick, original timbers, and enormous windows. The Wythe, which can be found in Williamsburg and is situated along the river, provides residents with a breathtaking view of the skyline of Manhattan as well as convenient access to everything that the borough of Brooklyn has to offer.


Hotel Indigo

Phone: (718) 254-7800


This Downtown Brooklyn location, which is a part of the Indigo hotel family, incorporates local artwork and has the ambiance of a boutique hotel. This is an excellent alternative for anybody who wants to see all that South Brooklyn has to offer since it is conveniently positioned close to most subway stations and is directly adjacent to City Point.


Aloft The Big Apple Brooklyn

Phone: (718) 256-3833


The Aloft is a boutique hotel branch of the Marriott that can be found in close proximity to City Point. As such, it provides the same level of comfort and convenience as traditional hotels while also including a few distinctive features that provide a distinctive travel experience. Guests travelling in groups or with families have their choice of various different accommodation configurations to suit their needs.


Hotel Le Bleu

Phone: (718) 625-1500


The Hotel Le Bleu is an excellent choice for those searching for a hotel from which to visit Prospect Park. Hotel Le Bleu is an excellent alternative for those who want to stay in calmer districts for leisure between days spent seeing the city’s many attractions. The hotel is located only one street from from Park Slope’s famed shopping, and it is just a 15-minute walk from the park itself.


The Brooklyn

Phone: (718) 789-1500

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The Brooklyn is a magnificent hotel that was built in the mid-20th century and is designed in the modernist style. It is exquisitely fitted and tastefully adorned. However, you won’t need to spend all of your money since it’s also affordably priced, particularly if you book it a long time in advance.


Best Restaurants in Brooklyn

Five Leaves (New American)

Phone: (718) 383-5345

The Instagrammable atmosphere at Five Leaves, a popular brunch spot in Greenpoint, is nearly on par with the quality of the ricotta pancakes it serves. At this cosy eatery, guests may choose from a wide variety of foods, ranging from simple to intricate preparations. Make reservations in advance since there is a high demand for tables.


Tacombi (Mexican)

Phone: (347) 294-0647

Tacombi which serves genuine Mexican cuisine and was founded on the beaches of the Yucatan Peninsula in a Volkswagen van that had been turned into a restaurant, now has six locations, one of which is in Brooklyn. Get a platter of tacos, which are all really good, then wash it down with the most flavorful horchata that Brooklyn has to offer.


Roberta’s Pizza (Pizzeria)

Phone: (718) 417-1118

Although Roberta’s now has many locations in New York and one in California, the restaurant’s birthplace can still be located in Bushwick, and it is definitely worth the effort to go all the way out to the original site. Roberta’s is well-known not just for the unique wood-fired pizzas it serves, but also for the mouthwatering appetisers and well selected wine list it offers.


Bagel Pub (Bakery)

Since they have two locations that are easy to get, there is no reason not to indulge in some of the greatest bagels in Brooklyn (unless you have a gluten intolerance). Bagels from Bagel Pub are hearty, chewy, and large enough to satisfy your hunger before a day of early morning exploring. You should absolutely have one, and you can choose to have it with lox, cream cheese, or butter, or you can have it as an egg sandwich.



In the spring and autumn, the weather in Brooklyn, like the rest of the East Coast, can be unpredictable, and in the winter and summer, there may be rare extremes. Rainfall is typical during the months of March and May, as well as September and November, while the temperature in July and August often exceeds 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you plan to travel to Brooklyn in the winter and there is a chance that it will snow while you are there, it is strongly recommended that you bring along a pair of waterproof boots. Winter is a season that is less predictable than others, and Brooklyn has a different approach to snow removal than Manhattan does.

The following is a list of the average low and high temperatures in Fahrenheit for each season.

Winter: 27°F to 42°F

Spring 35°F and 70°F

Summer: 64°F to 85°F

Fall: 42°F to 76°

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