Things to do in Cape Cod Travel Guide

Things to do in Cape Cod Travel Guide: In spite of the number of times you’ve been there, there are always going to be fresh aspects of Cape Cod’s natural splendour that take your breath away. The hook-shaped peninsula that makes up the state of Massachusetts is unique in many respects due to the quantity of attractive towns and sandy, pine-dotted landscapes that it contains.

Shoppers and diners are drawn to Chatham’s bustling Main Street, for instance, because of its welcoming atmosphere. But the towns of Wellfleet and Truro, which are located farther to the north, exude a more relaxed atmosphere and include tranquil beaches and meandering back roads.

A sanctuary for artists, photographers, and writers, Provincetown is located at the extreme point of Cape Cod and is known as the crown gem of the area.

Nearly every community on Cape Cod can boast having some of the most picturesque vacation homes and bed-and-breakfast inns in all of New England, not to mention some of the best seafood shacks and restaurants in the region which we have explained in our Things to do in Cape Cod Travel Guide.

In addition to that, there is the natural splendour of the Cape Cod National Seashore, which has apparently limitless lengths of beach that encourage visitors to sunbathe, go hiking, and then sunbathe some more. And the Cape’s myriad other beaches, each of which is a gem in its own right, from Nauset Light Beach in Eastham to Mayflower Beach in Dennis, are all examples of this.


Time Zone of Cape Cod

Standard Time in the Eastern Region


The Best Time to Visit Cape Cod

June to till August, is considered to be the best time to enjoy Cape Cod, the months of September and October are the months in which the number of tourists is much lower in cape cod, can also be consider the times to go.


Important Information of Cape Cod

The Bourne Bridge and the Sagamore Bridge are responsible for most of the traffic that occurs on the Cape, which is one of the reasons why the Cape is so well-known. Due to the fact that they are the only roads that go onto and off the hook-shaped piece of land, they virtually always result in a traffic jam on the weekends throughout the summer.


It is highly recommended that you start (and finish) your stay on a weekday. Expect to add more than an hour to your trip time on the weekends if you really need to drive in or out of the city.

Temperatures, like traffic are subject to drastically unpredictable swings on the Cape. Because of the sea breezes, the air temperature in the summer is far lower than you may anticipate, and the water temperature in the ocean during the hottest part of the year is often about 67 degrees.

The salty air helps to keep the snowfall to a minimum, which contributes to the relatively moderate winter climate. A piece of advice for the sage? No matter what the forecast says, you should always pack a light jacket, and you should have a pair of flip-flops nearby in case you decide to go to the beach on a whim.


Things to do in Cape Cod Travel Guide

This gorgeous peninsula juts out into the Atlantic Ocean for more than 100 kilometres and has breathtaking views of the water and coastline.


The untamed and one-of-a-kind beaches of Cape Cod, which are peppered with lighthouses and dunes, are among the most stunning on the east coast of the United States.


The Cape seems to be a place where the art of excellent living is a way of life; there is an abundance of gourmet restaurants, modest bistros, friendly cafés, fresh food, superb wines, and art galleries and lot more Things to do in Cape Cod Travel Guide.

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There is a wide variety of outdoor recreation available to guests, including bicycling, swimming, surfing, hiking, kayaking, fishing, animal viewing, and nature walks. Everyone will find something to their liking!


The National Seashore of Cape Cod

Visit the Outer Cape to get a view of the sandy portions that are part of the Cape Cod National Seashore, which is a protected piece of coastline that was created by President John F. Kennedy in 1961. The visitor centre for the national seashore is located in Eastham, and it links to a number of different hiking paths.

It provides a complete description of the surrounding region. However, the Great Island Trail in Wellfleet, which is about seven miles long and runs along the National Seashore, is the gem in the crown when it comes to trekking on the Cape.


Sandwich Glass Museum

Sandwich, located in the state of Massachusetts, was historically significant to the development of the glass industry in the United States. During the early 1800s, businesses such as the Boston & Sandwich Glass Factory and the Cape Cod Glass Works produced items that ranged from candlesticks and dinnerware to toys and lamps.

These businesses also produced pieces that were both beautifully crafted and totally functional. The Sandwich Glass Museum recounts the history of the glass industry on the Cape, displaying the company’s timeless designs along with hundreds of other vibrant artefacts. A visit to this glittering location also includes live demonstrations of glassblowing.


The Highland Lighthouse

If you went to Cape Cod but didn’t climb to the top of a working lighthouse, you can’t say you actually went. The Highland Lighthouse, which can be seen on the shore of Truro, Massachusetts, was the 20th light station to be built in the newly created United States and was given its commission by George Washington in 1797.

In the event that the lighthouse is not undergoing any necessary structural repairs, guests are welcome to climb all 69 winding and turning stairs to the very top, where they will be rewarded with panoramic views of the sea. The Highland House Museum, which was once a hotel, is located nearby and chronicles the city of Truro’s early settlement by Europeans.



Provincetown is a well-known vacation spot for members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community. Situated at the most northern point of the peninsula, Provincetown is a bustling summer resort town.

The town is always bustling with activity, but more so during the warm summer months, since it is synonymous with freedom and wild parties. Around its two major streets, Commercial Street and Bradford Street, you can discover a large number of restaurants, stylish bars, fashionable shops, and art galleries, among other types of establishments.

Provincetown-Things to do in Cape Cod Travel Guide

In 1910, the Pilgrim Monument was erected at order to commemorate the first landing of the Mayflower Pilgrims in Provincetown, which was a significant event in the history of the United States. Since then, millions of tourists have made their way up all 116 of the stairs that make up this spectacular structure that stands 77 metres tall.

A breathtaking view of the city may be had from the very top of the tower! Visit the Provincetown Museum if you are interested in learning more about the settlement of the Mayflower Pilgrims, the city’s extensive maritime history, the early days of modern American theatre in Provincetown, and the construction of the monument. All of this and more can be found in the Provincetown Museum.


Whale Watching Tour

Between the months of May and September, the seas off of Cape Cod are home to a diverse population of marine animals, including minke whales, finback whales, humpback whales, right whales, and dolphins. When it comes to whale viewing, Provincetown is the most recommended location on Cape Cod.

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There are a number of firms that provide whale watching cruises, but the Center for Coastal Studies in Provincetown is affiliated with Dolphin Fleet, which is known for its dependability and popularity. During the warmer months, MacMillan Pier has daily departures. There is a need for reservations.


Bike Tour

Visitors are able to explore Cape Cod’s picturesque settlements and dramatic scenery thanks to the region’s extensive network of bicycle lanes. The whole distance that the Cape Cod Rail Trail travels is forty kilometres, and it passes through the middle of the Cape. You may choose to ride a solo bike or a tandem cycle for a few hours or for the whole day.


Best Hotels in Cape Cod

Eben House

A great deal of history can be found at Eben House, which is recognised as one of the most prestigious boutique hotels in Provincetown. One of just three brick buildings from the colonial period still standing in the city, this structure was once the residence of Captain Eben Snow.

Today, inside its walls, which date back to about 1776, you’ll find rooms that are pristine and stylish, complete with luxurious bedding and commissioned pictures from the 18th century that have been given a modern spin. A new saltwater pool located outside provides guests with a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of the area’s Commercial Street.


Chatham Bars Inn

Phone: (508) 945-0096

Behold, the very first five-star hotel to ever grace the shores of Cape Cod. The property has been wowing visitors for more than a century, since since it was constructed in 1914 as a hunting lodge for wealthy residents of Boston.

These days, traditional aspects are combined with more contemporary conveniences, such as a remodeled spa with a hydrotherapy tub and four restaurants that receive their fruits and vegetables from the hotel’s own eight-acre farm.

In addition, the hotel has a library that contains rare books and manuscripts. When it’s time to hit the sand, you may relax in the comfort of your own private cabana and take advantage of the food and drink service available there.


Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club

Phone: (508) 896-9000

At Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club, you have the option of spending the long weekend inside a grand estate from the turn of the century or choose to stay in a little seaside villa for a few days instead. The resort, which has won several awards, can be found in the town of Brewster on the Lower Cape and is considered to be one of the best in all of New England.

In addition, the 429-acre property has a private bayside beach where guests may relax, stand-up paddleboards and kayaks that can be rented, and oyster bed tours that can be scheduled. Nickerson State Park is easily accessible and perfect for a day spent exploring the great outdoors.


Wequassett Resort and Golf Club

Phone: (508) 784-7961

The only resort in Cape Cod to get a rating of five stars is the Wequassett Resort and Golf Club. This ultra-luxurious resort has 27 acres of land along the shores of Pleasant Bay and features 120 guest rooms in addition to two swimming pools, five restaurants, two beaches, four tennis courts, and a golf course. There is a lengthy number of attractions that are suitable for children, some of which include a ball pit, slides, a picnic area, an outdoor amphitheatre, and a variety of video game systems. The splash park is anchored by a pirate ship.


AWOL Hotel

Phone: (508) 413-9820

This brand-new location in Provincetown may be found right at the very point of Cape Cod. The colour scheme of the thirty rooms at the Awol, which was opened by Lark Hotels in 2018, was conceived with the sand dunes in the area in mind. The rooms have a type of subtle elegance that is shown via the use of natural materials, polished concrete floors, and straw light fittings. In addition to the luxurious Lather bath amenities, each unit has its own own personal patio or balcony. A swimming pool, three fire pits, and an open-air bar may all be found outside.

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Belfry Inn & Bistro

Phone: (508) 888-8550

At the former Catholic church-turned-inn in the town of Sandwich known as the Belfry Inn & Bistro, you may lay your head down under a massive stained-glass window depicting a kaleidoscope of colours. Those who have a passion for architecture will find this remarkable adaptive reuse project to be an absolute joy.

The guest “chambers” have vaulted ceilings, skylight windows, balconies, and whirlpool baths. Downstairs, gentle piano music creates an uplifting ambiance that is reminiscent of a chapel in the bistro. In addition to having an outstanding seasonal food, this restaurant also has a comprehensive wine list in the confessional stand located behind the bar.


Best Restaurants in Cape Cod


Phone: (508) 487-3800

Canteen is a beachy counter-service restaurant located along Commercial Street in Provincetown. The Canteen is known for serving food that is both of high quality and relaxed atmosphere. Following your purchase of a cold lobster roll, a cod banh mi, and crispy brussels sprouts for the table, make your way back to the restaurant’s rear terrace to enjoy your meal while taking in the view of Cape Cod Bay.

Kream n’ Kone, Dennis

Phone: (508) 394-0808

The quintessential Cape Cod fish shack is called Kream ‘n Kone. The no-frills restaurant first opened in 1953 and serves the typical menu of beer-battered food, including fried clam strips, scallop dinners, and other items of a similar kind. Of course, the food is served on paper plates. Grab a chair, settle in for an experience that will make you feel wistful, and don’t forget to pick up a vanilla frappe on the way out the door.


Mac’s Shack

Phone: (508) 349-6333

Mac’s Shack’s purpose can be summed up in three words: “pure,” “simple,” and “fresh.” The restaurant offers the day’s fish with ingredients gathered from the surrounding community. The much-loved seafood restaurant is unassuming, yet it exudes an air of sophistication because to its location close to the pier in the town. The establishment has an understated elegance that comes from having its walls whitewashed and serving uncomplicated food like bluefish with a cracker coating.



Phone: (508) 349-3399

Get in your vehicle and go to Blackfish if you want a more refined eating experience while you’re on the Outer Cape. In Truro, a cafe with aged shingles and a prior life as a blacksmith shop may be found nestled away on a quiet lane. You won’t want to miss out on the New American restaurant’s world-class seafood, Wellfleet oysters, and natural beef burgers just because it seems ordinary on the outside. The restaurant also has an upscale ambiance. A eating space with glass walls can be found in the rear, and it looks out over a verdant garden.



Between the months of June and August, Cape Cod is invaded by massive crowds of those who love to visit the beaches. The warmest month on the peninsula is July, with an average high temperature of 78 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius).

During the winter, most towns and cities become quite. Even though snow is less likely to fall due to the salinity of the air from the ocean and the generally milder temperatures, it is still a good idea to be prepared. The coldest months on the Cape are January and December, with an average high temperature of about 40 degrees Fahrenheit or 4 degrees Celsius.

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