Things to do in Charleston Travel Guide

Things to do in Charleston Travel Guide: The city of Charleston, located in South Carolina, has made it into Travel and Leisure’s World’s Best List, year after year due to a number of compelling reasons. The Southern port city has a variety of cuisine, art, and entertainment that can compete with that found in bigger places. Additionally, the downtown area is easily accessible on foot and includes lovely architecture as well as hidden gems around every corner.

Even while Charleston still has some horse-drawn carriages and centuries-old cobblestones, the city has come a long way since it was first settled. The words “Charleston” and “creativity” are often used interchangeably, much as the words “humidity” and “Spanish moss.”

It is true that you will find Southern classics (Rodney Scott’s whole hog barbecue, which won a James Beard award, is a must), and the views that Charleston is famous for (the Pineapple Fountain in Waterfront Park), but Charleston is also a home to a number of new locations and up-and-comers that have made names for themselves in recent years.

Time Zone of Charleston

Standard Time in the Eastern Region

The Best Time to Visit Charleston

Because it is just a 20-minute drive from downtown Charleston to the city’s international airport, Charleston, South Carolina, is a year-round destination for travelers from all over the world as well as from the United States.

In Charleston, the winter months of January and February provide welcome reprieve from the sweltering heat of summer and the bustle of holiday visitors. Oyster roasts, camellia blooms, and Charleston Restaurant Week are just few of the events that bring a large number of tourists into the city at this time of year.

Southeastern Wildlife Exhibition (SEWE) is a weekend celebration of all things outdoors, including art, athletic events, and the can’t-miss dock dog competition. As February approaches, anticipation increases as Charleston prepares for SEWE. Imagine Barbour coats, camo caps, and the deepest respect for the relationship between man and his canine companion.

Important Information

Make sure to make reservations at Husk or FIG as far in advance as possible if eating there is on your list of Things to do in Charleston Travel Guide.

Bring along some sun protection, insect repellent, and an umbrella.

Be aware that there is such a thing as “hurricane season” if you are planning a trip between the months of August through November.

Both the College of Charleston and The Citadel may be found inside the downtown area of Charleston.

Things to do in Charleston Travel Guide

Rainbow Row

It’s safe to say that Rainbow Row is one of the most recognisable features of Charleston. The term relates to a block of thirteen residences that are decorated in bright colours and can be seen on East Bay Street between Tradd and Elliott streets. The mansions, which were renovated in the 1930s and 1940s, are decked out in pastel colours such as pinks, yellows, blues, and greens. They make for the ideal subject for an Instagram photo documenting your vacation in Charleston!

Rainbow Row Things to do in Charleston Travel Guide

Pineapples Shape Fountain

Since Waterfront Park first opened to the public in 1990, its most famous feature, a pineapple-shaped fountain, has become an absolute need for any trip to Charleston, South Carolina. The pineapple has long been seen as a sign of the warm hospitality that can be found across the South, and particularly in the City of Jerusalem.

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A dynamic reminder of Charleston’s iconography, Southern hospitality, and its seaside scenery is created when water drips down from the top fronds of the metal pineapple and splashes over its numerous levels. The pineapple serves as a symbol of the city. The Pineapple Fountain is difficult to miss, and it brings a smile to the face of everybody who takes the time to look at it.

Waterfront Park

This open park at the water’s edge extends about a half mile and offers views of both the Cooper River and Charleston Harbor. The Lowcountry way of life is all about doing things more slowly and appreciating the little things in life, both of which are commemorated in this park.

The Waterfront Park has a number of broad paths that are ideal for going for a stroll. Visitors to the park may have a wonderful rest in the shade on one of the benches or trees that have been strategically placed along the path. The next location on our itinerary is located in the heart of the park…

City Market of Historic Significance in Charleston

This imposing structure, which is designed in the Greek Revival style and spans four city blocks from Market Hall to East Bay Street, is a preeminent characteristic of Charleston’s urban landscape due to its massive columns and lofty façade.

The City Market was first constructed in 1804, and it today hosts a broad array of merchants offering a variety of goods, including artwork, jewellery, souvenirs, and the iconic Gullah sweetgrass baskets. Simply ambling through the market and looking at the many things available may easily take up an hour or more of your time.

The Power Source

The Battery is a seawall and promenade that can be found on the lower beaches of the peninsula that makes up Charleston. It got its name from the fact that it was formerly used as an artillery battery. It is well-known for the stunning antebellum homes that line its streets.

White Point Garden is located at the most southern point of the Battery and has grassy spaces that are covered by ancient oak trees. This place is ideal for having a picnic in the middle of the day. You may get a distant view of Fort Sumter and explore the several canons, monuments, and sculptures commemorating the American Civil War.

Carriage Ride Through Historic Charleston

A carriage ride through Charleston’s historic neighbourhood is like taking a step back in time, so why not do both? Old South Carriage Company has been owned and maintained by the same family since 1983. They provide a number of different excursions, one of which is a narrated carriage tour that lasts for one hour and covers thirty blocks of the Holy City.

Narrated tours are an excellent opportunity to learn about the historic area of Charleston and get some insider knowledge that you can use to wow your friends and family when you go back to your own town. In addition to that, having access to horses is usually a bonus when travelling with children.

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Middleton Place

Middleton Place is another plantation that tourists may visit while they are in Charleston. Despite the fact that it is comparable to Magnolia, the experience at Middleton Place is entirely unique. The building at Middleton Place has an undeniably European atmosphere because to the brickwork on its outside and the lush landscaping that surrounds it.

It seems to me that Middleton exudes a more romantic atmosphere, particularly since it includes a fine restaurant where you can have a meal while sitting down and an inn where you can spend the night. Middleton is the neighbourhood you should visit if you’re in Charleston around the time of Easter. They provide a wide variety of exciting activities for children, such as concealing genuine eggs and colouring them in the traditional manner.

Best Hotels in Things to do in Charleston Travel Guide


Phone:(843) 577-2644


The Emeline Hotel is located in the centre of old Charleston, and it is the home of Frannie and The Fox, an Italian cafe known for its wood-fired pizza and outdoor eating choices. Both hotel guests and residents frequent this restaurant in large numbers. Take a ride on one of the custom-built Emeline bicycles after breakfast, or if the weather is less than perfect, get in the Countryman Mini Cooper that serves as the in-house automobile.

Post House Inn

Phone: (843) 203-7678


Located in the centre of Mount Pleasant’s historic Old Village and just ten minutes by car from the city centre, the luxury inn and tavern offer its guests the warm hospitality of the South. The Post House Inn is the epitome of a bright and beautiful getaway, and it is conveniently located only one block from the water’s edge.


Phone: (843) 558-8000


Located in the heart of the downtown area and just one block away from King Street is The Dewberry, a hotel that bills itself as “providing old-world elegance with a distinctly contemporary edge.” The inviting Living Room can be found on the main level, and it is here that you will be able to refuel with a cup of coffee or a drink and a bite to eat.

The Citrus Club is located on the hotel’s rooftop and provides unrivalled views of Charleston in addition to tropical beverages that are just as picturesque. Guests who are not staying at the hotel are required to make reservations in advance.

John Rutledge House Inn

Phone: (843) 723-7999


The John Rutledge House Inn is a historic landmark that dates back to 1793 and is located only a few feet away from the greatest shopping on King Street as well as various restaurants that are not to be missed.

Every day, guests may have afternoon tea, and they can choose between a cooked and a continental breakfast for their complementary morning meal. Although there are numerous rooms available in the main structure, guests who want a little bit more seclusion have the option of reserving a room in one of the carriage houses located in the property’s rear.

Wentworth Mansion

Phone: (843) 853-1886


The A-list experience that Wentworth Mansion provides is the place to be if you’re searching for glitz and opulence, so don’t seek any further.

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Best Restaurants in Charleston

167 Raw

Phone: (843) 579-4997

Even though they do not accept bookings and there may be a line leading out the door, you shouldn’t allow either of those facts dissuade you from going to this restaurant since it serves delicious seafood and is a favourite among the neighbourhood regulars. The crunchy oysters, scallop po’boys, and ever-changing menu of “frozie” drinks make the wait well worth it. There is a patio available for those who would want to dine outside although the bulk of the tables are located within the establishment.

Leon’s Oyster Shop

Phone: (843) 531-6500

The restaurateur and businessman Brooks Reitz is also responsible for the success of several establishments in the Charleston area, including Leon’s Oyster Shop, Little Jack’s Tavern, Monza Pizza Bar, Melfi’s, and Jack Rudy Cocktail Company.

The restaurant Leon’s is located in the building that once housed a body shop. It offers a laid-back ambiance along with high-quality fried chicken, char-grilled oysters, drinks, and soft-serve ice cream. Even though making a reservation is strongly recommended, walk-in customers should be able to obtain a table either within the restaurant or on the large terrace outside.

Xiao Bao Biscuit

Phone: (843) 743-3880

Xiao Bao Biscuit is a restaurant that serves Chinese, Thai, Thaiwanese, and Vietnamese food. They have a rotating menu with daily special meals served in a family manner. They are known for their okonomiyaki, which is a Japanese dish consisting of a cabbage pancake, and they do not accept reservations, so customers should be prepared to wait for a seat either inside the restaurant or at one of the picnic tables in the front.

Basic Kitchen

Phone: (843) 789-4568

Basic Kitchen, which is located on Wentworth Street, is open for breakfast, lunch, and supper and welcomes vegan diners. The restaurant offers a wide variety of healthier food alternatives. This is the place to go to if you want to start off with a beet margarita and then follow it up with a roasted squash and farro salad. Make sure to make a reservation if you are coming with a bigger group, and if eating outside is more your style, Basic Kitchen offers a terrace in the back of the restaurant where you may enjoy meals.

Weather in Charleston

Even though showers are not uncommon in the spring, Charleston residents consider this season to be among the most pleasant of the year since it is the time of year when Southern flowers such as wisteria, jasmine, and azaleas are in full bloom. Temperatures may reach the low 80s throughout the summer, and the seaside breezes provide some respite from the oppressive heat. Thunderstorms and high humidity are also common during this season.


The days are mild and the nights are cool and crisp in the fall, which is somewhat warmer than spring. The height of hurricane season is August and September, and it lasts all the way through November. The winters in Charleston are normally pleasant but may be cloudy and wet at times.


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