Things to do in Dubai Travel Guide

In Things to do in Dubai Travel Guide there are lot of things to share about Dubai just for our readers. There is the glittering skyline, which is made up of skyscrapers that are so tall that they defy imagination; the modern collection of stores and eateries, which offers up every kind of option that a traveler could possibly want; and the luxurious hotels, which are ready to welcome even the most discerning traveler in style and excess.

Since its beginnings as a desert port, the city has grown into a sprawling metropolis full of vibrant neighborhoods, record-setting buildings, and over-the-top shopping canters all within the last several decades (excavation work on the famous Burj Khalifa didn’t even begin until January 2004, when the year 2004 arrived).


Today, Dubai is able to be both quick and leisurely at the same time. It is a location where you can have an avocado toast while relaxing on the beach, where you can visit a desert conservation reserve, and where you can shop until you drop or party the night away all in the same day.

These differences are what make the city as vibrant and exciting as it is, as well as why it is so much fun to explore the many areas of the city.

Time Zone of Dubai

Gulf Standard Time


Best Time to Visit in Dubai Travel Guide

The months of November through April are by far Dubai’s busiest tourist season. With daily highs ranging approximately 27 degrees Celsius (80 degrees Fahrenheit), the weather is more comfortable and ideal for desert safaris. However, at this period, the cost of flights and places to stay will be much higher.

Due to Dubai’s extreme heat, the shoulder season does not begin until May and lasts until August. Exploring the city is almost impossible when temperatures regularly above 106 degrees Fahrenheit (about 41 degrees Celsius). I went there in August, and the weather was terrible. If at all possible, you should avoid the summer.

The sea is at its calmest and safest for swimming and other water-based activities during the shoulder season, which spans September and October. Because of how much less crowded it is at these hours, there are also less people in the crowds and the costs are lower.


Things to do in Dubai Travel Guide


The area around the marina is comprised of a stunning promenade with magnificent views and is flanked by lofty skyscrapers. A large number of luxurious boats, stunning condominiums, as well as pubs and restaurants with a view of the port, can be found in this area.

Great Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which can be found in the city of Abu Dhabi, is well worthy of a visit lasting half a day. The mosque and the grounds that surround it cover more than 30 acres and were constructed between 1996 and 2007. The mosque and the enormous plaza around it are nearly all white, lending an air of majesty to the whole complex. From Dubai, the trip takes around an hour and a half.

Due to the fact that it is a house of worship, you will need to make sure that you are dressed appropriately (they have cover-up items available for anyone without suitable attire). During the holiday of Eid, there are as many as 41,000 individuals who attend the mosque every single day. There is no charge for entry.


Jumeirah Mosque

This stunning mosque, which has been open to the public since it first opened its doors in 1979, is one of just two in the city. It was designed in the manner of the Fatimid dynasty, and it only has one enormous chamber. There is a guided tour every day at 10 in the morning (except for Fridays). The price is 35 AED, and it includes a delicious breakfast buffet. It’s a really intriguing tour to take if you’re not familiar with much about Islam or the part it plays in the UAE’s culture.


Explore Old Dubai

This is how Dubai seemed in the past. The neighborhood is filled with markets (including the well-known gold market), and lanes and streets are so densely packed with little stores that it’s easy to become disoriented. Take a boat across Dubai Creek to Deira (you can ride an abra, which is a traditional wooden boat), and then roam aimlessly about the streets, eat at some of the traditional eateries, visit the art sector, and experience Dubai as it is when you get away from the glamour of the malls and high-rises.

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Mall of the Emirates

The shopping centers in Dubai are unlike any other shopping centers in the globe. The city already has over 65 malls, and there are plans to build many more in the near future. The locals have a strong affinity for shopping centers. You’ll discover a tonne of incredible things to see and do at the Mall of the Emirates and the Dubai Mall, both of which are located in Dubai.

There is high-end shopping, nightly fountain displays, an aquarium within the Dubai Mall (which boasts an underwater tunnel you can walk through that is 270 degrees in length), and even an underground ski slope at the Mall of the Emirates (the Mall of the Emirates also has over 650 stores and 100 restaurants).

You may also go to the Ibn Battuta Mall, which is the biggest themed shopping mall in the world. It is based on Moroccan culture and has the name of the Moroccan adventurer who discovered the country (it has over 270 stores and 50 restaurants too). It is imperative that you dress correctly and refrain from wearing shorts, tank tops, or miniskirts.


Jumeirah Beach

The beach with the white sand is a wonderful spot for sunbathing and taking leisurely strolls along the boardwalk. In the area that runs down the shore immediately to the south of the city’s historic centre, there is a shopping district with a great deal of retail establishments, as well as an open-air cinema. Because there are so many activities to do in the region, this is not just a fantastic location to visit, but also an excellent neighbourhood in which to stay.

Both children’s playgrounds and places to have barbecues are available at this location. It is ideal for picnics, but it is quite crowded on the weekends, so you should attempt to go there during the week if you want to avoid the crowds.


Palm Islands

This world-famous island in the form of a palm tree was created artificially, and it has a big retail area, the Atlantis resort, the Aquaventure waterpark, and a variety of upscale dining establishments, nightclubs, and pubs. During the day, it is a delight to stroll and discover the area, but in the evening, it is somewhat uninteresting.


Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest structure at 828 meters, and it dominates the skyline of Dubai, which is known for its impressive buildings. The Burj Khalifa is fashioned like a rocket launched into deep space. A visit to the observation deck located on the 124th level (1,483 feet) is the most common and well-liked option for visitors to take in the breathtaking panoramas that are on offer from this remarkable work of design and engineering.


Al Fahidi

The revitalised historical district of Bur Dubai delivers a palpable experience of the traditional architecture and culture of the Middle East, and may be explored on foot. Many of the typical courtyard structures in the Al Fahidi Historic District are low-lying and have arabesque windows, ornamental gypsum screens, and wind towers. These labyrinth-like streets are located in the Al Fahidi Historic District.


Some of them have art galleries, tiny historical museums, artisan stores, artistic guesthouses, and restaurants providing regional cuisine, such as Middle Eastern breakfasts and camel milk smoothies. The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding offers walking tours of the neighborhood on a regular basis.


Gold Souq

Visit the old district of Dubai and dive headfirst into the endearingly disorganized maze of marketplaces there to get a taste of the exotic culture of the Arabian Nights. The glittering Gold Souq is the most famous attraction in the area. Even if bling isn’t your thing, taking a stroll around this area will make you feel as if you’ve entered a massive version of Aladdin’s Cave.

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Even if you do nothing except observe what’s going on, it might be entertaining to do so in the evening. Always be prepared to negotiate the price of the item you are purchasing, regardless of whether you are looking for dainty earrings, an engagement ring, or a necklace worthy of a dowry.


Desert Escapes

The worn mountains, undulating sand dunes, and vast open spaces of the Arabian desert emit a distinct mysticism that may easily be enjoyed on a day trip from the urbanized city of Dubai. There are several different tour providers that may organise activities for you like as camel rides, sandboarding, or overnight safaris.

The better ones provide guests with a real peek at the local culture by way of interactions with Bedouins and meals prepared in the traditional manner. Alternately, you can think about renting a four-wheel-drive vehicle and staying at a desert resort so that you can take in the breathtaking panorama at your own leisure.


Important Information

In spite of the fact that Dubai is a forward-thinking city in many respects, there are some protocols that everyone, even visitors, must adhere to. When it comes to clothing, modesty is preferable, and while you may see individuals wearing a wide variety of items, it is courteous to cover your shoulders and knees (think a t-shirt and a midi skirt or jeans for women). Travelers who leave the city to attend a mosque, such as the stunning Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque located in the neighbouring emirate of Abu Dhabi, will be required to dress in an even more subdued manner.


Some habits that are considered normal in the United States are frowned upon or even outlawed in Dubai. These behaviours include showing love in public and drinking alcohol in front of other people (you can drink in certain places like licensed hotel bars, restaurants, and clubs).

Even if you’re a woman travelling by herself, you won’t have to worry about your safety in Dubai since there is an entire police division devoted to tourism. Despite this, Dubai remains a large metropolis, and visitors should read Things to do in Dubai Travel Guide before exercise the same degree of care as they would in any other major city.

You are welcome to borrow a portable charger at no cost in the event that your phone runs out of juice while you are shopping, for example in the Mall of the Emirates.


Dirhams is the currency of UAE.

Arabic is the predominant language, however a good number of individuals also speak English.

The dialing code is +971.


Best Hotels Things to do in Dubai Travel Guide

Armani Hotel Dubai

Phone: +971 4888 3888

This five-star establishment can be found in the Burj Khalifa, which is widely considered to be one of the most recognizable structures in Dubai and the whole globe. The hotel is located on the first eight floors, as well as the 38th and 39th levels, of the highest structure in the world, and it provides breathtaking views of the city and the Arabian Gulf below.

The hotel’s namesake, Giorgio Armani, was responsible for the interior design of the rooms, which have subdued hues and are meant to soothe guests after a long day of shopping at The Dubai Mall, which is located nearby.


Al Maha

Phone: +971 4 832 9900

This hotel is located in an area with undulating sand dunes and wandering oryx, and it provides visitors with a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. The hotel has 42 separate rooms, all of which have their own private pools with unimpeded views of the beautiful desert. Book a dune drive or a guided nature walk in the desert during your visit to get your blood flowing and make the most out of your time there.

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When you get up in the morning, go out to the veranda for breakfast and keep your eyes out for a couple gazelles that could stop by to say hello while you are drinking French Press coffee.


Burj Al Arab

Phone: +971 4 301 7777

The Burj Khalifa may be the most famous structure in Dubai, but the Burj Al Arab is a very close second. One of the most beautiful hotels in the city may be found nestled inside an iconic edifice in the form of a sail that is anchored in the centre of the gulf. Access to the hotel’s own beach and admission to the Arabian-themed Wild Wadi Waterpark are included in the price of each vibrant room, in addition to the amenities and services offered by Hermès and the hotel’s butlers.


Sofitel Dubai Jumeirah Beach

Phone: +971 4 448 4848

This hotel is situated just across the street from The Walk, which is widely regarded as having some of Dubai’s finest seaside eating and retail promenades. Every single one of the guest rooms has an own balcony, a view of the lake, and is decorated with teak furniture and pleasant tones. Spend the day at the beach (the hotel provides free beach kits), or enjoy some peace and quiet by the pool with a view of the ocean.


Best Restaurants in Dubai Travel Guide

Comptoir 102

Phone: +971 4 385 4555

When you enter this organic café and sit into the shaded patio, you might be excused for thinking you were in California or Tulum. Place an order for the gluten-free buckwheat pancakes, the halloumi salad, or the avocado crostini, and refresh yourself with a chai latte prepared with handmade almond milk. After you have finished dining, make your way over to the adjoining concept shop, where you will discover, among other things, bohemian clothes, one-of-a-kind glassware, and jewellery.


Baking and Seasoning

Phone: +971 04 886 6113

Middle Eastern and Western culinary techniques are expertly combined at this organic café, which sources its products as locally as possible. Breakfast options include one of the restaurant’s classic shakshukas and homemade breads. For lunch or dinner, go for the handmade beetroot bucatini served with chickpea curry and toasted coconut.


Brasserie 2.0

Phone: +97 143 165 550

In Dubai, there is no lack of ultra-luxurious eateries, yet nothing quite shouts “grand” like an extravagant breakfast buffet. And this one unquestionably lives up to expectations with more than ten live cooking stations (think seafood on the outside grill and paella) and a juice and smoothie bar that visitors may enjoy while sitting on the garden terrace outside the restaurant. On Fridays, brunch is offered, and reservations are strongly suggested for this meal.


Home Bakery

Middle Eastern tastes are included into the traditional French and European pastries that are offered at this bakery. Try the cardamom loaf sponge cake, the date and coconut cake, or the almond and saffron loaf. The almond and saffron loaf is infused with the spice, covered with a pink rose sugar icing, and garnished with edible flowers. Sugar junkies may satisfy their cravings for baked goods like these and more at a variety of places, including one that is conveniently situated in The Dubai Mall.


Weather Things to do in Dubai Travel Guide

Simply said, there are only two seasons in Dubai: hot and hotter.

Temperatures may fluctuate anywhere from 68 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the winter, which begins in October and lasts until May. Temperatures may go as high as 230 degrees Celsius (110 degrees Fahrenheit) during the summertime months of June through September.

To alleviate the discomfort caused by the searing heat, there is, thankfully, an abundance of air conditioning units available for use.

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