This is how quitting smoking finally works


This is how quitting smoking finally works

Most people know the will to quit smoking only too well , but in many cases the implementation is lacking.

Experts speak of six phases of smoking cessation – and that even a step into the next stage is a success:

Stable smoking phase: unwillingness to quit.
Consideration phase: Quitting smoking within the next six months is considered and the disadvantages of smoking are recognized.
Decision phase : Smokers seriously consider quitting within the next month, but fear of relapse is great.
Action phase: The smoker becomes a non-smoker, a phase that lasts about six months and requires the most energy .
Maintenance phase: Ex-smokers maintain non-smoking with relatively little effort. The phase lasts about five years . The recurrence rate during this time is only about 7 percent .
Non- smoking phase: You are immune to the temptation of the fag.
The fact is: If you are aware of the phases, it is much easier to become a non-smoker. Because if you can’t or don’t want to get used to “now-on-the-same”, you should have a plan to get used to it arrange. A plan that also takes setbacks into account…

1. Motivating
The will is there, only the flesh is weak? It helps to be clear about your own motivation to become. Why do you want to quit smoking? What does reaching for a cigarette mean to you – and when is it easiest for you? Log your smoking behavior. Consider substitute actions.

Many people find it helpful to keep a smoker’s diary during this phase respectively. This makes it easier for you to maintain control.

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2nd goal
The desire to quit and knowing the downsides of smoking are all well and good. The most important thing is to set a positive goal . What do you achieve, what do you gain by quitting smoking?

3. Methods
Point-to-conclusion method: stop overnight, that’s the recipe for this method. Set a specific day when you don’t want to smoke anymore. Throw away all cigarettes or give them away. Put the ashtray out of sight.

Reduction method: Here you can become a non-smoker with a slow cessation . The steps in which you give up cigarettes are individual. For example, with 20 cigarettes, 5 fewer cigarettes per week.

4. Substitute (acts)
Even if it sounds strange: think about what you want to do instead of smoking ! Do sports – this also kills two birds with one stone. Sport makes you happy – and happy people are more motivated and stronger.

5. Support
He who seeks help is weak!? On the contrary: let us support you! Tell the people around you about your project.

The Association for Consumer Information has also examined 10 non-drug methods of quitting nicotine and, with the help of 18 willing smokers, has even achieved success in some cases. Six months after the start of therapy, half of the participants were still abstinent. This positive result was primarily achieved with acupuncture, mesotherapy and soft lasers.

Those who want to test a few tools can refer to the following list:

nicotine patch
nicotine gum
Bua Hema Leaf Tea
Herbs (e.g. buckhorn, calamus)
herbal cigarettes
soft laser
blueberry juice
apple cure
E cigarette
You can find out which method is the right one for you to finally become a non-smoker yourself with this self-test .

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And then?! Whenever you have mastered a step, the best thing comes: You can really reward yourself – and think about a New Year’s resolution for the next New Year’s Eve!

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