Tips for Contracting with SEO Company


Tips for Contracting with SEO Company

Choosing a contractor to promote your brand on the Internet is a complex process and requires a balanced approach. The SEO market in our country is very young, and it is important to choose a reliable and trusted Partner.

Of course, you can try to start promoting your site yourself, but it will take a lot of time and the result is unlikely to be perfect. Therefore, we offer you useful tips on choosing an SEO company.

How to recognize a reliable SEO Company?

Work experience and completed projects. A company that has recently been on the market is unlikely to be able to afford the large staff of experienced employees and expensive legal methods of website promotion. Examine customer reviews and projects implemented by the company, see what positions these projects currently occupy in the TOP.

Terms of cooperation prescribed in the contract. Reliable companies prescribe all the conditions of cooperation in the contract in order to maximally protect their Customers from unpleasant surprises. And they’re not afraid to thoroughly describe all the stages of promotion and work that will be carried out, guarantees, and deadlines. The contract must be clear and transparent.

Cost of work. “Free” SEO does not happen, so if the company offers you promotion at a price significantly below the market, then this should be alarming.

Turnaround time. Quality promotion takes years, and the first results can be seen, usually in three to six months. Therefore, if you are promised an instant result, then most likely it is only to attract the Client, but in practice everything will be much longer.

The methods used for promotion and reporting provided by the Company. The report should be at least once a month, and additionally at the first request of the Customer.

The ability to communicate directly with the manager who will be involved in your project. Pay attention to how comfortable it is for you to communicate with this specialist, how quickly and professionally he answers your questions.

Services offered. An experienced company with a large staff of different specialists will be able to offer a range of promotion services in order to achieve maximum results.

Proper SEO will allow your site to take a position in the TOP-10 of search results, thereby increasing the traffic of your resource and, as a result, increasing sales.

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