Tips to Get Cheap Flights

As the big fond of travelling, I have been hunting for cheap tickets. Friends say finding great deals is a special gift, but I know it’s all about following a set of simple rules. To make your travels even cheaper, I have highlighted 7 top tips to Get Cheap Flights / affordable Flights.

Tip #1: Flexible Dates

Finding great deals is a million times easier if you’re not tied to specific dates. Therefore, first we find tickets, and then we take a vacation for these numbers! Also, round-trip tickets are always more profitable than one-way, and a gap of exactly one, two, three, four weeks is cheaper than an uneven number of days (14 days is better than, for example, 11 or 12).


Tip #2: Departure in the middle of the week

Many people want to take tickets with a departure on Friday and an arrival on Sunday evening in order to optimize their vacation days. This means that the occupancy of aircraft during this period is high, and with it, respectively the prices will also be high. Conclusion: departure and arrival in the middle of the week will certainly cost less! This is one of the best Tips to Get Cheap Flights.


Tip #3: Buy Early

90 or 45 days before departure will be able you to get best price. But keep in mind: if this is a popular destination and high season (in the summer on the sea to Europe, on New Year’s Eve – to Asia), then cheap tickets will have to be bought as early as possible. For example, 6-9 months before the trip.

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Tip #4: Transfer flight

Direct flights are definitely more convenient – and, of course, more expensive. Sometimes it’s really worth overpaying 3 thousand and getting to Bali in 13 hours instead of 24 (so as not to lose a day of rest). But it is worth considering the option with a transplant if:

• there are tickets with short connections (1 – 1.5 hours);

• there are tickets with long connections (7 – 24 hours) in the city you are interested in, where you can go for a walk without a special visa.


Secret: if you fly with Turkish Airlines and there is no option to choose their ticket with a shorter transfer, you get a gift from the airline – a free day tour of Istanbul with meals or overnight stay in a 4-5 star hotel!

Also watch out for low-cost carriers. Tickets are far from always cheap, but on promotions like Black Friday, or at the opening of sales for the new season, it is quite possible to fly to Europe for 4-5 thousand round trip.


Tip #5: Incognito Mode

Airlines have long learned to monitor which device you choose tickets from. In addition, if you are constantly looking at the same destination and dates, the carrier will gradually increase the price to encourage you to buy. Conclusion: we take tickets in the “incognito” mode.

Tip #6: Useful Features on Ticketing Sites

• “The entire month”

If you are not tied to specific dates, then by selecting the “All month” function, you will see the most profitable days of departure and arrival.

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• “The cheapest month”

This function is best used if you do not care when to fly, the main thing is to be in a certain city or country. Ideal when planning trips well in advance.


• “Everywhere”

It will be useful for those who want to travel at a certain time, but are flexible in choosing a direction. For example, you have a birthday in mid-March, and you are looking for where to celebrate it – in Rome, Venice or Thailand.