Tips to get your skin in top shape


Tips to get your skin in top shape

Intensive care instead of scrubbing
For a long time, blemished skin was scrubbed and mechanically peeled like crazy. The friction made the already irritated, injured skin even more sensitive. Today we know: clear skin has a lot to do with balance, high-quality ingredients and the right care. Scrubbing mechanically and drying out too much is a no-go.

Catrice skin care expert Katharina Meckelburg knows that care and cleansing masks that are tailored to the respective skin needs are much better : “Care masks can be used several times a week depending on the skin’s needs and skin condition. However, you should limit yourself to a maximum of one mask per day, since too many different care products can also lead to irritation. Once or twice a week, active ingredients such as salicylic acid can help with deep pore cleansing.”

Tip: Sweat cleans our pores from the inside – so regularly actively sweating is an effective insider tip for blemished skin.

Sport for radiant skin
Our body needs healthy, varied food and, from time to time, sweaty muscle training to stay fit. And: People who do sports have been shown to have more even, more radiant complexions. During a power workout, our muscles are activated, the connective tissue and collagen fibers are strengthened – the power glow for the skin is practically free.

The bonus round is then a vitamin cocktail from the crucible. Meckelburg: “To make tired skin shine, gentle peelings with various acids are recommended. Other glow boosters are vitamin C, retinol or fruit enzymes.” But be careful: With active ingredients, sun protection with at least SPF 30 is a must during the day (it should always be, by the way) – otherwise there is a risk of permanent pigment disorders.

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Cool products when overheated
We all know that: You wish for the Powerglow – and red spots and irritated skin are left behind. Why is that? Katharina Meckelburg: “Red and irritated skin can be a sign of a disturbed skin barrier and a weakened microbiome, an imbalance in the skin flora. In the long term, this promotes the development of dryness, irritation, impurities, pimples and inflammation. The microbiome and thus the Mild care is recommended to rebuild the skin’s own protection against external influences.”

Peelings of any kind should be stopped in the event of redness so that the skin barrier can regain its balance. Strongly perfumed creams can also irritate the skin. By the way, a long-running beauty favorite that makes every skin happy is hyaluronic acid. Tip for overheated skin after exercise: store products such as serums, eye creams or sheet masks in the fridge and apply ice-cold to cleansed skin – this also soothes.

Give your skin a break too
Not only do we need a break at night, our skin also needs rest – and still does great things: “At night, the skin reduces sebum production and thus its own protection and becomes more permeable. Therefore, this is the ideal time to apply highly effective care ingredients such as retinol, which support the skin in its regeneration and renewal process,” says Meckelburg.

“Retinol is a real anti-aging wonder weapon, but you should slowly get your skin used to the active ingredient. In the beginning, retinol should be used once or twice a week in a gentle dosage. If the skin tolerates it well, the frequency of the Use can be slowly expanded in order to get the skin used to retinol as gently as possible.”

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Sport fact: even a muscle that is given a break more often grows and regenerates faster.

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