Top 10 Retailers

Today we are going to share with you the Top 10 Retailers in the World. Let’s take a look into the list of Top 10 Retailers of the World



With more than 200,000 sellers and manufacturers from around the world contributing more than 100 million products to AliExpress, we can provide customers with a wide selection of high-quality goods at very affordable rates.





One of the top online shopping sites in China is called Banggood. We work hard to provide you with the highest quality products and services at fair rates. The platform includes a large selection of products and attractive deals.





Leading B2B and B2C e-commerce site DHgate offers Chinese sellers and foreign buyers an online trade platform. Customers can place direct orders with trustworthy Chinese wholesalers and get free escrow service, as well as shipping to any country in the world.





With over 150,000 products over almost 100 categories, including smartphones, watches, sunglasses, and plush toys with high quality guarantees, GeekBuying is one of China’s top B2C e-Commerce export websites. For your experience buying abroad, a competitive price.





Moms and families may purchase at low prices on PatPat. We link producers and consumers directly. Our categories are: Men, Women, Teens, Babies, Toddlers, and Children. We also offer home goods and cosmetics. All of our items come with a high-quality guarantee and are offered at the most competitive pricing.




Online Stores for Getting Sales

Another option is to contact a company that is engaged in professional development and integration of online stores. In this case, the developers take on the obligation to create a site according to your requirements, place it on the Internet and further support. As a rule, all obligations are fixed in an official contract and terms of reference for the development of an online store.

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Most companies that develop online stores to order use ready-made platforms, most often paid ones, as these are the most complete and stable systems. Among the paid engines for online stores today are the following: WooCommerce (as you need its addon for some specific functionalities), Shopify, Magento etc. It should be remembered that these systems have a set of standard functions that are quite difficult to change, so if you want a unique online store (Top 10 Retailers in the World), you should contact a company that uses its own platform. In this case, programmers will be able to quickly make changes to the code, which will allow you to realize all your most daring and unusual wishes.

Creating an online store is certainly more difficult than a regular site, so the cost of its order is higher. As a rule, the main (basic) modules/functions of an online store are:

catalog of goods or services of the company with photos and a detailed description (product card);
pages with information about the company, terms of payment and delivery, contact information;
online store management system;
search in the catalog of goods and services (simple or advanced);
formation of a basket of goods or services with the ability to change the number of ordered goods/services;
a form for entering the buyer’s contact information;
sending the formed order to the seller.

In order to make the store more convenient for the seller and the buyer, additional functions are being introduced, for example, such as:

buyer profile (personal account) with the ability to fine-tune personal discounts, bonuses for getting sale like these market’s top stores / Top 10 Retailers in the World;
integration of the catalog of goods with the warehouse accounting system;
the possibility of online payment using bank cards and electronic money;
integration of the store with an online checkout to transfer information to the tax authorities;
selection of goods by characteristics (filter system);
mailing lists for regular customers about special offers of the store;
store integration with delivery services for automatic calculation of shipping costs;
tracking of the ordered goods (tracking) by the buyer.

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