Main Trends & Ways to Promote a Business


Main Trends & Ways to Promote a Business

Proper brand development is the key to success in online promotion. First of all, we need a competent digital strategy , which includes the company’s resources, capabilities, as well as the industry specifics of the business. These criteria are dynamic, so the company’s strategy should be updated regularly. A detailed article on the main components of the strategy.

Goals and trends of promoting a business on the Internet

Many are able to run contextual advertising and drive traffic, but few are able to convert this traffic. Usability is how simple and fast a user can find the information they need. At the moment, usability directly affects the conversion. The development of the site should be constant and this applies not only to content.

The main principles of usability:

Download speed . A long loading of the site will entail the closure of the tab, which means the loss of a potential customer. Also, the Google search engine takes into account the speed of loading the site when ranking it.

Easy navigation . It is much easier for the user to navigate through the sections of the resource than to use the search string on the site. When a potential client does not find the necessary information, it is easier for him to close the tab and return to the search engine. On a good site, navigation should be accessible and understandable.

Readability. The text component of the site is read superficially. Long and heavy texts are not read at all. When writing text information to a site, keep an eye on its conciseness and simplicity. Also, the text should be divided into paragraphs, contain headings and lists.

Design . Without the above components, one beauty will certainly not be enough, but competent layouts, font and color combinations can greatly affect the user’s choice.

Video content

Considering the trends of promoting a business on the Internet, one cannot fail to mention the video, its significance and popularity. This trend is especially important when promoting on social networks. Today, social sites are full of monotonous content. People share the same information. A vivid example of this is publications from the column “Win ​​a repost iPhone!” etc. Users are bored, so social networks offer entertaining and useful videos. Various reviews, conferences and live broadcasts are now on the Internet at the top spot.

By broadcasting your events with the help of video platforms, you will keep your customers informed about the events that take place in the company. Live broadcasts are very convenient for consultations and product presentations. Video content will increase the interest and involvement of the user, and the host of the broadcast, in turn, will receive interesting comments and questions from potential customers. In addition, video content has a high priority in ranking in Facebook and Vkontakte feeds.

Especially popular are live-videos. The effectiveness of direct inclusion is the ability to bring the audience closer to the brand. At the same time, live broadcast does not require high quality, which simplifies its creation. Live videos can be created via the Facebook Live, Periscope or Instagram platforms. The social network Vkontakte recently launched its video platform.

Voice search
Mobile devices are actively promoting the voice search feature. Voice search saves time, minimizes the number of actions with the gadget and is simply convenient.

In Belarus, the majority of traffic comes from Google. At the same time, the share of mobile users is growing rapidly, since Google is by default on many smartphones. According to the search engine, 20% of mobile queries are entered using voice, so this trend can be used to increase conversion. For example, post quality texts with colloquial words and interrogative sentences on your website.

Content marketing
One of the trends in promoting a business on the Internet is competent content marketing . Search engines are constantly improving and changing the requirements for the quality of information content on the site. Many large companies incorrectly evaluate their resources, creating sites in competitive areas. In them, they are not able to give quality information to their customers. This is a big mistake when promoting a brand online.

Writing should be available to the entire audience as a whole. In addition to the text format, you can answer potential customer questions using graphics and video. Also, when working on a site, it is worth remembering the relevance of the information. Fresh content guarantees a successful result.

Among thousands of advertising offers, only high-quality content will provoke the user to targeted actions. Be closer to customers and you are guaranteed success.

Personification is important in any industry. When writing content, personalize texts, assign them to a specific author. If you have an online consultant, personify him, because customer loyalty will increase when he sees both the network and the life of the same person.

Personification as a trend

Do not miss out on age-related traffic. Today, the 55+ audience is very active on the Internet and has good payment potential. Many ignore this factor when promoting a business on the Internet.

Mobile audience
Depending on the subject, the indicator of mobile traffic on commercial sites now already ranges from 30 to 50%. About 50-60% of requests to Google come from mobile devices, and these numbers will only grow. Despite the fact that sales are still being made to a greater extent with a PC, the number of those users who view online store sites and catalogs from mobile devices continues to grow.

Speaking about the ways and trends of business promotion today, it is worth noting the need for owners and specialists to focus on optimizing sites for mobile search (mobile version), working on adaptive design, speeding up page loading speed and other factors.

Promotion in social networks
Quality content is not everything. Promotion of business on social networks is gaining popularity, the number of advertisers is increasing, the cost of ads is increasing, which means that costs for paid advertising are growing and it’s becoming harder to attract customers. Therefore, it is important to use new tools that really work.

Product Catalogs in Albums

Creating a product catalog (or at least part of it) in the community plays an important role in promotion. Among users of social networks, there are many who prefer to make a purchase on the spot or simply find out the cost of a liked “picture” without leaving the social network.

When forming such an album, do not forget about a brief description of the product with the cost and links directly to the website of the online store. You must also remember the relevance and regular updating of the catalog. In the absence of goods, it is necessary to indicate this in the description or add an album with such goods to the archive.

If we talk about the social network Instagram, then with the advent of the innovation “Actual” it became possible to save Stories. Here you can create separate sections of the current, for example: “News”, “Discounts”, “Available”, which will undoubtedly interest the audience.


Hashtags are what helps an ordinary user navigate the vastness of a social network. Use them to attract new users of the social network and help community members navigate. Attracting new members of the community, use hashtags that may be of interest to both a wide circle of users of a social network and a narrow circle in a given topic. Using hashtags, you can combine publications in the headings #interesting #experience # question / answer.

The use of more advanced methods of analytics becomes a prerequisite for the effective optimization of the costs of any company. Specialists who promote small and medium-sized businesses on the Internet should use more sophisticated approaches to measuring results in various areas of Internet marketing.

This will first of all allow us to understand the behavior of site visitors and the relationship between sales at the expense of customers from various sources. Also make the right decision about how best to allocate budgets across channels and campaigns.

Strategic diversification
The high level of competition and the struggle for the attention of users in all areas are forcing to look for ways to attract customers using many different Internet marketing tools (SEO, SMM, contextual advertising, etc.). In addition to high competition, another reason is the desire not to depend on one traffic source. You never know for sure which tool will attract a greater number of Clients or a large share of profit. The use of only one or two tools may be associated with a certain risk. For example, using only SEO, you can not always be sure of its stability due to a change in search engine algorithms, the cost of a click in Google Ads can increase dramatically, etc. Therefore, a variety of marketing strategies can provide good results.

Reviews & Ratings
Viewing reviews and ratings of a product / service is the main step of most Internet users before making a purchase.

For many, it is very important to have feedback, recommendations and answers from company representatives. For example, a community administrator needs to track member messages, work with reviews and negatives. An entrepreneur who is interested in increasing profits and promoting a business should develop such a system so that the requests of customers and community members are processed and resolved in a timely manner.

Today, brands are expected to respond quickly to negative feedback, encourage positive opinions, and help users solve problems.

Opinion leaders (bloggers)
Modern Internet users prefer to search for various information about a product, service, brand on social networks or sites, and they prefer blogger reviews to articles or sites that compare products.

Users are looking for advice on social networks that will help make a purchasing decision. And, more importantly, almost half of these people trust the opinion of those who specialize in a particular field: beauty-, fashion-, fitness-, lifestyle-bloggers, etc. They act as a kind of experts having not only theoretical, but also practical knowledge. This works best for Instagram and YouTube.

It should be remembered that an opinion leader is not necessarily a celebrity with millions of followers. Pay attention to the popular “niche” bloggers. Authors with a subscriber base of 10 thousand people can cope with the task of attracting and engaging users better than a blogger with a million subscribers. The main thing is to find the “right” opinion leader suitable for a particular product, service, brand, as well as for a specific target audience. To do this, you need to study the target audience and analyze which of the bloggers will have a greater impact on it.

AR and VR technologies
Virtual VR and AR-augmented reality are trends of recent years, and more and more companies are using them as a means of promotion. Areas of application – almost everywhere: from the gaming industry to medicine. The advantages of this promotion are: visibility, engagement, presence effect, saving time and effort, creating a “WOW” effect and brand loyalty. An example of such a promotion is the existing applications for the selection of hairstyles and clothes, widely used in the beauty industry; in the automotive sector, where users can use augmented reality to immerse themselves in the driving experience of the car they want to purchase.

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