Tyres for electric vehicles and hybrid cars


Tyres for electric vehicles and hybrid cars

The current developments in mobility with low-emission electric vehicles and hybrid cars are progressing steadily. For greater sustainability, low energy consumption and long ranges, it is essential to further improve the rolling resistance of electric vehicles. The tires play an important role here. What do you have to consider when choosing tires for electric vehicles and hybrids of the latest generation?

The big difference from internal combustion engines

In a direct comparison to vehicles with internal combustion engines, electric vehicles and hybrids convince with lower emissions, less engine noise and low maintenance and operating costs. In electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles, the following factors influence higher tire wear:

higher weight
Longer braking distance
High torque

The car tires for electric vehicles and hybrids carry a heavier load due to the battery. The immediate torque puts a particularly heavy strain on the tires. The higher weight provides higher inertia, which automatically causes a longer braking distance.

Special tyres for electric vehicles and hybrids
With the purchase of an electric vehicle or hybrid, you have already actively decided in favor of the future of mobility. It is therefore important that you choose the right car tire for the highest possible mileage. We will show you what you should consider when buying new tires for your electric or hybrid vehicle:

Pay attention to the load index of the car tyres
With electric vehicles, it is particularly important that the tires can bear the weight of the car. Due to the higher weight of electric cars, you need extra strong tires with reinforced side walls.

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Use tires with low friction
With low rolling resistance, you gain additional electric range and achieve higher efficiency. This affects your fuel consumption and contributes to the overall sustainability of the electric vehicle or hybrid.
Rely on tires with optimal grip
The higher weight of the electric vehicle or hybrid also automatically means a longer braking distance. Therefore, choose the right car tire with the best possible grip to shorten the braking distance.

Uses low-noise tires for electric vehicles
A major advantage of electric vehicles and hybrids compared to petrol engines is the quiet driving experience. With the right car tires you ensure an additional reduction in tire noise and more driving comfort.

Relying on durable rubber compounds
The instantaneous torque of electric vehicles and hybrids ensures direct acceleration. However, this in turn leads to higher tire wear. In addition to good adhesion and low rolling resistance, the maximum robustness of the car tires is also important when it comes to the rubber compound.

Tyre changes only in a specialist workshop
Tire changes on electric vehicles and hybrids may only be carried out in qualified specialist workshops. For this, the workshop must show a high-voltage certificate.
Why special tires are worthwhile for electric vehicles
Every driver wants to use less fuel, be it to save money or reduce the environmental impact. The essential criterion for electric vehicles is the rolling resistance of the tires. This increases energy efficiency and thus active fuel consumption. According to TUV, the wrong car tires for your vehicle can reduce the range of a battery charge by up to 15%.

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The tyre future for electric vehicles
The established tire manufacturers are interested in marketable innovations. Intensive research is currently being carried out to reduce rolling resistance and thus increase range in the long term. Because this rolling resistance in an electric car accounts for up to a third of the total energy consumption. In addition, many manufacturers are also experimenting with new materials such as aramid or Kevlar. One thing is for sure: With increasing affordability and mass suitability of electric vehicles and hybrids, the innovative power of car tires will also increase.

Further development needs for the charging stations
While car tires are constantly being further developed, the urgently needed, nationwide network of charging stations is also being constantly expanded. There are currently around 17,500 charging stations in Germany. The biggest problem for the consumer: Depending on the provider, there are big differences in operation and billing. A charging card is required for one charging station, while others can be operated via an app. In addition, there are fluctuating prices for the kilowatt hour (kWh) depending on the provider. In addition, many providers have different tariff models.

Electric vehicles and hybrids entail higher requirements compared to cars with internal combustion engines. Especially the higher weight load is a decisive criterion for the choice of special tires instead of the conventional “normal tires”. A high-quality premium tire gets the best performance from your vehicle and lets you participate safely on the road and save money.

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